‘Big Brother 23’ finale predictions: Xavier Prather is odds-on winner by large margin

On September 29, a jury of nine disgruntled evictees will determine which player will win the historic 23rd season of “Big Brother” and simultaneously become the first Black winner and $750,000 richer. We already speculated how the jurors will vote in the three possible Final 2 scenarios, and the predictions align with those thoughts. According to Gold Derby’s finale predictions, Xavier Prather is the likeliest champion with 2/13 odds. Azah Awasum could pull out a shocker, but we’ve only got 13/1 odds favoring that outcome. Derek Frazier is the least likely winner, though not far behind Azah’s chances, with 16/1 odds of his own.

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The path to winning cannot be determined until the final two parts of the last Head of Household competition is held. Xavier won Part 1, earning his spot in Part 3, but we won’t know who he faces off against until the finale airs. Azah and Derek will go head-to-head in Part 2 and the winner will compete against Xavier live for the right to choose who they sit next to in front of the jury. As we have been made well-aware by the players themselves, if Xavier wins he will evict Azah, as will Derek if he wins. If Azah wins, she’s likely to evict Xavier for the chance to sit next to Derek at the end.

Because it looks like Derek is going to the Final 2 no matter how the comps play out, it makes sense that he’s the most likely player to take second place with a leading 2/7 odds. The few people who probably predicted Derek will win may have placed Azah as her runner-up since she has 4/1 odds too finishing second compared to the 52/1 odds Xavier boasts. A vast majority of predictors think that Azah will wind up in third place with 2/5 odds for her there. Derek at 11/2 and Xavier at 13/2 are running neck and neck.

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As speculated, the only competitive and potentially unpredictable finale match-up we can envision would be between Azah and Derek. In that scenario we’re left with two players that made it to the end largely on under-the-radar, floater-style games. Though Derek may think he’s played much more aggressively than Azah, he hasn’t and the jury of his peers are not going to allow him to claim credit for achievements of their own. Azah will have mastered two HOH comps to make it to the finale while Derek will have won a grand total of zero comps, but neither were instrumental or key pieces in the evictions of anyone else in the game.

If we take our current predictions at face value, the likeliest outcome is Xavier winning with Derek as his runner-up and Azah as the ninth and final juror, finishing in third place. Do you think this is how things will shake down tonight? If not, sound off in the comments about how you think the final three will play out and which jurors you think will be the deciding factor in who wins “Big Brother 23.”

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