‘Big Brother 23’s’ Whitney on the ‘dumb mindset’ in the house and why they targeted Brent too early

Whitney Williams could not understand why she was on the block this week on “Big Brother 23” or why Christian didn’t take her up on her pitch on why they should keep her, but it all made sense when Julie Chen Moonves revealed the Royal Flush alliance to her following her 10-0 eviction on Thursday.

Her eviction was not a surprise though since people started distancing themselves from her in the house and, oh, you know, Derek X. messed up and all but said she wouldn’t be there in Week 5 to be a Have-Not. Will Whitney ever forgive Baby D? Would she have kept her word to Christian had she stayed? And what does she think of Azah basically telling her she had to go because she wants Xavier to herself? See what she says below.

Gold Derby: You were surprised you didn’t get a sympathy vote. Who did you think would throw you one?
Whitney: Did you hear me say that? [Laughs] I really thought that I would have Britini’s vote, if not Britini’s, then Big D’s so when I didn’t get any, I was pretty shocked if you couldn’t tell by my face. … If you couldn’t tell by me wearing a red dress and everybody else was in workout attire, it was pretty evident that I was leaving by the way people were acting and the way they kept talking to Hannah about future weeks and they didn’t talk to me about future weeks. It was pretty obvious right after nominees.

Gold Derby: And of course Derek’s slip-up.
Whitney: Oh my gosh! There were so many slip-ups like that though! Derek’s slip-up where I got upset with him and the stuff like Alyssa was asking to borrow Hannah’s clothes for the nomination ceremony. It was like, “I’m right here.” They’re clearly not thinking. At least try to be a little more sly, but I guess at that point they didn’t really care, which is fine.

Gold Derby: Julie told you about the Royal Flush and that made everything click for you. How do you look back at how the week unfolded and those conversations now knowing that there was this alliance?
Whitney: I don’t know how much you guys saw, but I worked very, very hard to attempt to stay another week. And it kind of feels like it wasn’t gonna happen anyway now that I know about the Cookout and the Royal Flush. There was absolutely no way that I was going to stay. That’s a little disheartening to hear, but at the same time I’m happy that I didn’t give up. If I knew about the alliances, I probably wouldn’t have worked quite as hard and that would’ve been unfortunate.

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Gold Derby: You made a very compelling pitch to Christian the other day — if they were to keep you, you would go after Derek and all this stuff. And you said you would vote for a guy to win if a woman was up against him if she didn’t play a good game. You sounded like you felt good about how that went. Were you that confident that he would consider it?
Whitney: Yeah, I thought it was a really good pitch. I really thought he was going to consider it. I wasn’t confident that it would go my way, but I really thought it was such a good argument because I thought I really had a good case that he would at least think about it. And apparently that was never gonna happen. Alyssa was giving me pointers! I was talking to Alyssa like, “OK, I’m gonna say this,” and she’s like, “Yeah, yeah, that’s perfect. Say that, don’t say this.” And the whole time that was never gonna happen in the first place.

Gold Derby: If they had flipped the vote, would you have done those things? Would you have targeted Derek?
Whitney: Yeah, absolutely. I was gonna go after either Derek X. and Kyland or Alyssa and Christian. I was gonna go after one of those duos, but it just depended on who ended up helping me in the long run. So if it were Christian and Alyssa helping me, I would’ve gone after [Derek and Kyland]. And if those two helped me, I would’ve gone after Christian and Alyssa. I stay true to my word and I would’ve done whatever I said I was gonna do. … And teams were gonna end. I think they’re over now, right?

Gold Derby: Yeah, it’s over. Do you think he thought it was too early for him to turn on the alliance and take a shot at Derek?
Whitney: Now that I know for sure that there’s an alliance, absolutely. Because in my head I kept thinking, “Why are you not taking out your No. 1 competition?!” He’s won the most amount of comps other than yourself, he has a great social game, everyone loves him, obviously. Why are you not taking this person out? He could’ve been backdoored. … I think I even said it in my diary room session, like, it makes no sense unless they were working together.

Gold Derby: Did it ever occur to you that there has to be an alliance or were you just like, “Maybe they’re working together”?
Whitney: You could really see people start to click with each other more, so I assumed there was some kind of alliance. I assumed there were multiple alliances, but I did not realize the size of those alliances, like the eight-person and the Cookout. … So a six-person alliance and an eight-person alliance, that’s massive. And I genuinely hope that they blow up soon. [Laughs]

Gold Derby: How do you feel knowing they exist now and you weren’t part of any? Why didn’t they invite you to be part of the Royal Flush?
Whitney: I don’t know! [Laughs] I think a lot of it was my association with Frenchie and Brent in the beginning because I did work pretty strong with the Slaughterhouse … so I think that may have impacted it, but honestly, I don’t know.

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Gold Derby: You also alluded to this last night. It kind of feels like you were the victim of the first three evictions because they were all guys. And the guys remaining were very adamant about not having the women outnumber the guys. What do you think of that kind of thinking?
Whitney: I think it’s so funny to me because look at who the HOHs were. The HOHs were men. It was the men taking the other men out, so the fact that they are so hard and strong on, “We have to take out the women because women are gonna take over,” like how are the women gonna take over when the men are attacking themselves? I feel like it’s a really dumb mindset, but again, there’s a lot that I have not seen that is going on so I’m pretty sure that’s just an excuse.

