‘Big Brother 23’ spoilers: Kyland keeps nomination plans close to the vest as Frenchie’s allies scramble

Congrats to all of us for surviving Frenchie‘s week as HOH! Well, except Travis. And now that Kyland is the new HOH on “Big Brother 23,” things could get very interesting. Like, you know, we won’t get a billion alliances and promises in the first week.

First, we must also thank the “BB” gods for allowing a Kyland win in a crapshoot comp. It looked like it was going to be Brent for a while there, which would not have been ideal since he’s in lockstep with Frenchie and is in the Slaughterhouse, so it would’ve basically been like another Frenchie HOH. We deserve this after Janelle came so close to winning a crapshoot HOH last year, which would’ve shaken up the game. Alas.

Kyland is a soft-spoken teddy bear who’s talked about his anxiety in the house, so he’s definitely not going to pull a Frenchie whilst in power. He’s already set boundaries, telling everyone he’s going to do timed one-on-ones Friday morning before the Wildcard comp. He told Sarah Beth on Thursday night that she’s the only person to whom he’s explicitly promising safety. “I am not going to tell anyone except for you. You are not going to see the block,” he said. “I’m not going to say anything to anyone else. I know Frenchie told it to 20 people, including me.”

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He’s also going to keep his nominations plan on the DL, but he did go over his potential options to the camera, knocking out people he’s in alliances with who could be potential targets like Brent and Whitney. That would leave him with the obvious choices of Britini and Derek X., the only two people he’s not officially aligned with in some way. Derek X. is Brenchie’s target, but he did use the Veto on Kyland, which Kyland acknowledged to Sarah Beth, implying that Derek X. will be safe, “‘but I’m not going to say it to him.” Kyland could go after Frenchie, who’s very well aware of his volatile position, but Brent would be a solid choice too.

Sarah Beth used this opportunity to pitch a new alliance with them, Derek X., Tiffany and Claire. This would honestly be a great alliance and especially for Derek X., who is still a lone wolf. Kyland seemed open to the idea, while Claire and Tiffany later confirmed they would be down with that group.

Meanwhile, everyone is fed up with Frenchie, including his own allies. Brent vented to Christian and Alyssa that he’s “starting to trust [Frenchie] less and less,” and they were like, “Same,” but they know they still have to act cool. The double hinky votes from Tiffany and Derek F. caused some chaos that we didn’t see since the feeds didn’t return until after the West Coast airing of the episode, but Derek F. apparently owned up to the vote, but no one believes he actually did it. Brent even floated the possibility that it came from Frenchie… who did not have a vote. Brilliant, all of them.

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The women are actually brilliant though — specifically the ones in the ostensible French Kisses, who continue to read Frenchie to filth. “Frenchie talks entirely too much. If there is one thing I don’t like, I don’t like no talking-ass man. Shut up. Women talk,” Tiffany said, before later cam-talking that she’d rather Frenchie stay because she wants to keep her enemies close. Azah pointed out how Brent “controlled” Frenchie’s HOH without getting blood on his hands. By the end of the night, they all clocked that there is a large alliance led by Frenchie with Alyssa and Whitney, the two women not in French Kisses, because as Sarah Beth pointed out, Christian and Xavier both said they felt safe with Kyland. They agreed that Brent needs to go this week.

Kyland likely will not get messy with his nominations, so let’s just take a moment here to recognize how shrewd these ladies are after the unmitigated disasters that were Kevin‘s, Nicole A.‘s and DaVonne‘s instincts last year.

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