2021 Golden Globes live blog: Let’s dish the best, worst winners and moments of NBC’s virtual telecast [UPDATING LIVE]

Tina Fey and Amy Poehler hosted the 2021 Golden Globes Awards on Sunday, February 25 in a live virtual ceremony on NBC. A whopping 25 Golden Globes were handed out over the course of three hours in categories celebrating the best in film and television for the calendar year 2020.

Read our 2021 Golden Globes live blog below where editors and contributors react to all the winners, losers, speeches and moments from Sunday night. Providing hot takes and factoids are Chris Beachum, Charles Bright, Marcus James Dixon, Joyce Eng, Luca Giliberti, Kevin Jacobsen, Jeffrey Kare, Zach Laws, Rob Licuria, Daniel Montgomery and Tony Ruiz.

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Tony Ruiz: I’d love to say goodbye to this ceremony

Luca Giliberti: I didn’t predict it, but thank god Nomadland won. What a beautiful movie!

Rob Licuria: “We don’t say goodbye. We say, ‘see you down the road’” … perfection.

Kevin Jacobsen: So glad I stuck to my guns and predicted Nomadland here. I knew the journey wouldn’t end with critics.

Jeffrey Kare: WHAT THE F?

DRAMA FILM: “Nomadland”

Luca Giliberti: What a beautiful reaction from Andra Day!

Rob Licuria: Yuuge. Believe me.

Marcus James Dixon: Two lead actresses on the Oscar bubble — Rosamund Pike and Andra Day — just won Golden Globes. Talk about a yuuuge shake-up!

Daniel Montgomery: Moral of the story, do an interview with me!

Rob Licuria: Andra Day SHOCKER!

FILM DRAMA ACTRESS: Andra Day – “The United States vs. Billie Holiday”

Marcus James Dixon: If Maria Bakalova had been in supporting (where she belongs), could she have beaten Jodie Foster? Sadly, we’ll never know!

Tony Ruiz: For god’s sake people…it’s the Golden Globe AWARDS. Not the Golden Globe comedy bits. Hint: if you have to play off the majority of the winners, it’s not them. Maybe it’s you!

Kevin Jacobsen: Maria Bakalova was thought to be the surest win of “Borat’s” three nominations and she’s the only one who lost…

Jeffrey Kare: This just in, Sacha Baron Cohen just became the first person in history to have won Golden Globes for playing the same character in both the original movie and its sequel.

FILM COMEDY/MUSICAL ACTOR: Sacha Baron Cohen – “Borat Subsequent Moviefilm”

Charlie Bright: The Barb and Star bit I didn’t mind because it was focused and knew exactly what they were doing

Daniel Montgomery: An extended skit to present an award with a speech cut off while talking about the importance of democracy

Marcus James Dixon: “Hamilton” losing was the right thing here. It’s not a film. When they make it into a film in 5-10 years, the Globes can nominate it and reward it as much as they want. #rantover

Luca Giliberti: I called the Sacha Baron Cohen digs. Love it.

Jeffrey Kare: Huh? A sequel actually managed to pull it off.

Charlie Bright: YES! Suck it Hamilton!

COMEDY/MUSICAL FILM: “Borat Subsequent Moviefilm”

Jeffrey Kare: OK, this seems weird to be presenting Motion Picture-Comedy/Musical before Lead Actor.

Rob Licuria: What. Was. That. Skit?

Zach Laws: We have time for these extended bits but not enough time for acceptance speeches? C’mon, Golden Globes

Kevin Jacobsen: A big deal for Chloe considering she doesn’t have the buzzy name of David Fincher, Regina King or Aaron Sorkin. Well on her way to an Oscar, hopefully.

Jeffrey Kare: Congratulations Barbra Streisand, you’re no longer the only woman in history to have won a Golden Globe for directing.

DIRECTOR: Chloé Zhao – “Nomadland”

Kevin Jacobsen: Such a beautiful speech.

FILM DRAMA ACTOR: Chadwick Boseman – “Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom”

Chris Beachum: Jodie needs BAFTA since she is not nominated at SAG.

Tony Ruiz: The only loser in Supporting Actress is Glenn Close…this win was needed to start her Oscar trajectory.