Gold Derby: I think they’re worried about a majority female jury and that women would women to win if they make it there.
Whitney: Which obviously I’ve said at the beginning that I would love for women to be at the very end, but that wouldn’t affect my decision. I would be more logical than that. I would absolutely not [be a bitter juror]. I would look at the gameplay — well, maybe not, if Derek X. were at the very end. [Laughs] I really would have to be like, “OK, fine. You really did play a better game than whoever else.” I would make the logical decision even if it did hurt my soul.

Gold Derby: Speaking of bitter or pettiness, Azah said in her goodbye message that she’s crushing on Xavier, so you gotta get outta there.
Whitney: [Laughs] So funny! X and I weren’t in a showmance, so I think it’s really funny that that was part of her decision to vote me out. I feel a little bit bad because he and I were extremely cuddly and friendly in the last week and a half to two weeks. So the fact that she was around it a lot and I had no idea she had a crush, I feel a little bit bad, but not too much. But, I mean, he’s so handsome, I’m pretty sure all of America has a crush on Xavier at this point.

Gold Derby: It’s true. In Sarah Beth’s message, she said she fought really hard to keep you there. Do you believe her?
Whitney: I do believe her. I kind of had a sad moment when I was on the hammock with her. I really did realize I was the target and most likely the one to go. She had a moment with me, like, “Whitney, don’t give up. I can’t tell you too much, but keep fighting.” And it was the way she said it. It was the most genuine experience I had with anybody since being put up on the block. The second I was put up, everybody just dispersed and didn’t talk to me anymore except for X. I do believe her and I hope she wins.

Gold Derby: Why do you think she fought for you so much when she’s also in the Royal Flush and the rest of them wanted you out?
Whitney: I honestly have no idea. That’s one of the things I’m looking forward to going back and watching the episodes to see if she said anything about it. She is the person I had the least connection with in the house, not in any bad way. I adore her to pieces. It’s just that we didn’t really have our moment to connect with each other, so I have no idea where it came from. I appreciate it and I adore her, but I don’t know why she was fighting for me.

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Gold Derby: A lot of your eviction was out of your control because of the alliance, but what do you think was your biggest mistake that go you put up on the block?
Whitney: Probably the amount that I talked to people about my thoughts. I talked to my team about, like, “OK, I think Kyland may be playing a sketchy game. What if we put Kyland up?” And now I find out Kyland is in this alliance. So the fact that I was targeting an alliance member makes sense why they would wanna target me, one of the only two people in the house who weren’t part of the two major alliances. … And [the Kings] are the closest team. They’re really close friends in the house, they’re strong competitors and there’s four of them. It makes sense to target them. What I didn’t get was how they kept saying I was targeting X and Christian specifically because that was never my intention. But that was the rumor being thrown out.

Gold Derby: Christian needed to hear that because he was HOH. Last week, it was a lot of fun for us viewers because you guys were trying to blindside Brent. Do you think maybe you were all too concerned with keeping that a secret that you weren’t really looking ahead to see that you could be in trouble?
Whitney: Yeah, I think that was a really big mistake. I think we should’ve probably waited another week to target Brent and just attempt to win the HOH. Our entire team threw that HOH so that X could win or somebody on that team could win in order to get Brent out. And now I’m going home. So I think maybe if we had fought hard for that HOH and have Brent go out this week, things would’ve been a little different.

Gold Derby: You could’ve gotten a King out last week.
Whitney: Yeah! Friggin’ so stupid! We were so emotional. We were just so sick of having him in the house that we were willing to do whatever just to not have be around him anymore. It was obviously not a very smart decision.

Gold Derby: It was great watching you guys act like you were shocked he was nominated. Incredible Emmy-worthy performances from you guys. What was it like having to pretend he was safe and you couldn’t believe he was on the block?
Whitney: Did you see me wearing my black hoodie at the nomination ceremony? It was really hard, but that part was really funny. Acting shocked was really funny to all of us and we all kind of circled together afterwards, like, “Oh, he bought it.” But throughout the week, he continued to talk game to our entire team and wouldn’t stop and I’m a really bad liar. It got to the point where I quit talking to him and he’d ask me a question and I’d be like, “Mhmm.” He did fight really hard and I admire that about him, but we all just got very, very sick of it at the end.

Gold Derby: Who do you think is playing the best game right now?
Whitney: I think Sarah Beth and X are playing the best games right now. I think they have a great social game where they get along with everybody in the house, but they don’t have such a big presence that people could kind of see it as a threat. Their social game is on par, I think they’re more than capable of winning comps and I think they’re very logical in their way of thinking. I think one of them will most likely win.

Gold Derby: Will you continue to root for your fellow former Aces?
Whitney: Absolutely not with Derek X. [Laughs] I made it very apparent that if I won HOH I would either [target] Alyssa and Christian or Derek X. and Kyland. Those were my two different targets. I would be more than happy if he were to go home soon. I would love for Hannah to make it further though.

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