‘Big Brother 23’ spoilers: Claire plans to pull a Derek X. in her eviction speech

Wednesday was another monotonous day in the “Big Brother 23” house since we all know what’s going to happen on Thursday — and so does Claire by now.

Claire knew she was likely leaving when she hit the block, but she basically got confirmation after she left, like, a 583-hour one-on-one with Kyland, who told her he would be evicting her. She should look on the bright side: She’ll never have to sit in Kyland one-on-one jail ever again and that’s almost as good as winning the game. “No one should f—ing have one on ones with Ky. It’s not beneficial for anyone,” Claire vented to Tiffany after escaping from his clutches. “God, Ky is just so annoying to listen to. He is so arrogant and he is so convinced that he is right in every aspect of this game.”

Frustrated, Claire wants to call out everyone in her speech and asked for Tiff’s help, which came hours after Tiff had told Hannah she wants Claire to pull a Derek X. and plant seeds about someone — Xavier in this case — in her speech. You don’t need to convince Claire because she was seething and said she wants to specifically call out X and Alyssa, whom she told Tiff to “never f—ing trust.” Tiff guided her toward focusing on how keeping X ensures they are handing $750,000 to him. Claire practiced saying that she’ll vote for X to win if he makes it to the end because it’ll confirm he’s playing a great game and that she’ll push for the jury to do the same. The kicker for now: “You guys have that shot and are all choosing not to take it. I’ll remember it and so will your bank account.” To really emulate DX, Claire kicked around the idea of calling Alyssa Beth Holly. “We heard Sarah Beth is playing a Nicole F. game. There is another famous female that I see here. Alyssa, you are playing a Beth game,” she quipped. She still has all day Thursday to fine-tune it, but that’s the tentative plan. If she goes through with it, it won’t flip the votes, but we need some excitement here, so we’ll take whatever we can get.

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Everyone suspects Thursday is a double eviction, but the Cookout is mostly concerned about Alyssa winning HOH. They have the numbers to win, but Alyssa has proven she has nine lives and can win comps, and we’re once again going through the weekly ritual of certain Cookout members not wanting to win, like X (obviously) and Ky, who said he’ll throw it once Alyssa is out. Hannah told X she feels like she can win and is trying to manifest it. He asked if she would put up him and Alyssa, to which she said yes. X tried to guilt-trip her into not nominating him by saying it’ll be his fourth week in a row on the block and he’s already sat next to his person and someone else’s person this week. The audacity of this man. The plan was for each of you to sit next to your pawn and your pawn isn’t out yet. You’re also the one who wanted your pawn to outlast everyone else’s, which is happening, so this is the consequence. And it’s a double, so it’ll be quick and painless. Deal with it.

Meanwhile, Alyssa continues to live on a different planet. It’s funny/sad/frustrating when houseguests don’t have all the information we do to make decisions, but it’s a whole other level when they don’t but are convinced they do. Alyssa is still dining out on being a “f—ing genius” and does not suspect the Cookout at all, so she continued to strategize with everyone as they’re probably screaming inside listening to her ideas. Even Claire was dumbfounded after their convo, telling Hannah, “I started pitching and five minutes in, she was like, ‘Do you think you are going home? There is no way this is a toss-up.’ I have no f—ing idea what Alyssa thinks is happening.” Alyssa really won’t know what’ll hit her if she goes Thursday.

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