‘America’s Got Talent’: Singing dog receives standing ovation from judges — ‘that last note was so moving and emotional’ [WATCH]

File this one under you have to see it to believe it. During the June 22 audition episode of “America’s Got Talent,” the four judges were introduced to singing dog act Pam & Casper. The panelists ended up being so wowed by the human and chihuahua’s duet of Celine Dion‘s “All by Myself” that they gave them a rousing standing ovation at the conclusion of the performance. Howie Mandel even declared, with tongue firmly in cheek, “That last note that Casper hit was so moving and emotional.” Watch the video above.

For years Simon Cowell has said that if you had a dog that could sing, you could make a fortune. Might Pam & Casper be that act? They’ve been singing together ever since she first discovered his voice years ago. “As a puppy he had no voice,” she explained. “He would squeak and squawk. The weirdest little noises would come out of him. And then one day like a year later I was playing guitar and singing and all of a sudden this noise came out of him.”

Following their howlingly good performance, Pam & Casper received four “yes” votes, which means they’ll next be seen in the Judge Cuts round. Do you think they have what it takes to go all the way and join the “AGT” winners list? If so, they’d be the second animal act to prevail after Olate Dogs in Season 7.

Here are the judges’ comments for singing dog act Pam & Casper:

Sofia Vergara: “I think that was one of the most adorable things I have seen in a long time. I want to see you more. I want to see you again.”

Howie Mandel: “It was so surprising. Even that last note that Casper hit was so moving and emotional. I don’t usually like to say this but you don’t even have to be there.”

Heidi Klum: “Casper clearly knows how to sing. I thought you were hogging the mic a little much. I feel like you could give it to him a little more. But I thought it was pretty good.”

Simon Cowell: “It did cross my mind, ‘Should Casper go solo?’ Okay, look, you weren’t great, Pam, but he was. [At first] I thought he was screaming, and then amazingly he did actually start to sing. I mean, that is unbelievable, genuinely.”

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