2021 Oscars: Best Animated Short cheat sheet

The Best Animated Short category at this year’s Oscars is looking like it’s going to be an easy one to predict. According to our racetrack odds, the Netflix short, “If Anything Happens I Love You,” is way out front to capture the prize. These odds are derived from the predictions made by our Expert film journalists, Gold Derby Editors, Top 24 Users and the numerous Gold Derby users making their own predictions.

But is the short film really that safe? Let’s dive into this category with a closer look at all five nominees in order by their current Gold Derby odds.

“If Anything Happens I Love You” (odds of winning: 31/10)
A husband and wife are forced to navigate their grief after experiencing the tragic and unexpected loss of their daughter.

This is the first Oscar nomination for both Will McCormack and Michael Govier.

Pros: The short may not have the flashiest animation but it hits like an emotional freight train and, sadly, is still very relevant as our nation’s problems with gun violence continues to rear to its ugly head. It also doesn’t hurt that it’s available on Netflix and can easily be seen.

Cons: With a story that goes for the gut, there’s always a risk that some voters could feel that the short is too emotionally manipulative. It’s minimal animation style could also hurt it when compared to some of the more visually striking nominees.

Votes: 20 Experts, 11 Editors, 22 top 24 Users and 90% of all users.

“Burrow” (odds of winning: 4/1)
A bunny rabbit is excited to dig her dream burrow only to be mortified as she keeps accidentally digging into the homes of her neighbors.

Madeline Sharafian and Michael Capbarat both earned their first career Oscar nominations for this work.

Pros: It’s definitely the cutest of the nominees and this category does usually love shorts with adorable animals at the center like past winners “Feast,” “Bear Story” and “Piper” (2014-16). It’s also from Pixar which has done better in this category in recent years.

Cons: Pixar’s track record is still pretty spotty in this category and the story may feel a little too thin to merit a win for some Oscar voters.

Votes: 1 Expert and 5% of all users.

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“Genius Loci” (odds of winnng: 4/1)
Reine, a young loner, finds herself seeing the chaos that surrounds her as a mysterious entity that acts as a sort of guide to her.

This is Adrien Mérigeau and Amaury Ovise’s first Oscar nomination.

Pros: The short stands out as the most experimental of the bunch and makes the most of its animation medium in how it presents the hallucinogenic world that Reine encounters.

Cons: It can be very hard to maintain a grip on the story it’s trying to tell and that could prove to be too much for some Academy members.

Votes: 2 Experts and 2% of all users.

“Opera” (odds of winning: 9/2)
As a society that exists within a pyramid experiences both night and day, we see how the actions of each individual affects the society at-large, as everything comes together only to cycle right back to the beginning at the start of a new day.

Erick Oh received his first Oscar nomination for this piece.

Pros: This is, by far, the most ambitious and visually striking of this year’s nominees. It’s pretty tough not to be dazzled as you realize what you’re watching and you’ll probably find yourself wanting to watch it again once it’s over.

Cons: Seeing it on a small screen could lessen the dazzling quality of the short and not allow viewers to truly appreciate the intricacies of what’s being shown.

Votes: 1 Expert and 2% of all users.

“Yes-People” (odds of winning: 9/2)
The inhabitants of three apartments face the everyday challenges presented by work, school and their personal relationships, which are put to the test and also challenge their ability to cope with these issues.

Gísli Darri Halldórsson and Arnar Gunnarsson earned their first Oscar nomination here.

Pros: It presents relatable material and has moments that are very charming.

Cons: There’s not much there when it comes to what they depict with the characters.

Votes: 1 top 24 User and 1% of all users.

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