‘Big Brother 23’ jury speculation: Will the 9 jurors vote for Azah Awasum, Derek Frazier or Xavier Prather to win?

The historic Season 23 finale of “Big Brother” will air on September 29 with Azah Awasum, Derek Frazier and Xavier Prather facing off in the final Head of Household competition before the last two standing plead their case to the jury for the $750,000 grand prize. We have been keeping an eye on this jury throughout the summer and think we might know who each member would vote for in each of the three possible scenarios. Read our take on who will likely snag votes from Kyland Young, Hannah Chaddha, Tiffany Mitchell, Alyssa Lopez, Claire Rehfuss, Sarah Beth Steagall, Derek Xiao and Britney D’Angelo below.

Host Julie Chen Moonves will crown the first Black winner of “Big Brother” after a summer dominated by the Cookout alliance. They became the first six-person alliance to reach the final six in the history of the CBS reality TV competition. Now that only three remain, which one of them will make history?

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Xavier vs. Derek F.

This seems to be the most likely scenario considering both Xavier and Big D plan to take each other to the final two. Xavier would win this faceoff by a landslide. Xavier has outplayed Big D in every way, including competition wins, strategy and jury management. We predict a 9-0 victory unless Kyland is still salty about his eviction and tosses a vote to Big D out of anger. With Azah in the jury in this scenario, she may be conflicted about voting for her crush, Xavier, who played the superior game or her best friend in the house, Big D, who floated alongside her all summer. However the votes may fall, Xavier will likely win by a vote of 9-0, 8-1 or 7-2.

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Azah vs. Derek F. 

If Azah pulls out a stunning victory in the final HOH competition it would lead to the only competitive finale possible. Both Azah and Big D have floated their way to the end so the jury may have conflicting feelings about who to vote for. What Azah would have in her favor is a second HOH victory and bragging rights that she slayed the dragon, Xavier. In this scenario, we predict Azah to pull in votes from Britney, Claire, Hannah, Sarah Beth and Tiffany. Alyssa has made it clear that she loves Big D and would probably cast her vote in his direction. If Kyland and Xavier remain loyal to Big D, that would earn him two more votes. That just leaves Derek X. as a wildcard and we think he would lean towards the player that evicted Xavier, giving Azah a solid 6-3 victory. That being said, Azah’s margin of victory could be even greater if she earns kudos from Alyssa, Kyland or Xavier for her last minute surge. In short, Azah wins this faceoff by a vote of 6-3 at worst and 9-0 at best.

Azah vs. Xavier

This is the one scenario we just can’t see happening at all. Azah and Xavier have both made it pretty clear that they would each take Big D to the final two. We can’t imagine this duo sitting next to each other at the end unless Azah wins the final HOH and Big D has offended her so badly that she changes her mind and keeps Xavier. There is no chance Xavier would keep Azah over Big D. So if Azah wins the final HOH and keeps Xavier, the jury might respect her HOH win, but they would clown her for not evicting the better player. Xavier wins this unlikely faceoff in a 9-0 landslide. If by some miracle Xavier wins the final HOH and takes Azah to the final two, he would win by a vote of 8-1 with a bitter Big D voting for Azah.

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