‘Big Brother 23’ spoilers: Tiffany’s Week 5 plan is in motion, but there is a speed bump ahead

It was another uneventful Monday in the “Big Brother 23” house. Christian did not use the Veto, as expected, so Whitney‘s days are numbered. We know it, she knows it. Even though this season has been far more interesting than last season’s, we’re gonna need some excitement in the back half of the week soon. Even when the Veto was used in Week 1, there was no suspense over who was going to leave. But since this week is unofficially in the books, talks continued for Week 5.

Tiffany spent the day continuing to slowly turn the bullseye onto Sarah Beth. She and Hannah also got tighter as this plotting continued, with Tiff cam-talking, “I would love to sit in the final two chairs with Chaddha. That’s Hannah. She is an amazing young woman. I am so impressed with her.” This would be a bigger deal if Tiff doesn’t change her mind every couple of days over her final two, but to be fair, she and Hannah have always been close. Tiff has also struggled between playing for herself vs. the Cookout, but she also told Hannah on Monday that she understands the Cookout sends a bigger message, so when non-members like Derek X. and Claire, they would (hopefully) understand.

“I have struggled with it but I had to have a real conversation with myself that it’s not all about the money. I know there is a bigger message and a bigger picture here,” she said. “The six is not for my own personal game, it’s for something much bigger than that. I can reason with the plan cause it’s not really all about me.”

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Through his association to Sarah Beth, Kyland was mentioned a bunch of times, and while he’s not in danger (yet), everyone is aware of how close he and Sarah Beth are, and soon people started piping in about his sketchy gameplay. You know, once it starts, it’s hard to stop. Derek X. said something’s “changed” with Ky, who’s playing a “looser game.” Tiff said it’s because he’s comfortable. Claire pointed out that Kyland’s tactic to mess with your days memorization is to purposely ask if something occurred on the wrong day so you doubt yourself. Ideas were thrown out as to how to navigate targeting Sarah Beth without pissing off Kyland. Derek X. wants to give Kyland a heads-up, though that of course runs the risk of pissing off Ky and him abandoning Derek X., Tiff, Hannah and Claire for the Kings.

“[Xavier] is on board with this plan as well. [Kyland] is most definitely not going to run to Alyssa and Christian. He would be upset but he would just have to get over it,” Hannah said.

“I want him to want to work with us, not have to work with us,” Derek said. “We can take out Sarah Beth and keep Ky. I think there is a way to do it. I am down to take out Sarah Beth. I think there is pre-work that needs to be done so it’s not a shock to Ky.”

It is unlikely Ky would be that angry about Sarah Beth being targeted, but we’ll see. Meanwhile, the duos of Derek X./Hannah and Alyssa/Christian sorta formed an agreement to not target each other for the next few weeks but they will act like they are in front of the rest of the house. This will only get complicated if one of them wins HOH. Also because Tiff believes Alyssa and Christian want to keep the Royal Flush intact, which means Hannah would presumably be Alyssa’s target next week, and Tiffany, as she repeatedly reminded us, cannot let that happen.

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