We dish the best, worst and OMG moments of the 2021 Oscars [UPDATING LIVE BLOG]

Gold Derby editors and contributors are obsessed with show business awards. They are a sassy bunch who rarely agree on anything, and that’s never been more true than at the 2021 Oscars. This year’s ceremony airs live coast-to-coast Sunday, April 25 on ABC beginning at 5:00 p.m. PT/8:00 p.m. ET.

Follow along as the show unfolds with our musings on the best, worst and OMG moments of the 93rd Academy Awards. Joining our fun live blog are: Chris Beachum, Marcus James Dixon, Sam Eckmann, Joyce Eng, Luca Giliberti, Kevin Jacobsen, Jeffrey Kare, Zach Laws, Rob LicuriaDaniel Montgomery, Matt Noble, Tony Ruiz and Paul Sheehan.

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Luca Giliberti:

Fran and Anthony are flawless legends, but this was not the way to end this season at all. What an anticlimactic ending.

Chris Beachum: What if Frances had not showed up (which was very possible). That would have been the worst ending ever.

Sam Eckmann: Because Chadwick was the best

Rob Licuria: I feel like we missed a magic moment there. I feel sad for some odd reason.

Sam Eckmann: Never EVER do acting awards last again

Chris Beachum: They were going to send a satellite truck in but then he backed out.

Rob Licuria: Really shitty ending. Great winners. But I wanted more. Well done to soderbergh and team though.

Daniel Montgomery: They coulda gone to his house via satellite. Wasn’t that originally the plan?

Rob Licuria: He’s 80. In a pandemic. In the middle of the night in the UK.

Denton Davidson: That’s why they held off. And the last winner of the night isn’t there. Weird.

Daniel Montgomery: I’m not mad that Hopkins won so much as I’m mad that he didn’t bother to show up to beat Chadwick Boseman

Marcus James Dixon: Yep I switched from Anthony to Chadwick during our pre-show slugfest. Darn.

Chris Beachum: See! The producers certainly did not know the results or they would not have ended on that note.

Rob Licuria: Speechless again. So anticlimactic. But I’m beside myself for my fave actor of all time.

Denton Davidson: I rolled my eyes at all the people on tv that said Frances was the favorite. I’m such an idiot.

Daniel Montgomery: Katharine Hepburn is the only other woman with 3 or more lead Oscars, right?

Zach Laws: HOPKINS!!!

BEST ACTOR: Anthony Hopkins – “The Father”

Luca Giliberti: I moved Tony out of my prediction today. UGHHHHHHH

Chris Beachum: Can’t be any perfect scores now.

Marcus James Dixon: She hates stuff like this, but I’m so happy she came in person!

Chris Beachum: And now there are 7 people in that small exclusive group of all-time actors at the Oscars.

Rob Licuria: She was so wonderful in Nomadland though.

Tony Ruiz: I’m so happy!! I was wrong but I’m so happy

Rob Licuria: That felt a bit anticlimactic.

Luca Giliberti: Well, wow, lol. Never underestimate Frances!

Chris Beachum: The internet will actually explode!

Denton Davidson: Wooooooooooowwwwwww

Daniel Montgomery: Well okay then. Frances now has 4 Oscars

Marcus James Dixon: My mouth is open in shock

Rob Licuria: I’m speechless.

BEST ACTRESS: Frances McDormand – “Nomadland”

Denton Davidson: Questlove has the greatest music selections. Bring him back!

Daniel Montgomery: Oof, just realized that this means “Trial of the Chicago 7” is the only Best Picture nominee with no wins

Zach Laws: This is wild!

Luca Giliberti: Wow, I am nervous, lol

Tony Ruiz: Actress presenting actress!

Daniel Montgomery: There are now six movies that have won two Oscars apiece

Marcus James Dixon: Has someone made a meme of Frances howling yet?

Rob Licuria: That’s because they’re letting the people talk. I really appreciate that.

Chris Beachum: I can’t believe an Oscars ceremony with ZERO performances is going to run over by 20 minutes at least.

Sam Eckmann: Nomadland is one of the most exceptionally beautiful experiences I’ve had with a film in a long while. So well deserved

Kevin Jacobsen: My favorite film won Best Picture two years in a row! I’m getting spoiled.

Chris Beachum: Have both a husband and wife ever won for Best Picture over time?

