Which ‘America’s Got Talent’ eliminated act was most robbed in Quarterfinals 2: Johnny Showcase, T.3 … ? [POLL]

Another live results show meant another five acts being cut on “America’s Got Talent” Season 16. This week’s handful of contestants who were cut during the Quarterfinals 2 live show were: Johnny Showcase, T.3, Dokteuk Crew, Shuffolution and Positive Impact Movement. Of this quintet of eliminated acts, which one do YOU think was most robbed of a shot of making it into the semifinals? Vote in our poll below and then defend your choice in the comments section.

At the other end of the spectrum, seven talented acts were given the green light based on America’s votes and will next be seen in the semifinals. They were: singer Tory Vagasy, aerialist Aidan Bryant, chorale group Northwell Nurse Choir, mentalist Peter Antoniou, vocal group Korean Soul, comedian Josh Blue and opera girl Victory Brinker. The four “AGT” judges — Howie Mandel, Heidi Klum, Sofia Vergara and Simon Cowell — had a decision to save either T.3 or Korean Soul, but their votes tied so it went to America’s choice of Korean Soul.

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Our live-blogger John Benutty covered all of the contestants’ live performances during the August 17 episode. Here is what he had to say about the five acts who were eliminated:

Johnny ShowcaseThe multi-talented entertainer got the ultimate hype up from Terry Crews prior to his latest performance, but once again the production of the act was the bigger star on stage. The 60s inspired funk band aesthetic that he put together with his group was trippy and reminiscent of The B-52s, but their vocals were uninspired and flat. Halfway into the performance both Simon and Howie hit their X buttons at the same time, leaving Heidi on her own to clap along while Sofia was simply left confused what was even happening. Sofia and Howie explained that they enjoyed the comedy last time and it was missing in this performance. Simon called it “horrific” and that it was the “worst song” he’s ever heard. Heidi absolutely loved the performance because she felt the funk and the whole aesthetic of their costumes.

T.3The social media singing group kicked off tonight’s show with a remix of the Olivia Rodrigo hit “Good 4 U.” Howie called their harmonies seamless, but Heidi pointed out that they’re better when singing a cappella without the backing track. Sofia also pulled back a little, saying that she preferred their first audition and then Simon agreed with Heidi saying that it could have been better and they “blew it.”

Dokteuk CrewThe South Korean dance group promised new moves and new tricks ahead of their latest performance. The synchronization of their choreo to a Lil Nas X remix was certainly impressive, but maybe not quite as new as we would have expected. Heidi said that they provide moments that look like special effects to elevate their dances and Sofia told them it’s clear they put in a lot of work. Simon agreed with Sofia’s commentary on the “too orange” outfits and the staging in general, saying that they were lost in the whole production.

ShuffolutionBringing shuffling from social media to the main stage, the group says they have grown closer since their original audition and that they’re pursuing the dance as a full dream. Simon told them that their audition was his favorite this year, but this performance was a step back from that and like something he’s seen a million times before. Surprisingly, Heidi sort of agreed and noted that the dance style can get repetitive. Howie pointed out that one member fell and said that there’s a lot of pressure for the live shows and Sofia closed it out by saying this time it was more cheerleading than dancing.

Positive Impact MovementThey have the goal of inspiring people to live healthier, more physical lives. In response to Heidi’s previous comment that she can’t see their muscles, they set a goal of an act that is bigger and more daring than before. While they managed get higher with ramps and basketball hoops as props, Simon was not impressed and hit his X well before their final trick of creating a tower three people tall. Simon explained that his buzzer was because the performance “was a mess” and he’d call them “No Magic Mike.” Howie didn’t agree with Simon, but he thought what they did in their audition was more interesting even though he acknowledges they do something he can’t do. Heidi and Sofia both said that they didn’t even notice that Simon hit his buzzer because the audience was so loud for them and they think of them as a unique act.

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