‘Big Brother 23’ spoilers: Big D has somehow managed to tank his own game

Expect the unexpected indeed. The final days leading up to the finale are usually a boring waiting game, but we are getting some last-minute drama on “Big Brother 23” courtesy of Derek F.

Big D really had it all set. He was never gonna win against Azah or Xavier, despite what the voices in his head tell him, but he was the perfect final two goat and had one of the most locked final two spots ever because both Azah and Xavier were going to take him if they won Part 3 of the final HOH. Well, maybe not anymore. And Big D did it to himself. He’s been a dick to Azah since he claimed last week that he’s carried her this far, and these tensions were only exacerbated after she won Part 2 of the HOH. She has never wavered on taking him, but Big has repeatedly wanted reassurances from Azah, which is frustrating her, and as we all know, he doesn’t think he can beat her because he thinks all the women in jury would vote for her. They clashed Monday morning rehashing this and going nowhere. Later, Big D told her he thinks she’s cutting him between the lack of reassurances and her cuddle sessions with Xavier, which are “clouding” her.

By Monday night, Azah cam-talked that she still needs to pray on it, but she’s now thinking about taking X to final two if she wins Part 3. She knows everyone will call her insane, but she explained that Big D telling her that he carried her and that she doesn’t deserve to sit in one of those chairs really hit her in some type of way. “I don’t think X should be third. I just don’t,” she said, adding that she doesn’t know if she’s effed up that she doesn’t want to take “my best friend.” Azah, girl, BFFs don’t treat each other like this.

SEE ‘Big Brother 23’ spoilers: Big D has some big angst about the final 2

Azah told X and Big D this — stressing that her decision isn’t set yet, but making sure to point out to the latter that he did this to himself. “The conversation of whether I deserve to be here or not, I think it struck something in me a bit,” she said. “At this time, I wouldn’t feel comfortable with X being third after all the work he’s done.” Big D mmhmm-ed for a bit and then said he’s not gonna kiss anyone’s ass because his resume speaks for itself. You mean zero wins? He also went for the easy attack again, accusing her of making an emotional decision because of her crush on X.

Big D then vented to X, which is hilarious because he absolutely does not realize that he’s bitching to X about Azah possibly taking him when X wants Azah to take him. Big D’s entire rant was more nonsense about how he carried Azah and he deserves this more, how he shouldn’t have cut Kyland (even though he would be in this exact situation because Ky was always gonna take X), how he “got played,” and he vowed not to talk to Azah for the rest of the game. And you know he meant it because he moved out of their Jokers bedroom.

X checked in with Azah, who told her side of the story like a rational human being. X recounted Big D’s rant and noted the holes in all his arguments. “It’s hard to say you’re carrying someone and then expect them to carry you,” he said. Boom.

So, yeah, we may have witnessed one of the most spectacular flameouts in “Big Brother” history. All Big D had to do was sit and chill for a few days and wait for whoever won to pick him on Wednesday. But nope, can’t leave well enough alone. As my friend Gunnar Stahl would say:


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