Jeffrey Kare: The BAFTA curse is now over as “Nomadland” has just become the first winner from across the pond since “12 Years a Slave” to win the Oscar for Best Picture.

Daniel Montgomery: That clip they showed from “Nomadland” reminds me of how much that movie bowled me over emotionally. SO good

Marcus James Dixon: Congrats to Frances winning her first producing Oscar! Sooo happy she got out of her van to come here in person.

Luca Giliberti: Nomadland is the most beautiful movie of the year. I am so happy!

Daniel Montgomery: They coulda shown the Christopher Mintz Plasse scene for “PYW,” it’s a good scene in and out of context, and they could play it on TV

Luca Giliberti: They saw BAFTA’s awful clips and were like, “We can be this bad too!”

BEST PICTURE: “Nomadland”

Daniel Montgomery: Yeah, I like that scene from “Promising Young Woman,” but it says NOTHING about the movie

Chris Beachum: Were there ones ABC could air?

Marcus James Dixon: Awful clip choice for “Promising Young Woman.”

Luca Giliberti: Why this clip for PYW? There are much better ones!

Marcus James Dixon: It won’t.

Zach Laws: Maybe Rita Moreno has a hard out at 8?

Chris Beachum: What if it turns out to be McDormand for both?

Luca Giliberti: But they might know how much suspense there is for at least Actress.

Chris Beachum: But the producers don’t know the results.

Sam Eckmann: Good grief

Marcus James Dixon: Yep Sam my thoughts exactly. “Nomadland” is totally winning now or they would have saved the big picture shocker for the end.

Chris Beachum: Yes, but what if it’s Hopkins and he isn’t even around?

Sam Eckmann: …are they just banking on a big Chadwick moment to end the show?

Paul Sheehan: here are your clips

Daniel Montgomery: Okay, so Best Picture is now, and Best Actor and Best Picture were both hoaxes I guess and those awards never actually existed

Luca Giliberti: They know what we’re all truly waiting for

Zach Laws: Wait what?

Marcus James Dixon: Is this bizarro world?

Chris Beachum: What? Has this ever happened?

Jeffrey Kare: Weird? Best Picture isn’t the last award to be presented tonight.

Paul Sheehan: Picture is next – then the two acting awards

Joyce Eng: lol Best Picture

Marcus James Dixon: Nothing for “Trial” though, womp womp

Sam Eckmann: The song was great. But I couldn’t read half those names at the speed they were going

Rob Licuria: I liked the song. But it was dizzying to watch. Let’s make it a bit longer next time. But good for including more people.

Tony Ruiz: What an inspired song choice for the In Memoriam.

Daniel Montgomery: With so many films tonight winning exactly two Oscars, watch Carey win Actress, Hopkins win Actor, and “Nomadland” win Picture. Only 2 Oscars for EVERYBODY

Chris Beachum: Kudos to doubling up the number for the memoriam (up from typical 40 to 95), but what a horrible, rushed presentation and song choice. They could have done a much better job.

Jeffrey Kare: That In Memoriam segment may have seemed rushed, but I thought they did the best job possible to include as many of the countless number of people who’ve died within the past year.

Daniel Montgomery: The varying speeds during that In Memoriam gave me whiplash, and was also a kind of popularity contest. Whoever gets more seconds is more important

Luca Giliberti: The wait for Best Actress is killing me.

Marcus James Dixon: Hmm, only five minutes left to do Actor, Actress AND Picture?

Joyce Eng: Running the In Memoriam at 1.5x speed, I see


Rob Licuria: I hope she wins an Oscar soon.

Daniel Montgomery: Glenn Close is dancing like, “I’d like to see Yuh-Jung Youn do THAT”

Rob Licuria: Who cares about the 3 hours. ABC will have to deal with the horribly low ratings going even longer.

Tony Ruiz: Glenn Close turns an unnecessary segment into pure unadulterated joy.

Rob Licuria: We need some levity. Very enjoyable.

Denton Davidson: Glenn is making sure she NEVER loses another Oscar

Sam Eckmann: GLENN!!

Chris Beachum: So Angela Bassett sets up the memoriam, Zellweger and Phoenix for acting and Rita Moreno for picture?

Rob Licuria: THAT WAS AN AMAZING SEGMENT!!!! Queen Glenn just made us another meme!

