‘Big Brother 23’ episode 5 recap: Who did Kyland nominate for eviction? [UPDATING LIVE BLOG]

And then there were 15. The first live eviction episode of “Big Brother” Season 23 resulted in the elimination of Travis Long, aka the “white guy with abs.” Only two people (Derek Frazier and Tiffany Mitchell) voted to keep him safe, compared to 11 who voted to keep his block-mate Alyssa Lopez in the house. Following Travis’ Q&A with Julie Chen Moonves, the eligible players then competed in a live Head of Household competition, with Kyland Young proving victorious. So who did Kyland nominate for eviction? And who won the second wildcard comp of the summer?

Below, read our minute-by-minute “Big Brother” recap of Season 23, Episode 5 to find out what happened Sunday, July 18 at 8:00 p.m. ET/PT. Then be sure to sound off in the comments section about your favorite “BB23” houseguests on CBS’s reality TV show, who annoys you the most and who you think will ultimately join the “Big Brother” winners list. Here are the current team breakdowns:

JOKERS: Brandon “Frenchie” French (Captain), Azah Awasum, Britini D’Angelo, Derek Frazier

ACES: Whitney Williams (Captain), Brent Champagne, Derek Xiao, Hannah Chaddha

KINGS: Christian Birkenberger (Captain), Alyssa Lopez, Xavier Prather, Sarah Beth Steagall

QUEENS: Claire Rehfuss (Captain), Kyland Young, Tiffany Mitchell

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8:00 p.m. — “Previously on ‘Big Brother’!” In the fourth episode, Travis’ time came to an end after being targeted for being a “meathead” by Frenchie. “I always heard it was the white guy with abs that gets conked first,” Travis later explained, “so I had that superstition going in.” After his exit interview with Julie, the contestants competed in an HOH competition in which they had to hit balls into a shark’s mouth. Kyland prevailed, which meant the rest of his Queens were safe for the week. How will tonight’s episode play out? Let’s go!

8:07 p.m. — Kyland is thrilled to have won the latest HOH, but wants to know who the two rogue votes against Alyssa were. We know Big D and Tiffany cast those votes, but they’re not willing to spill the beans about it, even to each other! Big D says he did it as a joke, while Tiffany says she did it for Frenchie in hopes Derek X. would be blamed. If Tiffany gets any word that Frenchie tells anyone, she’ll throw him not under the bus, “but right in front of it.” I’m honestly pretty surprised rogue votes still have the ability to cause this much drama.

8:12 p.m. — Kyland tells Xavier he’s worried Tiffany threw a rogue vote. Xavier doesn’t really think Tiffany did that, but even if she did, Xavier hopes Kyland just remains calm and doesn’t start getting paranoid. Meanwhile, Frenchie tells Brent and Whitney that he knows who threw the rogue votes, but will never say their names. Tiffany overhears this and approaches the group and basically says, listen Frenchie, but if you aren’t going to say who they are, why bring it up at all? Annoyed and disturbed, Tiffany speaks to Kyland and tells him to beware of Frenchie.

8:18 p.m. — The house heads up to see Kyland’s HOH room and he gets emotional while thinking about how proud his family is of him in this moment. Downstairs, Tiffany is fake crying in Azah’s lap as a way to detour people from approaching them as they talk game. LOL, this is hilarious. It works as Alyssa approaches them and then immediately runs away. Tiffany tells Azah she wants Frenchie on the block. She thinks Frenchie creates chaos wherever he goes and she wants him gone by Thursday. Next, Derek X. walks in and Tiffany starts fake crying again. Derek X. promptly leaves and the girls finish their talk, lol.

8:22 p.m. — It’s time for this week’s wildcard competition. Since the Queens are already safe, they’re not eligible to play. Hannah and Christian are also ineligible since they competed in last week’s wildcard comp. The Jokers allow Frenchie to compete for them and Sarah Beth will play for the Kings. The Aces leave it up to fate once again and Brent is drawn from the bag.

