‘Big Brother 23’ spoilers: New alliances have formed, but some are very much fake

Wednesday in the “Big Brother 23” house was a lot busier than last week’s eviction eve. There was some campaigning by Frenchie and Britini, but the driving force of conversation was Week 3 plans, which led to the formation of multiple alliances, but not all of them are real.

Frenchie is still going on Thursday — nothing’s changed there. The campaigning was just a formality. He didn’t even go that hard because he doesn’t want to campaign against Britini, whose setting is always on hard. She’s not going anywhere but has spent the past week acting like she is in far greater danger than she is despite literally everyone reassuring her multiple times that she’s staying. Sure, they could be lying — this is “Big Brother” — but this is a case where you can believe them because everyone’s annoyed with Frenchie. She also thinks she’s a target because she does karate and is a comp beast? Even though she hasn’t won anything? She’s really overstating her level of threat here. It’s like she wants to be in danger. If she keeps this up she will be because she’s already Brent‘s target and is popping up on people’s lists of pre-jury evictees.

Brent will become Public Enemy No. 1 after Frenchie leaves. He has no idea the entire house wants him out and that they had spent the day conspiring who should win HOH since his Aces teammates, Derek X., Hannah and Whitney, obviously cannot if they want him booted. The biggest revelation of the day was Whitney. Everyone had been looking at her and Brent as a duo — even fans — and they were the main noms people were discussing, but she made it clear on Wednesday that she can’t stand him. “I so badly want one of the girls to win HOH so Brent doesn’t have the ability to attack the females. He is such a sexist,” she told Britini. “I know he wants women out of this game so it can be all guys for him in the house.”

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Yes, incredibly shocking that Brent’s brilliant move of telling the women to their faces that he wants to get ride of the women is not working. He also did himself no favors by telling people that Azah yelled at him when she corrected him on the definition of floaters. The people who were present let everyone know that it was a normal conversation and that Brent is clearly trying to start sh– to target Azah. Whitney really should’ve been telling Tiffany, Claire and Sarah Beth that she hates him though because they’re the ones leading the charge against Brent, and at one point Wednesday, Claire and Tiff pondered evicting Whitney next week because Brent is “loyal” and Whitney might stay longer without Brent, whom they think would be evicted immediately after Whitney.

But they got word by the end of the night that Brentney is not as tight as they had assumed. “Whitney was like, ‘I can’t stand Brent. Whitney was actually the one that initiated the conversation,” Hannah shared. After Tiff asked if she thinks Whitney was telling the truth, Hannah said she does because Whitney was “the one initiating the conversation and kept going, ‘This is what I hate about him'” because she feels like he doesn’t respect her.

Then came the alliance-making. Brent formed the Radicals between the Kings and Aces, but this is only a real alliance to Brent. Christian and Derek X. later talked about how confused they are by it and if it was even a thing before agreeing they should go along with it for now. The Aces and Queens created the Mafia, which is 100 percent a fake alliance for the Queens — Tiff, Claire and Kyland — who are just trying to cover themselves with Brent. Even Whitney asked Hannah if the Mafia was fake, which Hannah told Tiff, who said not to confirm that to Whitney. Hannah said she thinks the six of them — aka everyone except Brent — know it’s fake. The real alliance is the Royal Family between the Kings, Queens and Derek X. — the group that Tiff had been pitching for almost a week. You know they’re serious because they gave each other royal titles, though Tiff did slip up later when discussing hers in front of Hannah and brushed it off as a Queens thing. Hannah’s no dummy so she can figure out what’s up if this continues.

If things go their way, the Royal Family is poised to become the majority alliance, but they still have to win this HOH first — or specifically, not have Brent win HOH. So many of them are willing to throw it to someone else — and in Derek X., Whitney and Hannah’s case, they have to — that Brent could slip on through and win.

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