‘Big Brother 23’ Top 6 power rankings: Which Cookout member has best shot at making history and whose game is over?

The Cookout has accomplished its goal of becoming one of the most dominant alliances in “Big Brother” history and ensuring the first Black houseguest will win the CBS reality TV competition on September 29. This Thursday, two members will be sent to the jury house in the season’s second live double eviction. Kyland Young drew a line in the sand after winning Head of Household and nominating Tiffany Mitchell and Hannah Chaddha for eviction. The 29-year old account executive formed a final two deal with Xavier Prather while Azah Awasum and Derek Frazier (Big D) continue to float through this game aimlessly.

Kyland followed up his HOH win with a Power of Veto victory and kept nominations the same. After making a historic run, the Cookout has disbanded and the remaining members have seemed to fall into a more predicable formula we’ve seen summer after summer: Men vs. Women. Now who has the best chance at winning the $750,000 grand prize and becoming the first Black winner? And who will be the first two Cookout members sitting down with host Julie Chen Moonves on Thursday? View our Top 6 power rankings below.

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1. Xavier Prather
Xavier has positioned himself so well in this game that Kyland approached him for a final two deal despite multiple houseguests warning that Xavier will win by a landslide. The 27-year old attorney from Milwaukee has done a stellar job when it comes to jury management. Nobody in the jury house hates Xavier, but they all respect him and can’t believe he’s never been a real target. In addition to his final two deal with Kyland, Xavier has a final three deal with Big D and Azah. If Xavier is sitting in the final two seats he is winning.

2. Kyland Young
Kyland is an incredible competitor but he can’t get beyond his own ego. It would be one thing if he formed a fake final two deal with Xavier, but Kyland really wants it to happen. He wants to sit in the final two seats with the best competitor in the house. That mistake will guarantee him second place. It seems as though Kyland wants the kind of power alliance Derrick Levasseur and Cody Calafiore had on Season 16. The problem is that Kyland doesn’t realize he’s the Cody and Xavier is the Derrick. Kyland’s only hope is if he lucks out and someone else targets Xavier before finale night.

3. Derek Frazier
Big D’s third place ranking has nothing to do with his gameplay, but everything to do with the fact that he’s a floater the men want to drag to the finish line with them. He hasn’t won a thing, but only four real competitors remain in the house and two are on the chopping block this week. If Xavier and Kyland successfully remove Tiffany and Hannah from the game, they’re much more likely to bring Big D along for their ride than option two.

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4. Azah Awasum
That brings us to option two, Azah. She’s also a floater being pulled along because she’s easy to beat. The problem is that she may be a little more difficult to beat than Big D. If Azah were to advance to the final three, she may even have a slight chance at winning the final HOH and none of the men want their fate in her hands. Let’s be clear, she has no chance of winning the game unless she winds up in the final two with Big D, and even then it wouldn’t be a slam dunk. But the men are convinced the women in the jury might just vote for Azah to win because she’s a woman.

5. Hannah Chaddha
Hannah’s game went out the window when Kyland chose Xavier over her and Tiffany. She really has nowhere left to turn unless she wins the next HOH and manages to get Xavier evicted. The odds of that happening are slim, but not impossible. If Xavier were eliminated from the game, Kyland would be much more willing to work with Hannah because he’d rather be on her side than be her target. If anyone other than Xavier is evicted during Hannah’s hypothetical HOH reign, her time would probably only extend a week. It’s more likely that Hannah will be the second Cookout member heading to the jury house on Thursday.

6. Tiffany Mitchell
The queen has fallen. The mastermind of the Cookout plan will be the first one entering the jury house and for good reason. She’s a smart, manipulative and convincing player. She would be a threat in the final two and she has no loyalty at this point to anyone but herself. Tiffany had a memorable run and forever deserves to be considered an all-star, but her game is over.

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