Daniel Montgomery: Jodie is definitely helped by how wide open Best Supporting Actress is. There’s only maybe one lock even to get nominated at this point

Chris Beachum: Bakalova is on very shaky ground to get in. Will Oscar voters even watch that movie?

Rob Licuria: And maybe Bakalova is snubbed like J-Lo ultimately was … making room for Foster

Chris Beachum: Aaron was the only supporting actor Globe winner in approx. 40 years to not get nominated, but none of us even thought he would. That’s the big difference in him and Foster.

Luca Giliberti: I can’t believe they are playing off all these people after having these long-ass, unnecessary skits.

Daniel Montgomery: Jodie Foster could either be this year’s Kathy Bates (veteran nominated for under the radar film) or this year’s Aaron Taylor-Johnson (Globes gonna Globe, but the Oscars don’t bite)

Rob Licuria: I sure hope so Chris!

Chris Beachum: The last time a Globe supporting actress was NOT nominated at the Oscars — Katharine Ross in 1976. Does that mean Jodie Foster is definitely getting nominated? BTW, 8 of the last 10 have won the Oscar.

LIMITED SERIES/MOVIE: “The Queen’s Gambit”

Jeffrey Kare: Anya Taylor-Joy has just checked mate as Queen!

Kevin Jacobsen: Anya came dressed to win.

LIMITED SERIES/MOVIE ACTRESS: Anya Taylor-Joy – “The Queen’s Gambit”

Daniel Montgomery: Seriously, playing off winners who still beamed in on webcam for this in the middle of a pandemic even after those HFPA revelations is just hideous

Marcus James Dixon: Did Gillian’s green dress have an alien face on it? Or am I seeing things?

Rob Licuria: It’s a disgrace. Great winners but worst produced awards show in a long time.

Tony Ruiz: We had kids talking…but Gillian Anderson gets played off. For shame!!!

TV SUPPORTING ACTRESS: Gillian Anderson – “The Crown”

Rob Licuria: YES!!! Jodie Foster … Oscar voters take notice!

Tony Ruiz: Jamie Lee Curtis…..perfect human being.

Kevin Jacobsen: Not Jodie beating Glenn again…

Jeffrey Kare: Whoa! Jodie Foster winning has to be the biggest surprise of the night so far.

FILM SUPPORTING ACTRESS: Jodie Foster – “The Mauritanian”

Daniel Montgomery: That Jane Fonda speech was just about perfect, and a hundred times more open and sincere than the HFPA’s perfunctory mea culpa about diversity.

Kevin Jacobsen: The respect I have for Jane Fonda just continues to grow. An absolute legend in every sense. An activist for what really matters before it was acceptable for a celebrity to speak their mind.

Rob Licuria: Jane Fonda just gave one of the best acceptance speeches ever. Uniting, searing, heartwarming.

Zach Laws: Jane Fonda: legend

Tony Ruiz: Jodie Foster in her pajamas…I’m here for it.

Tony Ruiz: Is anyone still angry that a segment meant to pay tribute to first responders was nothing more than a series of terrible movie and tv puns?

Jeffrey Kare: That entrance alone proves why Jane Fonda is such an ultimate class act.

Daniel Montgomery: I’ve really gotta go down the rabbit hole of Jane Fonda movies sometime


Rob Licuria: It’s going to win one more! The Crown was the best thing on TV in 2020…

Marcus James Dixon: I never like when shows repeat in the top categories, but I’m okay with “The Crown” winning again because this fourth season truly was its best ever.

Daniel Montgomery: These award shows are just addicted to comedy bits and fairly indifferent to the winners they keep playing off

Zach Laws: Hey, they had to make time for the Tele-doctor bit.

Rob Licuria: The obnoxious muzak playing off must stop.

Jeffrey Kare: Wow! “The Crown” just pulled off a rare repeat Television Series win at the Globes.


Joyce Eng: Mistake not having Alan Kim accept

Zach Laws: Lee Isaac Chung saying what needs to be said

Rob Licuria: USA! USA! USA! Minari won!

Luca Giliberti: An American movie winning Foreign Language. We love to see it!

Kevin Jacobsen: Congrats to this extremely American film for winning Best Foreign Language Film

Jeffrey Kare: The Globes may not have treated “Minari” with good enough respect in nominations, but this win should make up for that.


