Simon Cowell orchestrates first ever group Golden Buzzer for singer Victory Brinker on ‘America’s Got Talent’

By the time 9-year-old Victory Brinker took the “America’s Got Talent” stage for her audition on July 6, all five of the season’s Golden Buzzers had already been distributed. So when the judges realized that her opera singing performance was worthy of the show’s highest accolade, Simon Cowell had no option but to switch things up. He called host Terry Crews to the judges’ table to confer with the panel before delivering the news that Victory would receive the first-ever group Golden Buzzer!

Victory came to the stage enthusiastically, but as a young kid also noticeably shy–she called her feelings as “exnervous,” a combination of excited and nervous. Her shyness didn’t stop her from declaring that if she wins the million dollars that she’ll purchase a “rainbow shirt with glitter” for Simon who she says wears too much black and white.

The real test of her shyness was in the performance though, and that melted away the second she opened her mouth to sing. The mature operative voice that erupted from her immediately put looks on the judges’ faces that could only be described as “exshocked,” a mixture of excitement and shock. By the end of the song, a bird had found its way into the auditorium, causing Heidi Klum to say it’s a sign of good things to come for Victory.

Heidi went on to tell Victory that she’s “incredible” with Sofia Vergara agreeing that her “powerful voice” makes a star and Howie Mandel saying that she’s “angelic.” When it came time for Simon’s critique, he asked Terry to come to the panel so that he could suggest “doing something different” to honor what he called Victory’s bravery for showing up to audition. With the rest of the judges and Terry in agreement, Simon told Victory that this time they wouldn’t be giving her a “yes,” and instead they’d do something “special” they’ve never done before. Counting down from five, Simon led the group through a synchronized slamming down on the Golden Buzzer to give Victory the first ever group decision to send her to the live shows.

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In the audition phase of “AGT,” an act need at least three of the four judges to give them a “yes” vote to advance to the next round. If two or more judges buzz the act, they are immediately eliminated. Each judge and Crews has one chance to hit the “golden buzzer” and send an act straight through to the live performances. As a group choice, Victory joined the five acts chosen individually to receive the Golden Buzzer this season: Heidi’s pick Lea Kyle, Sofia’s pick Jimmie Herrod, Terry’s pick World Taekwondo, Howie’s pick Northwell Nurse Choir and Simon’s pick Nightbirde.

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