‘Big Brother 23’ spoilers: Frenchie continues to be the messiest Week 1 HOH there ever was

The Week 1 HOH is supposed to be the easiest, but don’t tell Frenchie that. Dude is giving us a Week 1 HOH for the ages on “Big Brother 23” that’s both equally hilarious and infuriating. Some of it is out of his control (hi, Wildcard comp), but the rest of the nonsense is very much his doing.

Just like Christian winning the Wildcard comp, Derek X. winning Veto on Saturday killed the possibility of Frenchie backdooring him. Who knows if Frenchie would’ve actually backdoored Derek X. if given the chance since he changes his mind every 20 seconds and over-complicates every single thing in between forming 37 alliances with almost everyone in the house (Sunday’s episode barely captured an iota of the lunacy of the first three days of his HOH). Speaking of, Frenchie immediately offered Derek X. admittance into one iteration of the Slaughterhouse following his Veto victory. Or was it the Butchers? Does it really matter? The plan was for Derek X. to take Kyland off the block and Frenchie will renom Travis, who’ll get the boot over Alyssa. This is an outcome that works for everyone (well, except Travis) after Frenchie nominated two POC, including a woman, after promising he wouldn’t go after them, and he could get out one of the meatheads he’s so desperately after (also, if you’re so desperately after them, why would you promise safety to three guys you literally just met?).

Things were low-key until Sunday night when Frenchie started pulling people aside to interrogate them with hypotheticals. This man loves scenarios more than Jozea. In this case, he wanted everyone to tell him who they would keep if the noms stay the same. Yeah, this will definitely not annoy people. Everyone sans Travis is under the assumption that Derek X. is using the Veto because he had made that clear. But this is all just a setup for Frenchie to say that he doesn’t want the Veto used and that he had told Derek X. he wants the noms to stay the same, which is a lie. In his convo with Travis, he asked Travis if he could convince Derek X. not to use the Veto “without anyone knowing.” What?

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Travis caught up with Derek X., who flat-out told Travis that he was going to be the renom, which of course surprised Travis because Frenchie just told him that he had told Derek X. to keep the noms the same. “He came up to me two or three times and was like, ‘Have you talked to him yet? Can you try to convince him?'” Travis shared. “What game is he playing? I cant tell if he is testing me or testing you,” Derek X. replied.

He’s testing all of us, but really he’s testing himself because this is some of the messiest gameplay in “BB” history — and it’s only Week 1! Why are you playing like it’s Week 6? Do you think no one is going to compare notes? (Yes.) Frenchie then tried to persuade Derek X. not to use the Veto with his bombshell of a secret that Kyland proposed a final two to him, so he’s not as loyal and Derek X. thinks, but Travis? “Travis is loyal, bro.” Really convincing here. Derek X. reminded Frenchie that he’s already promised Kyland a bunch of times that he’ll save him and that, oh, you know, Frenchie made it clear in his nominations speech that Kyland was the pawn. “If he was to go home, it would reflect poorly on you for a loyalty thing,” he said. Zing.

Unless Derek X. pulls a Frenchie, he’ll use the Veto on Kyland on Monday. Whether Travis is the renom depends on whatever is the final thought in Frenchie’s mind as he’s standing there in the living room. He’ll realize the HOH has no power after the Veto ceremony, right? Lol, of course not.

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