Tony Ruiz: This is god awful

Zach Laws: Glenn Close’s dog is the real star of tonight

Charlie Bright: Please….MAKE. IT. STOP!

Tony Ruiz: Seriously..don’t turn pandemic-fighting doctors into comedians

Marcus James Dixon: “The Crown” is about to pull a “Homeland” by winning series, actor and actress.

Zach Laws: Only Tina Fey is allowed to make jokes about Tracy Morgan

Rob Licuria: So, waste time on stupid bits but play off Josh O’Connor talking about mental health. Right. Good job, NBC.

TV DRAMA ACTOR: Josh O’Connor – “The Crown”

Charlie Bright: Just wait til she gets in at BAFTA

Luca Giliberti: Maria isn’t happening at the Oscars — like I always thought

Rob Licuria: ONE OF US! ONE OF US!

Charlie Bright: You’re either with us or against us

Rob Licuria; Oh I will justify. And testify. And no one can stop me…

Charlie Bright: Don’t justify the HFPA’s horrible mistake Rob.

Rob Licuria: Pike was sensational in a more “traditional” performance. It makes sense. Bakalova will be fine. Her career has catapulted. But I do feel your pain Charlie

Daniel Montgomery: This is a really good year for David Fincher alums with Aaron Sorkin, Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross, and Rosamund Pike all winning

Charlie Bright: I’m actually angry about this.

Rob Licuria: Same.

Charlie Bright: That’s it. I’m done. This is my resignation

Rob Licuria: I hope this gets Oscar voters to watch this…

Marcus James Dixon: If you haven’t seen “I Care A Lot” yet … do it! It was a late-breaker and deserves every bit of praise it’s been given.

Jeffrey Kare: Wow! Go Rosamund!

Rob Licuria: ROSAMUND PIKE! First real surprise

FILM COMEDY/MUSICAL ACTRESS: Rosamund Pike – “I Care a Lot”

Jeffrey Kare: Ben Stiller can be so whimsical at award shows.

Rob Licuria: Apparently, Tony. And thank god they fit it in because it was as enjoyable as a kick in the cajones

Tony Ruiz: Um….was there a survey that said we needed a Golden Globes version of “Kids Say the Darndest Things”?

Daniel Montgomery: My prognostications predicting “Schitt’s Creek” would win those two categories panned out really well!

Rob Licuria: Well, our numerous prognostications about The Flight Attendant doing well tonight panned out well…

Daniel Montgomery: Rosamund Pike absolutely had a production designer do her Zoom shot

Rob Licuria: This kid thing is painfully bad. Stop. I beg of you.

Jeffrey Kare: That was adorably cute.

Rob Licuria: Oh goodie. Schitt’s Creek won…

Jeffrey Kare: The love for “Schitt’s Creek” continues.

Daniel Montgomery: I think the clip they showed for “Emily in Paris” is everyone’s reaction to “Emily in Paris” getting nominated


Luca Giliberti: I don’t get the inconsistency. Keep the way of announcing nominees consistent throughout the show!

Rob Licuria: Jason Sudeikis – stick your teeth in! So happy you won.

TV COMEDY/MUSICAL ACTOR: Jason Sudeikis – “Ted Lasso”

Kevin Jacobsen: And now, from the critically reviled and Golden Globe nominated “Music,” Kate Hudson.

Luca Giliberti: The producers obviously did not watch the Emmys, because this is such a messy show. Yikes.

Rob Licuria: It’s sal-destroying.

Tony Ruiz: Is Sal the Spanish-language version of Angelina Jolie’s masterpiece “Salt”?

Kevin Jacobsen: Agreed, Marcus. It said some portions were pre-recorded and it looks like those were two of them.

Marcus James Dixon: Conspiracy theory alert! I feel like the winner speeches for Score and Song were both pre-taped. Hmm.

Rob Licuria: That really got me in my sal.

Kevin Jacobsen: “Soul’s Pizzeria” I screamed

Tony Ruiz: Oh my god…even the other nominees for Comedy Actor are mocking Morgan

Luca Giliberti: I can’t wait until Sal wins the Oscar.

Rob Licuria: Sorry Tracy Morgan fans – but it made him look like an idiot. Wow.

Tony Ruiz: Did Tracy Morgan just mispronounce a four-letter word?