Chris Beachum: She deserves an Oscar!

Chris Beachum: She magically had a microphone handy and all of the details about the song.

Joyce Eng: What is even happening?

Matt Noble: It’s been a very serious night

Denton Davidson: I love Andra Day saying it was some bullshit!

Daniel Montgomery: Andra Day was entertaining, not sure the bit itself is entertainer

Matt Noble: At least this is entertaining

Jeffrey Kare: OK, I think we can do without this bit.

Chris Beachum: OH NO! Massive time waster, especially with just a few minutes to go.

Marcus James Dixon: I feel like this “guess the song” bit would be great for the commercial breaks

Zach Laws: That H.E.R. song is fire and would be a chart topper in a normal year

Chris Beachum: Lionel Richie, Phil Collins, Bruce Springsteen, Melissa Ethridge, Elton John, Prince, Barbra Streisand

Sam Eckmann: Wow Bob wow. Did not see HER coming

Denton Davidson: Man I wasted so much time going back and forth over every Best Song nominee except the winner

Rob Licuria: Husavik though. A missed opportunity to honor something a lot of people watched and loved during lockdowns around the world.

Chris Beachum: A very, very long list of popular artists to win Oscars.

Daniel Montgomery: Wow, H.E.R. wins Best Song at the Grammys and Oscars in the same year for protest songs. And now “Judas” joins a five-way tie of films with two Oscars each so far

Rob Licuria: HER a great winner. But that surprised me. I feel bad for Diane Warren and for Husavik. And Odom Jr.

Luca Giliberti: OK, I did not expect this

Jeffrey Kare: Whoa! Shocker!


Rob Licuria: Yeah I was wondering that too Chris.

Chris Beachum: Shouldn’t they show clips from the hard work they did on the pre-show and not from their videos?

BEST ORIGINAL SONG: “Fight for You” – “Judas and the Black Messiah”

Daniel Montgomery: The only 3 Black winners for Best Score at the Oscars are now Prince, Herbie Hancock, and Jon Batiste

Rob Licuria: Is Emile Mosseri the twin of the guy who played Ramsey Bolton on Game of Thrones?

Joyce Eng: Jon Batiste out here quoting A Star Is Born

Chris Beachum: Stephen Colbert will have plenty to talk about tomorrow night with his bandleader!

Rob Licuria: Team anything but that Trial song

Marcus James Dixon: I’m nervously excited! Who’s #TeamHusavik??

Rob Licuria: I was hoping we’d hear or see some of the scores. That would be my only main criticism for the night. More images and samples for the nominated work.


Rob Licuria: I’m so nervous for Best Song.

Chris Beachum: So what is left? Two acting, two music, picture and memoriam, right? That’s more than 30 minutes worth, so even without song performances, it will be over 3 hours

Daniel Montgomery: Tyler Perry is one of those people who is so thoughtful and well spoken that I wish I liked his work more.

Chris Beachum: Channel that creativity and energy into some actual screenplays.

Tony Ruiz: Damn. Tyler Perry with the speech of the night.

Chris Beachum: Powerful speech!


Tony Ruiz: It’s a shame that Tyler Perry does so many great things but seems incapable of making a competent film

Chris Beachum: Didn’t think of it earlier, but how classy of Regina King to be a presenter (the opening presenter) for a ceremony where she didn’t get nominated for directing and her film was left out of Best Picture. CLASSY!

Luca Giliberti: Viola is the best speaker.

Rob Licuria: Viola Davis (Queen) just walked off the set of Prometheus 2.

Rob Licuria: I love Paul Raci. There, I said it. I’m free.

Jeffrey Kare: It’s official, the stat of the film editing winner having a corresponding sound nomination still stands (even with one Sound category).

Daniel Montgomery: And the streak of Best Sound nominees winning Best Film Editing continues

Chris Beachum: Chloe was so thrilled Harrison Ford even said her name! Watch for him to be cast in one of her upcoming films.

BEST FILM EDITING: “Sound of Metal

Tony Ruiz: Marcus. He’s almost 80. That’s why.

Rob Licuria: He’s 800 years old.

Chris Beachum: Steps!

Marcus James Dixon: Why is Harrison Ford breathing so hard? I’m worried.

Sam Eckmann: Contrary opinion: I like In the Heights better than Hamilton.