8:28 p.m. — Frenchie heads upstairs to the HOH room to convince Kyland to keep him safe this week. Frenchie continues to preach that he’s a man of his word even though he’s lied multiple times. Kyland isn’t buying it and Frenchie knows it. A paranoid Frenchie races downstairs and tells Brent, “I’m out (of the Slaughterhouse alliance). You didn’t think I would find out?” Brent has no idea what Frenchie is talking about, and says if he showed up to a flight acting this way, he would be escorted out by police. Next, Frenchie goes to another room full of players and just says, “I’m out,” and leaves. They ask each other if anyone knows what he’s talking about. They don’t, and really don’t seem to care either. The next day, Brent tells Whitney and Hannah that Frenchie is a loose cannon and completely unpredictable. As they talk, a frazzled Frenchie runs in the room, asks where Sarah Beth is, and then immediately leaves. It’s bizarre! Whitney says any tenseness in the house is coming from Frenchie and she decides to call it out.

8:30 p.m. — Whitney pulls Frenchie aside and he immediately tells her, “I don’t want any drama.” Whitney says Frenchie is acting like he’s on edge about something and he replies, “I’m not stupid.” She tells him to trust the alliance, but he blows her off and tells her to “be careful because they did it to me and they’re gonna do it to you too,” referring to the Slaughterhouse alliance turning on him. At this point, Whitney wants nothing to do with Frenchie. Next, the paranoid farmer pulls Brent into the bathroom and says if he doesn’t win the wildcard he’s going home. Brent is under the impression Frenchie wants him to throw the wildcard comp, which Brent refuses to do. Everyone is over Frenchie at this point.

8:45 p.m. — It’s time for the wildcard competition! The players are in the “BB” art gallery and participating in an “immersive art experience.” While they can’t touch the art, if they’re lucky, the art will touch them! Every round, a breathtaking piece of art will be shown in the gallery. The players will then be asked a question about the colors in the artwork. When the player has an answer, they will quickly mark it on their board. The person with the fastest correct answer each round will earn a point. The first person to earn three points will win. With each point, the correct player is also blasted with some paint. After 5 rounds, Sarah Beth wins 3-1-1 over Brent and Frenchie! Brent is disappointed to lose, but happy Frenchie lost as well. Frenchie is sick to his stomach. This is the choice Sarah Beth has: She can guarantee her safety this week, but in order to do so, she must trade places with someone on the Queens. Sarah Beth would become a permanent member of the Queens, but whoever she chooses to swap with will permanently join the Kings, making them vulnerable for eviction this week.

8:53 p.m. — Sarah Beth decides to stay on the Kings and declines her opportunity for safety. With the wildcard comp out of the way, Tiffany is determined to get Frenchie on the block. She speaks with Kyland privately, telling him that Brent, Whitney and Frenchie are a three-headed monster in this house. She emphasizes that Frenchie is dangerous to keep in the long run. Next, Frenchie’s name comes up in Kyand’s private talks with Hannah, Darek X., Alyssa, Sarah Beth, Brent and Whitney. It’s quite incredible that Frenchie’s closest allies are throwing him under the bus. Next, Britini enters the HOH room and turns the table on Kyland, wanting him to answer her questions. He basically tells Britini, as HOH, he owes her nothing right now. Then, Britini cautions Kyland about two dangerous duos: Alyssa & Christian and Whitney & Brent. Kyland feels like Britini is holding back information.

8:59 p.m. — It’s time for the nomination ceremony! Kyland has nominated Frenchie and Britini for eviction. Kyland basically says he doesn’t trust Frenchie and points the target in his direction. The reason he nominated Britini is because she is on Frenchie’s team (the Jokers) and Kyland sees Britini as a loyal player who would remove Frenchie from the block if she had the opportunity. Frenchie refuses to give up and promises a reign of terror if he wins the Veto. Britini immediately sobs, but her tears soon turn to rage and she’s gunning for revenge on Kyland for putting her on the block. Will either of them win the Power of Veto and save themselves from eviction? We’ll find out Wednesday night on “Big Brother”!

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