‘America’s Got Talent’ semifinal 1 power rankings: Who is predicted to win season 16?

“America’s Got Talent” semifinals 1 on August 31 includes two Golden Buzzer acts: host Terry Crews‘ pick, World Taekwondo Demonstration Team Martial Arts Group, and Sofia Vergara‘s choice, singer Jimmie Herrod. Also in the hunt for the season 16 championship are a trio more of solo singers — Madilyn Bailey, Peter Rosalita and Tory Vagasy — plus the vocal group Korean Soul, stand-up comedian Gina Brillon, aerialist Aidan Bryant, magician Dustin Tavella and voice artist Michael Winslow.

Below, we recap the quarterfinal performance of each of these “AGT” contenders, including the reactions by the judges, and list our exclusive odds for each of them moving on in the competition. Do you agree with our “America’s Got Talent” semifinals 1 rankings? Sound off in the comments section and make your own “America’s Got Talent” predictions.

1. Jimmie Herrod – 9/100 odds to advance to final
Quarterfinal performance: “Pure Imagination” by Gene Wilder
Judges reactions: All four leapt to their feet and no one was more proud than Sofia, calling him a star. Simon said that he’s the kind of performer that you can never forget and Heidi dubbed him “the million dollar act.”

2. World Taekwondo Demo. Team – 13/100 odds to advance to final
Quarterfinal performance: Martial arts performance showing their acrobatic skills in jumping and fighting formations. Judges reactions: Sofia said they’re amazing and America will go crazy for them. Heidi called it “controlled chaos” and Howie said their mixture of dance, strength and a great message is like a Marvel film as a musical.

3. Aidan Bryant – 1/5 odds to advance to final
Quarterfinal performance: Aidan used two looped ribbons to perform spinning tricks as he was raised and swung from a rig in the ceiling.
Judges reactions: Three of the four judges stood (only Howie remained seated). Heidi called him an inspiration because he’s self-taught. Sofia also thinks he performs like a professional despite such little experience. Howie pointed out that his transitions from trick to trick are rough. Simon did his best to silence Howie, saying that “by a mile” he is a Vegas act and a star in the making.

4. Peter Rosalita – 1/5 odds to advance to final
Quarterfinal performance: “I Have Nothing” by Whitney Houston
Judges reactions: Heidi told Peter that he did Whitney proud and Sofia said that his command of the stage was breathtaking. Simon was amazed by his determination, but asked him to pick a song more age appropriate in the next round.

5. Tory Vagasy – 2/11 odds to advance to final
Quarterfinal performance: “Heart of Stone” by SIX
Judges reactions: Howie wasn’t in her corner and said that she doesn’t stand a chance against some of the other singers in the competition. Simon differed, saying that it started out as a “good” performance and ended as a “great” one, qualifying it as the best act of the night. Heidi called it “flawless” for her beautiful voice and Sofia assured her that she doesn’t need to worry about winning because she’ll be fine.

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6. Gina Brillon – 31/20 odds to advance to final
Quarterfinal performance: Gina’s set was focused on the women she grew up around in the Bronx.
Judges reactions: Simon was the only judge to not stand for Gina noting that he “sensed a lot of nerves” and didn’t think it was better than her first audition. Heidi, Sofia and Howie all disagreed, saying that her hard work paid off.

7. Madilyn Bailey – 13/5 odds to advance to final
Quarterfinal performance: “Titanium” by Sia
Judges reactions: Only Simon stood and called it “absolutely brilliant.” Howie preferred the quirkiness of her original song. Heidi was on Howie’s side, noting that she got to the lives based on an original and so to switch to a cover was a risky choice.

8. Michael Winslow – 9/2 odds to advance to final
Quarterfinal performance: Sounds of Hollywood Blvd and then some old favorites: chicken sizzling on a grill, light sabers and Simon’s dogs.
Judges reactions: Sofia claimed that his talent can’t even be possible and said it’s clear he’s worked hard. Simon thought it seemed like a night of nerves and that he didn’t improve on his audition. Howie urged people to vote for Michael.

9. Korean Soul – 8/1 odds to advance to final
Quarterfinal performance: “I Don’t Want to Miss a Thing” by Aerosmith
Judges reactions: Heidi said it was a “snoozy” version of the song and that she misses what they did in the first audition. Simon was on the same page, but said that outside of a predictable song choice he does really like them. Howie was their biggest supporter, calling them his favorite act of the night.

10. Dustin Tavella – 21/2 odds to advance to final
Quarterfinal performance: Card trick with Howie
Judges reactions: Heidi said that like all magic acts she’s always saying “wow how did he do that?” but with Dustin his story as a father brings so much more to it. Sofia and Simon went further to say that the storytelling is what draws people in and makes it clear that he’s doing what he’s meant to be doing.

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