Rob Licuria: Harrison Ford gives zero Fs about the “no notes” directive

Chris Beachum: This man desperately deserves an honorary Oscar!

Daniel Montgomery: Not if we’re lucky

Rob Licuria: Will the Globes still exist?

Tony Ruiz: In the Heights is one of my great experiences in the theater. Can’t wait for the movie

Marcus James Dixon: I still don’t know if “Ma Rainey” is winning two, three or four. *bites nails*

Denton Davidson: In the Heights Vs West Side Story in a globes face off with actual musicals next year!

Sam Eckmann: Yes.

Rob Licuria: Yep.

Luca Giliberti: Is Ma Rainey going to end up with the most Oscars?

Sam Eckmann: The Broadway show was amazing!!!

Chris Beachum: Lin is coming for his Oscar and EGOT next year — at least for an original song.

Sam Eckmann: West Side Story: drops first look. In the heights: hold my piragua.

Daniel Montgomery: I’m happy for Erik Messerschmidt because it means justice for “Mindhunter”

Sam Eckmann: Mank was an unwatchable bore. An astonishingly cold and emotionless movie

Marcus James Dixon: Very interested now to see what wins film editing.

Matt Noble: Probably, it’s not like Trail or Minari have done better than expected.

Chris Beachum: Mank had phenomenal cinematography!

Rob Licuria: Yes.

Chris Beachum: Is Nomadland still winning?

Luca Giliberti: The way we thought Best Actress would ruin our streaks, haha.

Sam Eckmann: Nomadland losing cinematography? To quote the prophet Thorgy Thor: “ew. Jesus. Gross.”

Daniel Montgomery: It’ll be weird if “Nomadland” only wins Picture and Director, but also weird if it only wins Director

Matt Noble: Whatever wins BP it’s going to have a pretty low total.

Chris Beachum: And far more than Glenn Close.

Daniel Montgomery: “Mank” now officially has more Oscars than “Citizen Kane”

Zach Laws: Let’s all try to remember “Mank” is a deserving winner. “Nomadland” would’ve been as well.

Chris Beachum: Halle is supposed to be a professional speaker but messed up a bunch of names on both categories.

Marcus James Dixon: So many people told me not to listen to the cinematographer’s guild because they’re too “elitist” or whatever. Whoops!

Rob Licuria: It is such a strong category of work. I wish Halle said his name properly (twice)

Daniel Montgomery: Congratulations to Erik Messenger  Schmidt!

Jeffrey Kare: Wow! A first time feature film DP ended up winning.

Chris Beachum: Now that certainly upended a ton of ballots!

Daniel Montgomery: Let’s give Halle Berry one more try on that cinematographer’s name LOL

Tony Ruiz: Finally an upset

Luca Giliberti: Not the Joshua James Richards robbery. Ugh. So disappointing.

Rob Licuria: Oh no … here we go with 18 comments on who predicted what…

Chris Beachum: So now 7 of the 8 Best Picture nominees have a trophy tonight. Will Trial join them?


Jeffrey Kare: Congratulations “Mank!” This win just saved you from getting completely shut out like “The Irishman” last year.


Chris Beachum: I never like it when they wait 2 hours to give out the 2nd acting award. There are only 4 so they should be paced out better. Maybe one near the beginning and another every 45 minutes.

Rob Licuria: She was lovely.

Jeffrey Kare: Very kind of Youn to acknowledge Glenn Close in her acceptance speech (which is just what Olivia Colman did two years ago).

Chris Beachum: Perfect!

Sam Eckmann: Youn for host, thanks

Zach Laws: Youn with the speech of the night

Joyce Eng: Let Youn talk forever, thanks

Marcus James Dixon: So happy Yuh-Jung Youn made the trip to America! Best speech of the night.

Jeffrey Kare: How clever of Youn to acknowledge her executive producer.

Luca Giliberti: I love her so much, oh my god.


Marcus James Dixon: Interesting they let Laura do two categories, but just one for Brad

Jeffrey Kare: What a touching note to end that speech on.

Chris Beachum: For a moment, I thought that was Jonathan Pryce standing up in England.


Chris Beachum: I’m thrilled they got Brad Pitt to return as a presenter tonight. He hasn’t appeared anywhere all awards season. The Soderbergh connection probably helped significantly.

Rob Licuria: But what she said was fine. It was personal, big picture and from the heart. Jeez people, what do you want?

