‘Big Brother 23’ second double eviction predictions: Tiffany Mitchell is a goner, but who will follow her out the door?

It became clear on Wednesday night’s Power of Veto comp that Tiffany Mitchell will be the next houseguest, and first member of the Cookout alliance, to be evicted. Indeed, with near-unanimous 9/100 odds to be evicted she is our top prediction to go home at the start of Thursday’s special two-hour episode. But we’re in for a wild ride because it’s a second double eviction this week, and your guess of who follows Tiffany out the door is as good as anyone else’s.

As we know, a double eviction means a new Head of Household will name two nominees before another POV comp is held and then votes are cast to evict all within one episode. Based on our current odds, no one is safe from the threat of eviction. Right now, Derek Frazier is the top candidate with 3/2 odds, followed closely by Hannah Chaddha at 57/20 and then Kyland Young at 39/10.

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The way this week played out it’s looking like Hannah is the most vulnerable player left in the game. Losing her closest ally Tiffany means that Xavier Prather‘s alliance with Derek and Kyland gives them a distinct advantage in the house, especially since Azah Awasum‘s best ties are with Xavier and Derek. Earlier this week Hannah pitched to Azah that the guys are pitting themselves against the women and that she’s at the bottom of the guys’ alliance. While that made sense to Azah, her inability to win the POV and save either Tiffany or Hannah meant that the women stood no chance of gaining the upper hand, leaving Azah no choice but to stick to her loyalty with Xavier.

Azah has become an interesting presence in the house and in our predictions. While it’s true that anyone could go home in this week’s double eviction, Azah’s odds are the best at a strong 22/1. It seems as though the audience and the other players in the house all see Azah as the perfect goat to drag to the finale and easily beat. That position potentially puts Azah in the position of being a key vote as the eviction decisions come down to fewer and fewer players. When Azah is forced to choose between Xavier and Derek–and she will have to, eventually–who is she going to side with? Both guys should be worried about that.

Hannah’s best chance at avoiding a predictable eviction this week is winning the quickly held HOH again. Last week she won the double eviction HOH, securing the final six for the Cookout, but damaging her relationship with Kyland in the process and setting her up for nomination this week. Whether fans are hoping she’ll win again or think she actually will is hard to say, but based on leading odds of 21/20 many think it’s possible. Other predictors are putting their faith in Xavier to win HOH with 43/20 odds. If it’s truly between those two then the one that doesn’t win should be worried about a target on their back–Xavier will surely come for Hannah to keep his word to the guys and Azah and we know Hannah believes Xavier is going to win the game unless someone takes him out.

That Hannah is the only player in the house aiming to get Xavier out is as mind-boggling to us as it is to Hannah. She spent most of Kyland’s reign as HOH this week wondering why he decided to play for second place by siding with Xavier. For fans the general consensus seems to be that Hannah is right that Xavier will win, so why are Derek, Kyland and Azah supporting his efforts instead of their own? That is a giant question still on the table as we head into the double eviction–perhaps someone besides Hannah will come to their senses in the fast-paced atmosphere of Thursday night. I’m crossing my fingers, are you?

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