‘Big Brother 23’ spoilers: Another (and better) Week 5 target emerges

Tuesday was more of the same in the “Big Brother 23” house, just as it’s been the past three weeks: not much campaigning from either nominee, though Whitney eventually started thinking about votes, and more planning for the next week. Tiffany continued to pitch her plan to evict Sarah Beth next week, but by the end of the night, there was another name seriously in the mix.

Tiffany and Derek X. had a long chat Tuesday night over the Sarah Beth/Kyland of it all. Derek X. shared that Ky had told him he would “get behind it” if he and Tiff want to take a shot at Sarah Beth, and that Ky’s hit list is Christian, Alyssa, Xavier and Sarah Beth. Tiff said that he thinks Ky is onto her plan to distance herself from Ky because he has noticed they are not close anymore. “I’m trying to stay away from him so [Sarah Beth] doesn’t view me as any type of threat,” Tiff said. “I can’t tell him that. Today, me and him were reading the Bible on the couch. She got mad. … It’s me who has pulled away. I noticed a different side of Sarah Beth. You weren’t in that room when she was going off about Hannah. I don’t want to be on the other side of that.”

Derek X. then asked if Sarah Beth is the right move for next week because Christian could win the week after that and take a big shot. Tiff admitted she hasn’t really considered him because she likes him personally and she knows he’s not coming for her, but then there’s the Alyssa factor. “Even though he is not coming for me, she could because she wants her man all to herself,” Tiff mused. “On a game level, for the better of our team, if he has to go then he has to go.”

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Derek outright said he doesn’t think Sarah Beth is that big of a threat, to which Tiff told him to take the shot at Christian because she cannot. He believes the only way to do so is through a backdoor and so might nominate Sarah Beth and a Joker as pawns. “I don’t want to look back on my HOH and feel like I wasted it,” Derek said. Tiff encouraged him to take the shot but warned that Derek might be next after that.

“I know I’ll be next, but I don’t think anyone else will have the chance to take the shot,” Derek said. “If Christian takes the shot first and successfully hits me or Ky, the other person is going out very soon after that. If we take the shot first, we can weaken them and I think we can control the house.”

“Take the shot. I’m not against it,” Tiff replied, warning that Alyssa would be pissed. “She is probably going to need to go right after him. All she is going to say is, ‘Y’all could have at least let him go to jury.’ … But it doesn’t matter what she wants.”

Targeting Christian is the better, though harder, move. Yes, let’s leave the alpha male with four comp wins, who’s in a showmance and whose team is still intact slide through. Makes sense. Christian is in a great position with lots of relationships and allies — even Alyssa pointed out that if she leaves, he’d be fine in the game without her, but if he leaves first, she’s screwed. Tiff’s reluctance over targeting him is understandable, but she also changes her mind every 42 minutes that she could be totally Team Evict Christian after sleeping on it. Earlier Tuesday, she said her preferred boot order is Sarah Beth, Claire, Christian, Derek X. and Alyssa to get the Cookout to the end. But having Derek X. basically volunteer to take a swing at Christian is a perfect situation for her.

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