‘American Idol’ sneak peek: Katy Perry discovers ‘country version’ of her quirky self in Hannah Everhart [WATCH]

“Are you the country version of me?” Katy Perry asks Hannah Everhart during the second episode of “American IdolSeason 19, airing Sunday, February 21 on ABC. The two females have a striking physical resemblance thanks mostly to their big blue eyes and quirky personalities. Hannah concedes that she’s been compared to the superstar pop singer many times before, prompting Katy to inquire, “Were we separated at birth?” Watch the hilarious sneak peek video above.

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Hannah, who readily admits she doesn’t “have a filter,” is 17 years old and from Canton, Mississippi, a small town where “everybody knows everybody.” She flew in an airplane for the very first time for this California audition, an experience she calls “crazy.” She laughs, “Like, how many people get to say that they used the bathroom in the air?”

For her audition, the high school student takes on Johnny Cash‘s “Wayfaring Stranger” but only gets a few notes in before Luke Bryan stops her cold. “All right, stop!” he screams from the panel. “Quit checking us out to see what our reactions are.” When she fires back that she’s just nervous, Luke interrupts, “Don’t lie.”

Hannah gives it another shot, this time with Katy shouting encouragements from the sidelines like “go full slab on this” and “more energy” and “you’re on your horse.” When the teenager finishes the song, she apologizes that her voice is a little dry. She then confesses that Etta James‘ “At Last” was going to be her original audition song, but she copped out at the last minute and decided to play it safe.

The judges instruct Hannah to give them a little bit of “At Last,” and boy does she deliver. Katy even gets in on the fun by singing along with her. Does the southern charmer end up receiving a golden ticket to Hollywood? Find out when the episode airs Sunday night on ABC.

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