Watch ‘Big Brother 23’s’ Britini rap a diss track about Kyland

Britini D’Angelo was the block star of “Big Brother 23,” getting nominated four times out of the first six weeks of the game. The third time was the charm, when she won Veto to take herself off the block, but the fourth time was not as she was evicted 7-1 on Thursday to become the first member of the jury.

Britini was backdoored by Kyland, who stunned her with the renom because she believed he had agreed to the safety deal she had offered him. Little does Britini know that she just had the misfortune of being the first pawn casualty in the Cookout’s quest to get to the final six. We caught up with Britini before she headed to the jury house to get her take on Kyland’s gameplay, if she regrets not playing in Veto Derby and a diss track about Kyland (watch above).

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Gold Derby: You said that you didn’t think some people were campaigning that hard for you to stay. What did you notice the past few days that raised red flags?
Britini: I think for me a red flag that was definitely raised was that I was in two different alliances with Tiffany, and I understand that Tiffany holds her cards very, very close, but Tiffany was not campaigning for me to stay at all. Claire and, to my surprise, Derek X. were the two people that were the most vocal about me staying in the house. The fact that Tiffany was not in any way shape or form trying to campaign for me — obviously Azah was in the middle of me and Big D going up on the block so I was not expecting Azah to campaign either way, that was just not fair to her — but Tiffany not saying anything, that really surprised me.

Gold Derby: Kyland told you that you getting 100 BB bucks was a reason why you were on the block and he said you were “lacking comprehension” about the terms of the deal he agreed to. What did you make of his explanations of why he nominated you?
Britini: Yeah, what I make of the entire hullabaloo of his explanation is that he is absolutely scared of me. He knows that I would beat him in a final two if I sat next to him and the fact that he is not confident of where my head’s at, which is actually where I wanted him. So the fact that he said I had a lack of comprehension of the deal shows his true colors. It does not show mine. Last time I checked, I graduated valedictorian of my college class. I don’t think I have a lack of comprehension of many things in my life, so the fact that I knew exactly what happened in that deal — and you were trying to have me go around the house and cover that deal with everyone — assures me that you knew exactly what was said in that deal and you were trying to further your own personal game by having me cover you with the entire house. The fact that I got 100 BB bucks — everyone was gonna believe that no matter what I said, so … that to be a reason I’m on the block because no one wanted to see me play in roulette next week, I don’t entirely understand all those reasonings. My entire reasoning of why I was on the block this week was because Kyland’s scared of me. He thinks I’m unpredictable, but also he knows that I’d beat him. So, sorry.

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Gold Derby: Do you regret not playing in Veto Derby? Why or why not?
Britini: You know what, I don’t regret not playing in the Veto Derby because I was truly confident in the fact that I had integrity in how I played the game. I knew the deal Kyland and I created, and I knew that I was planning on following through with that deal. … I stand by the game that I played. I’m proud as hell of the game that I played. I’m proud that I always stood true to who I am as Britini before anything else in the game. I knew that if I stayed another week I was playing in roulette and I wanted to save my money so I could play in roulette. So no, I don’t regret it at all.

Gold Derby: What was your game plan if you had stayed?
Britini: My game plan if I had stayed would absolutely have been to win HOH and put Kyland and Sarah Beth right up next to each other and say, “You’re both not getting a one-on-one. Prepare for the Veto.”

Gold Derby: If you could rap a diss track about Kyland, what would you say?
Britini: Ooh! I like that people like my rapping! OK, here we go. Let me see what I can think of real quick. [Watch above]

Kyland’s been scared of me since Day 1 
Kept beating him in comps, now that’s just not fun
Put me on the block week after week
Were you afraid of me or scared you’d get beat?
Made a deal then ya cut it off

Guess what? I get a jury vote, huh, cough, cough

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