‘American Idol’ sneak peek: Secret singer Mary Jo Young reveals majestic voice to her mother [WATCH]

Mary Jo Young has been keeping a secret from her mother: she has a majestic voice. This 19-year-old real estate sales associate in Cleveland, OH honed her talent during quarantine and went viral with many of her TikTok and Twitter tracks. When she tells the “American Idol” judges that she’s never performed in front of her mother before, they quickly bring her into the audition and have Mary Jo sing directly to her. The results? Mama is so proud and even thanks the judges for making it happen. Watch the heart-warming “American Idol” sneak peek video above. The full episode airs Sunday, February 28 on ABC.

When Mary Jo first steps into the audition room, she finds herself awed by the production values. “This is very bright. I feel like I’m entering heaven,” she proclaims. Even though she’s been singing since she was a little girl, Mary Jo confesses she’s “never performed” on a big stage before. She decides to go with Tate McRae‘s “You Broke Me First” as her audition song.

Following her performance, Lionel Richie starts off the judges’ comments by saying, “I’m kind of love with the idea of watching you grow actually on this show. You’re gonna learn everything from ‘American Idol.’ It’s a yes for me. It’ll be interesting to watch the journey.”

Katy Perry chimes in, “Mary Jo, never forget where you came from. No matter how far you end up going. Okay? It’s a yes for me.”

And Luke Bryan simply states, “Top 10,” before adding his third yes vote.

The judges stand up and shout that she’s going to Hollywood, which means fans will see her next when the Hollywood Week rounds begin in March. Do you think Mary Jo has what it takes to join the “American Idol” winners list? Sound off down in the comments section.

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