‘Big Brother 23’ spoilers: Brent comes up with a convoluted plan that must be seen to be believed

Things went according to plan in the “Big Brother 23” house on Monday for the Royal Flush and also Brent. Because he still has no clue what’s about to happen on Thursday.

It’s both hilarious and sad that he hasn’t figured out he’s leaving yet. But delusion is a helluva thing. Well, that’s not exactly accurate. Brent “figured out” that he is the target overnight into Monday and believed the Veto would be used to pull Britini down so Derek X. could go up and Brent would be voted out. He then concocted an elaborate plan to ensure that the nominees remain the same by having the Queens “lie” and tell the Kings, aka Xavier‘s team, that they would evict Brent so Christian won’t use the Veto. He would then lock in the votes of the Mafia (the Queens and Aces) to keep him so Xavier would be blindsided on Thursday. Do not ask.

Everyone played along, of course, and Alyssa shared details of the Kings/Queens meeting with Brent on Tuesday morning, making him think that he’s got her in his back pocket and feeding him information. After the Veto meeting, Brent bragged to Derek X. and Kyland that the plan worked and “this is what we wanted” and the Mafia is “running the house.” He spent the rest of the day gloating to the Mafia and the cameras about how he outsmarted Xavier and how good a shape he’s in with Alyssa and possibly Christian, via her, in his corner. “I cant wait to see their faces. ‘Britini, you are evicted,'” he told Derek X. and Hannah. “It is going to be written all over their faces. We tricked them into thinking they had all of the control.”

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As Hannah later recounted to Christian, “He was like, ‘Imagine if it’s a unanimous vote against me.’ I was like, ‘Don’t even joke about that.’ Then he said he is going to look at X right before Julie reads off the vote, and he is going to go, ‘Checkmate.” That’s how cocky he is.”

You really cannot make this up. Very excited to see the edit of this on the broadcast show. While Brent was living in his mind, the rest of the house started strategizing for next week. No real concrete plans as no one really wants to win HOH and have to show their cards. After this week, the Kings will be the only team with four members left and the only team really that could take a shot at the Kings without getting too much blood on their hands is the Jokers. Alyssa was tossed around as a possible person to whom people could throw HOH, while Whitney‘s name once again continued to come up. Derek X. is well aware of Tiffany‘s excellent social game and lying skills and relayed as such to Kyland, who warned Tiff to take it down a notch.

Expect this to be the same until Thursday unless Brent finally buys a clue.

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