ORIGINAL SCORE: “Soul” – Trent Reznor, Atticus Ross & Jon Batiste

Daniel Montgomery: And that song would have been a decent Oscar winner compared to other songs that have won the award

Joyce Eng: Diane’s win is just a great reminder that Burlesque is a Golden Globe winner

Daniel Montgomery: I wonder if they’re trying to give Diane Warren the overdue push they tried to give Glenn Close for “The Wife” a couple of years ago. In a year with no undeniable front-runner, I kinda hope she finally wins

Jeffrey Kare: Whoa! Could Diane Warren finally be on her way to winning her very first Oscar?

Rob Licuria: Strong category – happy for “Io Si” it’s a great song

ORIGINAL SONG: “Io sì (Seen)” – “The Life Ahead” – Niccolò Agliardi, Laura Pausini & Diane Warren

Kevin Jacobsen: #Justice4Diana

Jeffrey Kare: Princess Diana, you have just been coronated by the Hollywood Foreign Press.

Daniel Montgomery: No one looks happier than Olivia Colman that she lost a Golden Globe for the first time ever. I love that woman

TV DRAMA ACTRESS: Emma Corrin – “The Crown”

Tony Ruiz: Really…the only thing Salma Hayek has done is The Hitman’s Bodyguard?

Marcus James Dixon: Maybe she’s in the kitchen grabbing a snack

Luca Giliberti: Yup!

Daniel Montgomery: Someone was missing when they showed the TV Drama Actress webcams. Was it Jodie Comer?

Luca Giliberti: Whenever Olivia Colman attends a ceremony, you better watch out for a win. And who isn’t in the mood for an Olivia Colman speech?

Marcus James Dixon: Sarah Paulson’s puppy and Emma Corrin’s kitty need to be made into gifs, now.

Daniel Montgomery: They should really stop cutting to other celebrities during speeches. When they’re not in the same room together, it’s just watching celebrities watching TV

Joyce Eng: Just show a Norman Lear episode for the rest of the night

Daniel Montgomery: I think Viola Davis’s dress matches Norman Lear’s tie

Jeffrey Kare: I just love how humble Norman Lear appears to be.

Marcus James Dixon: This is my yearly gripe that films get recognized for directing, writing, music and song, while TV shows don’t. Ugh. This actually made sense decades ago, but not now that television is much, much better than film.


Kevin Jacobsen: Congrats to Spike Lee’s kids for being the Golden Globe Ambassadors! If only there was a film your dad made that came out in 2020 that could’ve been honored…

Zach Laws: Of course they got Sarah Paulson to introduce the Ryan Murphy movie

Rob Licuria: Have I mentioned how I hate it at awards shows where we have to waste time with summaries of each nominated film? No? Ok, I hate it.

Marcus James Dixon: So far none of the winners have been shockers. Did voters just look at Gold Derby’s odds and go, “Yeah, that sounds good”?

Luca Giliberti: Lol, Queen Viola feels the mood

Tony Ruiz: Good lord…Viola looked like she just wasn’t having any of it

Kevin Jacobsen: I just want to know how the Emmys did this so much better like six months ago.

Daniel Montgomery: I have social anxiety, so those ballrooms look AMAZING

Rob Licuria: Looking out at those sparse ballrooms is just depressing.

Charlie Bright: Can’t wait for the jokes at next year’s ceremony about what a train wreck this year’s ceremony was.

Rob Licuria: Not getting those 3 minutes back.

Daniel Montgomery: The pandemic is such a perfect opportunity NOT to do random comedy bits that don’t go anywhere. Why does everyone still insist on doing them?

Tony Ruiz: Are we supposed to know who these characters are?

Rob Licuria: This is a nightmare. Please stop.

Rob Licuria: Always here for Maya Rudolph … but I’m getting antsy.

Jeffrey Kare: Oh my gosh! Kenan Thompson & Maya Rudolph in character together is priceless!

Marcus James Dixon: Once again, Maya Rudolph steals the show. Can she just be in everything always?

Charlie Bright: Oh boy. Let’s see how long this gets dragged out for

Rob Licuria: I’m sure it’s really challenging producing a virtual and bicoastal ceremony, but this is not well done at a

Kevin Jacobsen: Did Aaron Sorkin just mention Regina King? He didn’t win Directing… (yet?)

