‘Big Brother 23’ spoilers: A big fat alliance lie spreads through the house

The first eviction of “Big Brother 23” is upon us and there won’t be much suspense. Travis is still set to walk out the door on Thursday over Alyssa after some futile campaigning on Wednesday, while a game of telephone further spread the word of the existence of French Kisses.

Poor Travis. He tried, but he’s gonna become a first-week casualty through no fault of his own really. He didn’t go too hard with the campaigning on Wednesday. He made his biggest pitch to Brent and Frenchie, even though the latter doesn’t get a vote, telling them four points about why he should stay, which included Alyssa’s potential showmance with Xavier (he certainly knows his audience), how she won’t be able to do much for them if she stays, his loyalty, and that he could be a shield for Frenchie. Brent and Frenchie agreed that Travis made great points, but alas, they can’t flip now. Travis, of course, has no idea that Alyssa is in the official version of the Slaughterhouse with Frenchie and Brent. He later made another pitch just to Frenchie, who told him that he would break the tie in Travis’ favor if it came down to it. Neither of these geniuses realized that there is an odd number of votes this week. Or maybe Frenchie knew Travis wouldn’t pick up on it.

Most of the talk the whole day was about Week 2 and future targets, and alliances. Frenchie continued telling his allies that he was approached to join an all-female alliance, French Kisses, which, as we know, is a lie as he was the one who made it to cover his own ass. That piece of (false) info passed on from person to person. Whitney and Alyssa, who are not in French Kisses but are in the Slaughterhouse, talked about how they’re glad they’re not part of it because they get along with the guys better. Oh, good, they’re these types of players. They also think this puts them in a good position because they’ve “heard” French Kisses wants to go after big targets (aka the men), so they could fly under the radar as the two sides, so to speak, go after each other. One person who knows the actual truth about French Kisses though is Kyland, whose alliance and info exchange with Sarah Beth are still going strong. She told him how Frenchie started it so he’s covered with the boys and the girls.

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It’s hard to tell if Frenchie has no idea that people are onto him and his little white lie could come back to haunt him or if he’s so smug that he doesn’t care. He went on another spiel about how he’s sick and tired of seeing women and POC leaving “Big Brother” early — you know, the man who nominated two POC, one of whom is a woman, and was going to backdoor the only Asian man in the house. King of virtue signaling. Hannah and Tiffany dragged him to pieces for that. “Don’t be like, ‘I cant stand when the women go home first’ and then you put a woman up on the block,” Hannah vented. “He was like, ‘I cant stand when minorities are the first to go home.’ Great and all, but the two people you put on the block: a Latina woman and a Black man.”

Tiffany, who’s arguably the most astute of them all, thinks Frenchie genuinely feels that way IRL, but he’s purposely trying to leverage it for game and “talking that talk for strategy.” “I wish he wouldn’t bring in that element of social justice or social inequality when you are not being sincere,” Hannah said. “That’s real. That’s more than a game.” Ding.

Frenchie didn’t create any new alliances on Wednesday, probably because he spent so much time spreading lies about his last one. But he did ask Tiffany for a favor: He wants her to throw a hinky vote and evict Alyssa so they can frame Derek X. and ensure that he is targeted next instead of Frenchie. Tiff agreed to do it on the condition that Frenchie never tells anyone otherwise she’ll know he ran his big mouth, and he agreed.

Who knows if Tiff will actually do it, but this is also unnecessary because most of the (Slaughter)house wants to go after Derek X. next anyway. And even if they don’t want to target him, they might feel pressured to. Sarah Beth told Kyland that Derek X. is a “dead man walking” if he doesn’t win HOH, and if she wins, she might not have much of a choice but to target him. Well, no, you do. Kyland pointed out that thus far Derek X. is “the only person in the house who did the thing he said he was going to do.” It’s true. But, yeah, it’s not looking good for Derek X. right now.

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