Tony Ruiz: Everyone back off! These are not professional speakers. They’re emotional. This is the highlight of their professional lives  Let’s just let them do it and not tear them down for it

Chris Beachum: She had weeks to think about it and practice, as they all do. And in their case, they knew it was a really strong chance they were going to win.

Daniel Montgomery: I don’t mind when someone gives a flustered speech. The only bad way to give an awards speech is indifferent. But that might also be my vicarious social anxiety talking

Rob Licuria: Can we wait and see? Also, does there have to be a worst speech?

Marcus James Dixon: If that wasn’t the worst of the night, then what was?

Rob Licuria: It was about the connection between humans and the natural world and she was almost breathless. It was a perfectly fine speech!

Sam Eckmann: Great dress though

Chris Beachum: Worst speech of the night by far.

Rob Licuria: She’s nervous! That’s acceptable

Luca Giliberti: I am sure it died during this long-ass speech.

Joyce Eng: That’s what you think

Matt Noble: Will it be in the memorial reel?

Marcus James Dixon: It’s dead.

Chris Beachum: The octopus would have done better than this lady.

Joyce Eng: Rude not to let the octopus speak

Daniel Montgomery: Netflix is killing it too. This is their third best film win of the night I think after two of the shorts

Kevin Jacobsen: Never would have imagined My Octopus Teacher winning this earlier in the season. Quite a grassroots campaign.

Denton Davidson: Wow Gold Derby is kill in’ it


Chris Beachum: Here we go! This category will help or hurt a bunch of people.

Zach Laws: I should’ve listened to myself

Tony Ruiz: As I’ve said…anyone who thinks they know what’s happening in Actress is full of it.

Marcus James Dixon: Oh no! Zach, you told me last week to always go with the Holocaust movie. I should have listened to you.

Rob Licuria: Beautiful win for Colette. Quite a few French winners tonight.

Zach Laws: I had “Colette” until just a few hours ago when I switched to “Concerto.” I’ll never forgive myself

Chris Beachum: Yes, but you messed up on Actress.

Tony Ruiz: Collette!!!! I called it!!! My perfect score holds!

Chris Beachum: This category will drop a lot of perfect scores down. Plus Best Actress will kill at least 2/3 of all predictions.

Marcus James Dixon: Gold Derby had “Colette” in third place, so there you go!

Luca Giliberti: Damn, the first wrong prediction. Sigh.

Jeffrey Kare: Wow! The first surprise of the night.

Chris Beachum: Upset!! I had that in 1st place for weeks and got talked out of it.


Marcus James Dixon: Love Marlee Matlin! She should present every year.

Chris Beachum: So they are running right on time with approx. half of the categories done. Just 12 more along with the memoriam.

Matt Noble: Pete Doctor becomes first person to win Animated feature 3 times, right?

Rob Licuria: Ugh I hate when we’re so right

Kevin Jacobsen: Soul is great but I so wish we would get a non-Disney film winning Animated Feature more than once or twice a decade.

Marcus James Dixon: No upsets yet. So far Gold Derby’s odds predicted all 11 of the 11 winners.

Denton Davidson: Has there been an upset? I think they’ve decided the order of the awards presented based on Gold Derby odds. Saving the upsets for the second half.

Rob Licuria: Clips are for the beat feature races so far.

Chris Beachum: Marcus — Millions of people disagree with you, maybe billions. And certainly the Oscar, Globe, BAFTA voters and critics disagree.

Sam Eckmann: Onward was wonderful. Soul is a masterwork


Marcus James Dixon: #TeamOnward!

Sam Eckmann: Eww Marcus

Marcus James Dixon: Um no, it’s not even the best Pixar film of 2020

Chris Beachum: Soul was the best film of 2020!

Daniel Montgomery: Sigh, the ABC-Disney connection is exactly how we only get clips here and here only, and it’s infuriating

Chris Beachum: Of course! The animated films get clips because Disney owns ABC.

Marcus James Dixon: Clips! I’m so happy!

Luca Giliberti: Lol, Best Actress will screw many of us over

Marcus James Dixon: My perfect score will end when “Octopus” wins Doc

Daniel Montgomery: Me included, don’t expect it to last

Chris Beachum: There are still thousands of people with a perfect score at this stage.

Chris Beachum: How long of a walk was that? Were they seated in Pasadena?

