‘Big Brother 23’ spoilers: Frenchie may have already fried up his game

So that didn’t last long. After showing some promise on the first night of “Big Brother 23,” Frenchie took less than 24 hours to turn into a hot mess. What happened? Dude got a big ol’ case of HOHitis.

Frenchie was really feeling himself being the boss man and has been playing way too hard and too fast. For a superfan who knew exactly how to pander to fans the first night — promising not to nominate women, championing inclusion because he was disgusted by Season 21 taking out the POC one by one — he did the complete opposite on Thursday to turn people off. He basically spent all day making different alliances with everyone in the house except two people (Travis and Derek X.) and all with the same name(s)/concept: a larger group called the Slaughterhouse and a core group within called the Butchers. Because every slaughterhouse has butchers, duh. These are some of the configurations:

Frenchie’s initial target was Brent, but the flight attendant was not lying when he said he’s charming. In, like, a 10-minute conversation, Brent went from No. 1 target to Frenchie’s No. 1 BFF (after Derek F.). Props to Brent for saving his own ass. Also props to him for defying expectations and not bro-ing it up with Travis and Christian like we all expected. He’s cool with Travis but does not like Christian, while Christian is not fond of Travis or Derek X. and made that known to Frenchie.

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Like we said, Christian would’ve made for an easy target for Frenchie, but he’s now off the table after winning the Wildcard comp. He was also able to give safety to one person and chose Xavier. Between this and the Jokers, this is too many safe people for our liking and also Frenchie’s since his nominee options are super limited after trying to work with 95 percent of the cast. Frenchie turned his sights on Derek X., one of the few people with whom he has not bonded. He was already wary of him because Derek X. (or Little D as they’re now calling him to Derek F.’s Big  D) spent the first night hanging with the other dudes, one of whom, Kyland, threw Derek X. under the bus to Frenchie during his one-on-one.

This is when things get dumb because Frenchie decides he wants to backdoor Derek X., which is completely unnecessary in Week 1. He forms yet another Butchers — all dudes with Derek F., Christian, Xavier and Kyland — telling them that he’s ready to “ride or die with this”  and that they are going to “piss fans off with this.” If he’s not trolling all of us, this is one of the most incredible one-day game implosions in history. Frenchie wants to add three more people for the larger Slaughterhouse so they have the votes to evict Derek X., whom he claims is spreading rumors about everybody and “starting a lot of sh–.” surejan.gif. He plans on nominating pawns, one of whom will be Travis, but he needs a woman to be the other one, so he pitches the plan to Azah, Claire, Hannah, Alyssa and Sarah Beth. Yes, a day after he said he wasn’t going to nominate women or target POC, he’s now trying to do both.

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Of course, none of them volunteered to be a pawn and all of them are onto Frenchie now. Hannah, genius that she is, later told Christian, “I think Frenchie is thinking more as a fan and it’s conflicting with him as a game player.” Read him to filth. Azah, the queen that she is, tried to wake Frenchie up from his drunk-with-power stupor, telling him to “keep your eye on the prize,” and Frenchie did sorta come his senses, maybe a little too late. He told Brent he got “finessed” by Christian, who is “pushing this narrative on Derek [X.] just cause him and Derek don’t get along.” Then Frenchie confessed to Britini that he’s worried about next week because if Christian wins HOH, Frenchie will likely be the target. Frenchie, hate to break it to you, but you’ll probably be the target no matter who wins HOH. You’re doing way too much and on Day 2! You’re basically writing the script for a classic pre-jury boot.

All this and we haven’t even gotten nominations yet. Frenchie claimed he has them picked out by the end of the night and no one will know his target, but he’ll probably flip-flop 12 more times before he has to lock them in Friday afternoon.

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