Jeffrey Kare: When it comes to the Globes, Aaron Sorkin is pretty much king.

Luca Giliberti: It is so rude to not read out the writers’ names.

FILM SCREENPLAY: “The Trial of the Chicago 7” – Aaron Sorkin

Tony Ruiz: God I love it when Ruffalo goes on a tirade…

Charlie Bright: They really need to stop putting up the losers on the split screen while the winner is talking. Also, we get it Mark, the Earth is dying. Big whoop.

Daniel Montgomery: For the second time, Mark Ruffalo wins on his series’s only nomination. Literally the only aspect of the show that has been recognized anywhere is him

Luca Giliberti: They are really rubber-stamping this year.

Jeffrey Kare: Once again, Ruffalo beats the odds.

LIMITED SERIES/MOVIE ACTOR: Mark Ruffalo – “I Know This Much Is True”

Rob Licuria: I don’t agree. I think they raised it and made a conclusive statement and now let’s focus on the awards. What did we expect?

Daniel Montgomery: Wouldn’t be surprised if that HFPA statement on the lack of Black members is the last we ever hear from them on this. Very boilerplate PR apology as short as they possibly could have made it

Luca Giliberti: The HFPA put as little effort as possible into making a statement about the lack of diversity in their membership. This should have been front-and-center in their planning for this ceremony. This was undoubtedly insufficient.

Jeffrey Kare: After shockingly losing this award last year, Pixar is back on track with the Globes.


Riley Chow: That is what I assumed.

Daniel Montgomery: I think that was supposed to be applause, and then the orchestra playing her off

Marcus James Dixon: Um, what was going on with Catherine O’Hara’s partner playing those horrible screeching sounds during her speech?

Kevin Jacobsen: Let’s get the Catherine O’Hara awards sweep going!

TV COMEDY/MUSICAL ACTRESS: Catherine O’Hara – “Schitt’s Creek”

Tony Ruiz: Did someone let Donald Sutherland out of the mad scientist casting session?

Charlie Bright: The accents of both Kaluuya and Boyega were so thick, I needed subtitles.

Daniel Montgomery: The first two winners of the night are Black, so as an added award, they have also been inducted into the Hollywood Foreign Press Association

Charlie Bright: That’s fake news, Rob Licuria

Rob Licuria: Donald Trump LOSES again

TV SUPPORTING ACTOR: John Boyega – “Small Axe”

Daniel Montgomery: You can mute a revolutionary, but you can’t mute a revolution

Joyce Eng: Happy Daniel wasn’t beaten by the mute button

Kevin Jacobsen: This is a very good sign for his Oscar chances. If he can win here, he could go all the way.

Marcus James Dixon: Laura Dern covered so well when Daniel Kaluuya’s sound went out. Can we give her another award just for that?

Jeffrey Kare: OK. Either Sacha Baron Cohen is winning Comedy/Musical Actor or he’s going home empty-handed tonight.

Rob Licuria: I thought the opening monologue fell flat. Next.

Luca Giliberti: Daniel Kaluuya coming to snatch his rightful Oscar!

Daniel Montgomery: And of course it wouldn’t be a Zoom ceremony if someone didn’t have their mic off, almost as good as cat filter

FILM SUPPORTING ACTOR: Daniel Kaluuya – “Judas and the Black Messiah”

Marcus James Dixon: The monologue was good. Did I laugh out loud? No. But I smiled a lot!

Daniel Montgomery: The cutaways to people’s webcams are kinda awkward. But I hope someone accidentally left their cat filter on.

Jeffrey Kare: Kudos to them for giving Film Twitter a shoutout!

Kevin Jacobsen: Fully screamed at the “Music “jabs

Zach Laws: Yes, Tina: I too am wondering what “Emily in Paris” is

Daniel Montgomery: It’s amazing that Tina and Amy have such good chemistry thousands of miles away from each other

Charlie Bright: I’m liking the monologue but it still just feels weird. Maybe that’s just me.

Luca Giliberti: Amy and Tiny nailing it per usual. The production also looks pretty!

Jeffrey Kare: Wow! They really edited their two entrances together to make it look as if they’re in the exact same space.

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