Jeffrey Kare: “If Anything Happens, I Love You” is such an incredible short. This is such a well deserved win!

BEST ANIMATED SHORT FILM: “If Anything Happens I Love You”

Marcus James Dixon: Reese Witherspoon presenting an award to her BFF Laura Dern’s film

Sam Eckmann: How long will my perfect prediction accuracy hold???? What’s going to be the first huge shocker?

BEST LIVE ACTION SHORT FILM: “Two Distant Strangers”

Marcus James Dixon: A lot of people are going to get Best Live Action Short wrong. This is where you can win or lose our predictions contest!

Sam Eckmann: Is anyone else’s Oscar feed crapping out constantly? ABC.com isn’t working very well for the big night

Chris Beachum: So dumb! Riz could have submitted any of 18 other categories.

Rob Licuria: I had the same thought. A moment of silence for Chris’ blood pressure.

Tony Ruiz: Can anyone else hear Chris Beachum screaming that Riz is presenting an award to his own movie?

BEST SOUND: “Sound of Metal”

Marcus James Dixon: Moment of silence for Best Sound Editing and Best Sound Mixing. RIP.

Luca Giliberti: Riz presenting Sound to his movie, lol.

Denton Davidson: I agree Marcus, I cringed when Laura Dern compared Daniel Kaluuya to Denzel in Malcolm X

Rob Licuria: It feels authentic to me!

Chris Beachum: I’m wondering if Bong is the only presenter not in Los Angeles? Since he was live overseas, maybe they needed to get his presentation done to let him be on his way?

Marcus James Dixon: Most of the gushing just sounds so fake and scripted though. Cringe.

Chris Beachum: We’re going to see a montage of clips from the 8 picture nominees, either scattered out or as one package. Aren’t most of the major nominees going to be in that package anyway?

Zach Laws: Chloe Zhao’s speech was beautiful and gets to the heart of what’s great about her films: an overwhelming sense of empathy for all people. And I’m with Rob: let’s embrace change!

Rob Licuria: Haven’t we seen enough clips over this long season though? Embrace something new and genuine and heartfelt…

Marcus James Dixon: Yeah I miss the clips. Not loving all the overt gushing the presenters are giving the nominees.

Joyce Eng: Marvel about to drop the Eternals teaser in 3… 2…

Luca Giliberti: Chloé deserved a standing ovation.

Tony Ruiz: Chloe Zhao will win multiple Oscars for Directing. Mark it down.

Kevin Jacobsen: I adore Chloé so much.

Jeffrey Kare: Well, history has now been made twice with one win.

Denton Davidson: I love the format, I just wish they would show clips instead of the presenters just talking about each nominee.

BEST DIRECTOR: Chloé Zhao – “Nomadland”

Daniel Montgomery: Really weird to present what’s gonna be such a historic Best Director Oscar in the first hour

Tony Ruiz: Wow…has the Directing prize ever been given this early?

Luca Giliberti: Now I feel nostalgic.

Marcus James Dixon: It’s not the Oscars without her!

Joyce Eng: Queen Sharon Choi!!!

Jeffrey Kare: Whoa! Best Director is being presented already.

Chris Beachum: He couldn’t put on a tie?

JEAN HERSHOLT HUMANITARIAN AWARD: Motion Picture & Television Fund

Daniel Montgomery: Like the Grammys and Emmys, the need to pivot due to COVID has shown different, better ways to do awards shows, or at least that they shouldn’t be the same auditorium shows every single time. More shakeups like these for non-public health reasons, please!

Rob Licuria: Yes!!! I want the Oscars to be like this from now on.

Tony Ruiz: When Bryan Cranston says the ceremony will return to the Dolby Theater next year, did anyone else feel a twinge of disappointment?

Luca Giliberti: I could watch Viola react to anyone winning an award.

Marcus James Dixon: I could watch Viola Davis cheer for her makeup/hair and costume teams all day long.

Jeffrey Kare: “Ma Rainey” is now the first film of the night to win multiple Oscars.

BEST COSTUME DESIGN: “Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom”

Kevin Jacobsen: Would it kill them to show some clips or even photos of the nominated work?

Marcus James Dixon: If you went strictly by Gold Derby’s combined odds, you would have a 100% score right now after five categories. Go us!


