‘Big Brother 23’ spoilers: A backdoor plan is in motion for Week 5

Teams are over, we had our first endurance comp and we might have our first real backdoor this week on “Big Brother 23” (Travis does not count). Derek X. won the wall comp on Thursday, making him the new HOH and the fifth male HOH. The ladies can’t seem to win comps that are not Wildcard and those are done. Anyway, Derek X. will be responsible for our final pre-jury boot and he’s not gonna throw his shot.

While Tiffany worked her ass off the past few days to paint the target on Sarah Beth, Derek X. was never into that and would rather go after Christian. He knows it’ll have to be a backdoor, so Christian doesn’t have a chance to play in Veto, and that is still the plan. He just needs to figure out what pawns to put up. The safest option is two Jokers instead of a Joker and Sarah Beth because of the Royal Flush and because Sarah Beth could pick Christian for Houseguest’s Choice.

I’m pretty convinced of backdooring Christian. All I’m trying to figure out is how to phrase it with the Jokers so it’s as little damage as possible,” Derek X. told Hannah before saying he’s thinking of Britini and Derek F. because he is tight with Azah. The best part of this is that Azah had repeatedly said she’d be fine being a pawn, but we know Britini will freak out again and Big D probably won’t take it well either. But Derek X. did tell him that he’s good shortly after the comp. He also promised safety to Alyssa and Xavier before they dropped off the wall and reiterated that he’s going to keep his word. This is smart deal-making because if things go according to plan, Alyssa and Xavier will be off the table as renom options. Xavier did ask Derek X. for safety for all of the Kings, which makes no sense since teams are over. Derek X. did not agree to it, but Xavier later told the Kings that he did agree to it, so some drama could ensue.

SEE ‘Big Brother 23’ spoilers: Derek X. wins Week 5 HOH

Tiffany, meanwhile, did what she does best and schmooze the HOH but never pushing too hard to it doesn’t seem like she’s pressing her agenda. She still doesn’t want Christian to leave only because she likes him personally, but she knows he’s not great for her game. This is also the perfect scenario for the Cookout with someone else doing the dirty work to take out Christian. “I think you have got to take your shot because [Christian] is too strong. By the time we get to double eviction, he might be taking a shot at you,” she told Derek X. “Play some scenarios in your mind. If that is not what you want to do, I’m not trying to push that. I feel like he is a shield for you and you are a shield for him, but I can’t ignore the conversation we had.” She then advised him to talk to the Jokers and let them in the on the plan.

It wasn’t all smooth gameplay from Tiffany. She kept saying Royal Flush in front of Hannah that Derek X. finally told her about the alliance. He told her it’s “not a real thing.” Hannah then asked Tiffany about it. She thought Derek X. spilled the beans to Hannah, but Hannah was like, “Um, no, you did.” Tiff was shocked she had slipped up, but it was bound to happen with how often she goes around gaming and the dozens of alliances in there. Hannah asked if Royal Flush was Christian’s or Alyssa’s idea and Tiff said she couldn’t remember but it was two guys, aka Xavier and Kyland). As we know, Royal Flush was her plan. Like Derek X., she tried to play it off as a fake alliance.

Tiff then confirmed via a cam-talk that her screwup was indeed an accident and she didn’t even realize she had said Royal Flush in front of Hannah. “Oh my God. How in the hell did I let the name ‘Royal Flush’ come out in front of Hannah?” she chastised herself. “She is so with me and I’m so with her, I’m not even thinking she’s not in something that I’m in.” She was also in disbelief that Xavier would try to secure safety for the Kings when teams are over. “You and the Kings took out two of Derek X.’s team members. Now you want to say after you jump off the wall that he cant put up a King?” Not wrong.

It’s still somewhat of a mystery who the nominees will be, but it’s looking like Britini and Derek F. If it’s not that, then it’ll probably be Britini and Azah, which Hannah is pushing. No matter who it is, there’s still a long way to go for this backdoor.

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