‘Big Brother 23’ spoilers: Tiffany pleads her case, but it doesn’t look very good

All season long on “Big Brother 23,” we’ve been saying that once the Cookout makes the final six, the real game can begin since they’ll have to turn on each other. That’s ostensibly true, but like almost every twist on this show, that is flopping. So we’re in store for another boring week.

Kyland won Veto on Saturday, giving him all the power this week, so Tiffany is doomed. The only slightly interesting thing this week will be to see who else goes in the double eviction, which will only be interesting if Hannah wins HOH otherwise she is doomed. Tiff is not giving up, saying that she had a plan following the Veto, and has spent the rest of the weekend basically on an apology tour with everyone to try to curry favor/votes. She’s been putting in the work with Ky, trying to get him to backdoor Xavier by telling him that’ll be the only way he can win (true), and you know, if not now, when? He insists that he doesn’t have the votes to boot X.

“You will send me home but not Xavier?” Tiff cam-talked. “You will send little baby Chaddha home but not Xavier because you don’t have the votes to get him out of here? And you’re about to send home a person who will vote to get him outta here? That make sense to y’all? Kyland wanna have Superman vs. Batman in this house. He wanna have a whole Marvel movie go down between him and Xavier.”

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Well, that’s DC, Tiff, but beside the point. Tiff is understandably frustrated because it probably hasn’t even crossed her mind that Ky wants to keep X in the house and take him to the final two…. because, well, what sane person would do that? But dude just wants to bro out with X, who would crush him in a final two. It’s a terrible move for Ky’s game to take out Tiff because even if he doesn’t want to take out X himself, he could keep both of them in the game and let them go after each other. Plus, sending Tiff as the first Cookout member to jury is a mistake because she can and will control the narrative to the other jurors about the Cookout, but Ky, X and Derek F. are so dead set on boys-will-be-boys-ing ’til the end, and X and Big D. have been wanting Tiff out for ages that nothing will change their minds.

Ky did briefly appeared to be considering Big D as a renom. He asked Azah what she’d do if Big D was on the block and she said she would keep him and if X were on the block, she’d do what Ky wanted. Ky then told her that she was safe and “welcome to final five.” Ky had also considered using the Veto on Hannah — who offered to vote how he wants if he does, a final two deal and a final three with X — to build trust with her, but after talking to X, decided he will keep the noms the same. “I can’t ensure 3-0 but unless something astounding happens, it seems like you are in the final five either way,” he told Hannah, who was disappointed Ky doesn’t see a way to work with her and Tiff going forward. But the best part of the meeting of the minds that led to this was Ky and X agreeing that Hannah does not suspect they are working together. “I still don’t think [Hannah] knows we communicate as much as we do. I don’t think anyone does. It’s shocking,” Um, literally everyone knows. You are not that slick.

But yeah, expect the Veto not to be used and another predictable countdown until Thursday.

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