‘Big Brother 23’ spoilers: Frenchie has created yet another alliance, but everyone’s onto his antics

Tuesday was another low-key day in the “Big Brother 23” house, highlighted by Kyland‘s 30th birthday, which the houseguests spent all night celebrating with a toga party and games. But that didn’t stop some gameplay from happening. For one, Frenchie has formed yet another alliance — much to its own members’ dismay.

This alliance consists of Frenchie and Azah, Claire, Tiffany and Hannah, and is called French Kisses. No comment. They discussed adding Sarah Beth and potentially Britini as well. Frenchie thinks he’s so slick, but it’s so obvious what he’s doing that even a child can figure it out: He’s trying to protect himself for next week once he’s out of power and also wants an girls alliance all to himself, which Claire immediately clocked when she told Sarah Beth about.

“I feel like Frenchie was paranoid about a girls alliance, so he was like, ‘If I make the girls alliance, there can’t be a girls alliance,'” she said. “I don’t need a man to make a girls alliance. I see his intentions and I love him but…”

“I wouldn’t be surprised if he has a boys alliance,” Sarah Beth replied. “He is trying to cover himself from all angles. If I was first HOH, I would have done the same thing.”

“I would have done the exact same thing,” Claire agreed.

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Trying to set yourself up for the long game isn’t the issue here — because who doesn’t want to do that? — it’s that Frenchie has already gone about it so aggressively and maniacally, forming 79 different alliances and flailing over decisions, that it’s turned people off and they’re very much over him. Azah told Britini that she thought the alliance was a joke and that it doesn’t benefit them at all because they’re already on the same team. She later told Derek F. that it’s not in her best interest at all and also pointed out the obvious. “[Frenchie] has had bros in his room for how many days, and now today you going to pull up all of the girls?” she said. “You talk strategy with all these dudes all this week. You ain’t said nothing to me, you ain’t said nothing to Britini.”

Azah, Claire, Tiffany and Hannah then lamented how they’re stuck in this fake-ish alliance with Frenchie (because you don’t say no when someone proposes an alliance), which Claire guessed won’t last more than two weeks because it only protects him. “I think he is afraid of going on the block next week and he wants to make sure if he has got a girl alliance, none of the girls will vote against him. If none of the girls will vote against him, he’s like I still got the votes to stay. Frenchie, you is playing the sh– out of this game, so if you end up on the block, I don’t know what’s going to happen,” Tiff ranted, adding that Frenchie is sending strong Devin/Bomb Squad vibes from Season 16. “He talks so much. He reminds me of Devin a little bit. He will have an idea and the next thing you know we got 13 people in the damn alliance.”

The girls also chatted in various pairs to figure out who they wanted out before jury. After Travis presumably goes on Thursday, Claire wants Brent and Frenchie out next, after which she and Tiff assume a girl would be targeted next and would be OK with a Whitney or Alyssa exit. Tiff told Sarah Beth her top three are Derek X., Brent and Whitney, though she only said Derek X. to placate Sarah Beth, who’s upset he had thrown out her name. Later, talking to Derek F., Tiff said there’s no point in taking out Derek X., the consensus/default target for Week 2, because he “ain’t f—ing with nobody.” Plus, Tiff has a good relationship with him and knows he could be a number. Derek F. said he’d rather take out Brent, to which Tiff said he was her target and not to say anything to Frenchie.

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The best part of this convo is that they decided to call Frenchie “Fry.” Really surprised it took this long. Tiff also gave Derek F. some sound advice when he said somebody needs to check Frenchie because he’s getting out of control. “You can’t,” she warned. “The minute a POC checks somebody, we angry black people. One of his friends going to have to.”

Tiff is not messing around here. The night ended with Brent and Whitney discussing their targets. He would nominate Britini and Sarah Beth, while she would do Claire and Sarah Beth. Frenchie, predictably, told various people that he was asked to be in a girls alliance. Smooth, dude. He also cam-talked into the wee hours about how smart he is because he’s five steps ahead of the house and wants to go after Xavier next because America likes big moves. Nothing more convincing than people repeatedly insisting they’re smarter than you think they are.

Meanwhile, there’s an elimination Thursday. Remember that? Travis started some light campaigning, asking Tiffany and Claire for their votes, but neither promised anything. Expect him to pick up the campaigning Wednesday, but the result is unlikely to change.

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