‘Big Brother 23’ spoilers: Who won Week 5 Head of Household endurance competition on #BB23?

Can’t wait till Sunday to find out who won the endurance competition and will rule as Week 5 Head of Household on “Big Brother”? Then keep reading if you want “Big Brother 23” spoilers as we’ve been keeping an eye on the live feeds. We can report on the game-changing results of this battle to be HOH. This test of endurance kicked off at the tail end of the live #BB23 episode on August 5 and lasted for several hours.

This was the first HOH competition of the season to take place among individuals rather than teams and also the first one of endurance this year. With teams no longer a factor, whoever wins would determine the course of the rest of the season in the house. The competition is a familiar one to fans of “Big Brother.” The houseguests are all holding on to a wall that tilts and shakes. It is giving them a much more rollicking ride than last season, which went on for hours. This one is over in all of 90 minutes.

All of the “Big Brother” houseguests took part in this physically demanding challenge except outgoing HOH Christian Birkenberger. Seeing him paces along the sideline with worry about who will win and wield power over him was almost as fun as watching the wall.

The first to fall off the wall was Derek Frazier at the 15-minute mark. The first test of endurance came just minutes later when the 10 remaining houseguests were doused with slime. That took down Claire Rehfuss, who holds the last wild card, just as the clock ticked over to the half hour. Forty-five minutes in had Hannah Chaddha and Sarah Beth Steagall decide to take a leap of faith together.

At the hour mark, another deluge of slime knocked Kyland Young off of the wall. A few minutes later Britini D’Angelo joined him on the ground. Soon after that Azah Awasum fell, and Tiffany Mitchell decided to take the plunge almost immediately after that.

This left a trio of houseguests still standing (make that crouching). Two of the Royal Flush alliance — Alyssa Lopez and Derek Xiao — were pitted against the Cookout King Xavier Prather. Alyssa didn’t last much longer and Derek began negotiating a deal with Xavier. Once armed with the promised that he would not be nominated, X let go, leaving Derek X as the Week 5 Head of Household.

Who do you think Derek X will nominate for eviction? Keep checking back as we’ll have those results as soon as they’re revealed on the live feeds later on Friday.

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