‘Big Brother’ betrayal: Travis calls Frenchie a ‘little snakey boy’ after backdooring him

Head of Household Brandon “Frenchie” French started out the first week of “Big Brother” Season 23 by trying to eliminate a so-called “meathead.” Plan A was to oust Christian Birkenberger, but then he earned safety in the wildcard comp. Plan B was to send home Derek Xiao, but then he won the Power of Veto. Plan C looks to be the one that sticks, as Frenchie nominated Travis Long as a backdoor after Derek removed Kyland Young from the chopping block. Being that Frenchie had previously promised Travis safety, Travis was understandably upset at how the Veto meeting went down.

“It hella blows being up on the block,” Travis told the camera at the end of the July 14 episode. “Ultimately it proves that Frenchie is a little snakey boy. He doesn’t always mean what he says. He’s not really a man of his word. The good news is, I still have my Queens rocking with me and ultimately I’m going to be a big homie to all of the other houseguests and sway a few more votes in my favor. So that’s exactly what I’m gonna do.”

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The Queens team consists of Travis, Claire Rehfuss, Tiffany Mitchell and Kyland, so Travis definitely has three votes to stay when the house votes live on Thursday, July 15. How will the other 10 players vote? We’ll all find out soon enough.

Despite all of the drama and messy game play, Frenchie insists that his Head of Household reign has been victorious. “Now that my target Travis is on the block, this HOH has been a total, total success,” he shockingly explained in the Diary Room. “I might not have got the original fish I was going for, but I think I’ve reeled me in an even bigger one. I can’t be more ecstatic.”

After winning the Veto, Derek had a big decision to make: keep the noms the same, save Kyland, or save Alyssa. He briefly entertained taking Alyssa off the block, then decided against it and fulfilled Frenchie’s orders instead. “If I didn’t use this Veto on Kyland, I would have had a lot of enemies coming for me next week,” Derek noted. “So I’m thinking about my long-term game here. In order to win that $750,000, using the Veto was my only move.”

Alyssa said it “definitely sucks that the Veto wasn’t used” on her. She told viewers, “I cannot be leaving this house week one. I need, need, need to make sure that Travis is a threat in peoples’ eyes and no one is looking towards little old me.”

One of Frenchie’s Jokers team members, Azah Awasum, closed out Wednesday’s episode by delivering one of the funniest lines of Season 23: “Frenchie’s HOH is the craziest first week I have ever seen in ‘Big Brother’ history. You know what? I’m not calling it the ‘Big Brother’ house. I’m gonna call it Frenchie’s Fun House. It’s a crazy carnival ride and I am holding on for dear life.”

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