‘Big Brother 23’s’ Derek X.: ‘There might be an alliance that I’m missing’

Week 7 was a series of unfortunate events for Derek Xiao on “Big Brother 23.” He barely lost the HOH to Sarah Beth and then opted to trust her and did not play in the roulette to try to secure safety for himself and take Claire off the block. Then he didn’t get picked for Veto — adding insult to injury, Claire drew Derek F.’s chip — ensuring he’d get backdoored.

The Cookout women wanted him to stay — and Tiffany tried to work her magic to flip the house — but the Cookout men, including one of his closest allies, Kyland, wanted him gone, and so Baby D became juror No. 2 Thursday after a 5-2 vote. You don’t need to tell him twice that he messed up by not playing the roulette, but what else does he regret? Find out below.

Gold Derby: You made some compelling pitches and a lot of people told you that you would be good for their games. Why do you think they ultimately didn’t keep you?
Derek X:
I felt like I gave some compelling pitches too. Maybe I was being naïve, but I genuinely thought that for Big D and for Azah, the best thing for their game was to keep me. So I think there might be an alliance that I’m missing that either Big D and Azah are a part of and they’re on the same side as potentially [Xavier] and Kyland. That’s one theory. But also, they’re trying to play a floater game and maybe they just want less strong competitors in the house. Can’t fault them for either argument.

Gold Derby: Do you feel more betrayed by Kyland or by Sarah Beth?
Derek X:
Funny enough, I feel more betrayed by Sarah Beth. I’ll have to watch the season back and see how hard Kyland influenced her during her HOH. If Tiffany were HOH, if she wanted to take out Kyland, to be fair, I wouldn’t have had any hesitation there. So I don’t fault Kyland for maybe not standing up for me with SB, but I do feel pretty betrayed by her because she made some pretty bold statements to me and kind of went back on all of it.

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Gold Derby: Other than not playing roulette, what do you think was your biggest mistake?
Derek X:
I’m sure a lot of evicted houseguests say this, but I felt way too comfortable and I think the general saying is when you feel too comfortable in “Big Brother” is when you get sent home. And I think that happened to me. I stopped asking myself bigger questions around what else is going on in the game and I think ultimately there was a whole side of the game that I completely missed that Kyland made obvious in his goodbye message to me.

Gold Derby: Hannah suggested you say that Sarah Beth is playing a Nicole F. game. You didn’t name Sarah Beth in your speech, but I think everyone knows you’re referring to her. How do you think Sarah Beth and the house will react to you calling her out like that and what kind of impact do you hope it’ll have?
Derek X:
By the time I gave my eviction speech, I pretty much knew I was leaving the house, so all I really wanted to accomplish was to paint a target on Sarah Beth and her allies, and move all the eyes away from Tiffany, Hannah and Claire. And I was hoping by making this statement, people will realize, “Oh, maybe Sarah Beth is Nicole F.” but then also think about Nicole F. and the fact that she surrounded herself with strong allies, and hopefully the other side of the house sees this and they can take those shots.

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