‘Big Brother 23’ spoilers: Almost everyone is on board with the Week 3 plan

It was another mild day in the “Big Brother 23” house on Tuesday — yes, Frenchie‘s still going on Thursday — until the evening when game talk picked up in full for Week 3.

Brent is the target next week for most of the house because of his association with Frenchie and having been in his ear during his HOH. He’s also super charismatic and has done a poor job disassociating himself from Frenchie by always complaining about him. Tiffany, Claire and Sarah Beth had been the main ones leading the charge as part of the Kings and Queens, and Derek X. is on board for Brent and Whitney, who are on his team, being nominated. And now more people are jumping onto the bandwagon. Alyssa told Sarah Beth that she’d rather Whitney stay between the two because she wants an all-girl final two, while Brent, with whom she’s in a middle of a love triangle but not really with Christian, keeps badgering her to trust him over Christian because the latter was the reason she was on the block.

Tiffany, who’s playing the best social game since her rogue vote for Frenchie, then talked with Hannah, casually agreeing with her that Brent is “dangerous” for their games without explicitly saying it. “You think if we have the opportunity to get him Brent out, we should?” Tiffany, playing the part to perfection, asked. “Obviously don’t say that that came from me,” Hannah replied. This is so smooth from Tiff because of course she wants Brent out — she was the one pitching Brent and Whitney noms to Kyland — but the more other people throw out his name first in convos with her, the smaller the target will be on her.

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Hannah told Tiff that her preferred eviction order is Brent, Whitney and Britini, and once they’re in jury, Alyssa “has got to go.” But she then floated the idea of Alyssa going next week because she’s the “bridge between Brent and Whitney and the rest of the house.” If Alyssa leaves next, Brentney would be on an “island” and won’t have relationships with the Kings or Queens. Tiffany brought this to Claire, pointing out that Alyssa is “like a girl Brent. She has the power of persuasion, she is not just pretty, but she speaks and carries herself in a manner that is attractive to the guys.” I mean, not wrong.

Claire thinks that Alyssa, Christian and Xavier are a powerful trio and shouldn’t all make it to jury, so they discussed the option of Brent and Alyssa noms. However, later, Alyssa reported to Claire and Tiff that Derek X. said he’d throw the HOH to Alyssa so she could target Brent and Whitney, and Alyssa confirmed she’d “100 percent” go after them. “If I do it, they are going to f—ing lose it,” she said. “If Christian does it, it kind of makes sense. Brent has tried to get me against Christian.” Tiff and Claire decided that they can’t cut Alyssa yet because she’s feeding them information.

Tiff then checked in with Britini — speaking of being on an island, Britini has no real allies in there. Britini would nominate Brent and Hannah, with the latter being the pawn because she doesn’t talk game with her. If Brent comes down, her renom would probably be Christian. Britini also thinks that Alyssa, Christian, Brent and Whitney are running the house, which is too funny, but she won’t put up Alyssa or Whitney because they talk to her and she has sympathy for Alyssa as a nominee. Britini has such a poor read of the house and needs to make some strong allies ASAP. She’s not at the top of most lists at the moment, but the numbers are gonna dwindle. She’s autistic, so it’s probably difficult for her to pick up social cues. No one hates her, but she can be aggressive in a way that’s off-putting. Asked who she thinks Hannah would nominate, Britini asserted that Hannah wouldn’t dare nominate her. “I think if anybody put me on the block again back to back… Hannah would have to know I would kick her ass in a Veto,” she said. “You really want to do that? Let’s compete.” Neither of you have won anything, but sure.

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Later, Kyland chatted with Xavier, who was cool with targeting Brent and Whitney, but he preferred if Whitney left because he believes she’ll be more “vengeful” deeper into the game. “I think Whitney has to be the target. We are losing two guys,” he said.

That party line sounds familiar. Oh, wait, that’s because that’s Brent’s entire obsession. He is hellbent on getting girls out the next two weeks because the first two evictions will have been guys and he can’t stand to have the women outlasting the guys. Because it’s emasculating, duh. Brent is almost too wild to be real because he feels like an algorithm designed to be a stereotypical dudebro. He doesn’t believe men and women can be friends, especially if they’re attractive (yes, attractive, not attracted to each other), he’s constantly flirting with Alyssa and Hannah even though they’re not interested, he feels threatened by a possible girls alliance, and he wants to target Azah because she corrected him on the definition of floaters vs. coasters. Oh, yeah, that happened. He fumed to Whitney and Christian that Azah “is definitely top of my list. I didn’t like the way that she was talking.” Brent then straight-up told Sarah Beth, Whitney and Alyssa — you know, women — that they need to “make sure” two girls go home next, to which they played along and agreed. His noms would be Britini and Claire or Britini and Azah.

Unsurprisingly, Brent has no clue that he is the next target. The Week 3 eviction is still a long way off, but right now, if he doesn’t win HOH or Veto (or somehow acquires safety via the Wildcard comp), he’s likely dead meat.

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