Sam Eckmann: Thank you to Next years Supporting Actress winner Ariana DeBose for the WSS clip!

Luca Giliberti: Laura Dern needs to teach me how to speak so calmly.

Chris Beachum: Every winner so far did a recent Gold Derby interview!

Daniel Montgomery: It’s kinda funny that of the first four awards tonight, I’ve interviewed three of the winners. So I think we know the secret of winning an Oscar

Sam Eckmann: May we all one day have Laura Dern look us in the eyes and eloquently praise us. I would faint.

Zach Laws: These acceptance speeches are amazing, and the best part is we get to hear them without an orchestra playing them off. That’s one Oscars tradition I hope sticks around

Luca Giliberti: Oscar winner Daniel Kaluuya has such an amazing ring to it.

Jeffrey Kare: Fred Hampton, I hope you’re very proud to be looking down on this moment right now.

BEST SUPPORTING ACTOR: Daniel Kaluuya – “Judas and the Black Messiah”

Rob Licuria: I work just over that bridge so Sacha should win

Kevin Jacobsen: There’s something very old school (in a good way!) about the laidback approach here that I love.

Chris Beachum: These tributes are perfection!

Rob Licuria: Screw the clips. I’m tearing up at this. It’s beautiful.

Daniel Montgomery: Yeah, no clips for acting nominees is disappointing, though I do like the idea of paying tribute to each performer individually

Luca Giliberti: We are not getting clips for acting? That’s a shame.

Tony Ruiz: Thanks Mr. Vintenberg. I’m tearing up already!

Kevin Jacobsen: I don’t love the echo-y sound of the mics tbh

Rob Licuria: Those clips for international feature were breathtaking. Wow. What an incredible group of films.

Jeffrey Kare: What a clever opening to an acceptance speech.


Luca Giliberti: I am loving these clips!

Joyce Eng: Iconic clip for Another Round.

Chris Beachum: Daniel — It will never happen because of the sheer number of members that want to attend. But I’m loving this approach and the production design!

Daniel Montgomery: Maybe it’s my vicarious social anxiety, but I really prefer these intimate awards shows to the big auditoriums. I hope we keep a lot of these post-pandemic.

Sam Eckmann: I love the setup they have for the audience. It feels so much more intimate and engaging.

Luca Giliberti: The opening with Regina King was great and energetic. But, so far, this ceremony is lacking a bit of energy. Hopefully we still get it!

Daniel Montgomery: I’m guessing they designated one of them to speak for “The Father”

Rob Licuria: Loving the Oscars so far. It’s slick, engaging, intimate and polished.

Chris Beachum: Why did Florian speak so extensively, not allowing any remaining time for Christopher?

Marcus James Dixon: “Nomadland” fans, don’t be upset that it just lost Best Adapted Screenplay. It’s still gonna win the big two (Picture and Director) later on tonight!

Kevin Jacobsen: Ugh I was so close to switching to The Father today.

Jeffrey Kare: So happy that “The Father” won’t be going home empty handed!

BEST ADAPTED SCREENPLAY: “The Father” – Christopher Hampton & Florian Zeller

Chris Beachum: Regina King has no business presenting adapted screenplay when her own film is nominated. I always hate that.

Jeffrey Kare: Sorry Regina King, but you should not be presenting a category where your movie (“One Night in Miami”) happens to be nominated in.

Chris Beachum: Frances McDormand is actually there!

Marcus James Dixon: I wonder if all of the people predicting a “Trial” upset later are pooping themselves now that it didn’t win Best Original Screenplay.

Riley Chow: Loving this Soderbergh handheld.

Zach Laws: This whole “Oscars as a movie” thing is really working

Daniel Montgomery: Go Emerald Fennell! First woman to win a writing Oscar since Diablo Cody for “Juno” 13 years ago

BEST ORIGINAL SCREENPLAY: “Promising Young Woman” – Emerald Fennell

Daniel Montgomery: I know these Oscars don’t have a host, but if Regina wants to take the job right now, I’d be good with that.

Marcus James Dixon: Regina is a national treasure. I can’t look away.

Tony Ruiz: Wow…they are leaning right into the controversy and I’m loving it.

Daniel Montgomery: You can tell Steven Soderbergh produced the Oscars because the opening looks like Regina King is strolling in to do a heist in “Ocean’s 14”

Jeffrey Kare: This is looking very classy.

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