Claire Rehfuss (‘Big Brother 23’) exit interview: ‘I will never be mad at Tiffany for sticking to what she believes in’

Thursday night’s live double eviction episode of “Big Brother” began with the predictable, yet heartbreaking eviction of Claire Rehfuss. The 25-year old New Yorker was sent packing under the Head of Household reign of her best friend in the house, Tiffany Mitchell. Tiffany had initially targeted Alyssa Lopez, but when the swimwear designer won the Power of Veto, Tiffany had no choice but to turn on Claire for the sake of the Cookout. Claire will now join Sarah Beth Steagall, Britini D’Angelo and Derek Xiao in the jury house.

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Following her eviction, Claire sat down with host Julie Chen Moonves for her exit interview. Julie cut right to the chase, asking how Claire felt about being betrayed by Tiffany. “This game has been played for a long time and a lot of times people of color aren’t looked out for in the game,” she said. “They go out early. Tiffany felt like she had to do what she had to do. It’s awful that I’m here and I wish I wasn’t and I wish it wasn’t at my expense. But I will never be mad at Tiffany for sticking to what she believes in and doing what she feels is right.”

Although Claire’s fate was all but sealed before the live vote, she went out swinging by calling out the man next to her on the block, Xavier Prather. “I was trying to get across to the houseguests that they need to watch out for Xavier in this game,” she admitted. “I think that he’s playing the best game in there. I think he’s positioned himself very, very nicely where a lot of people are looking out for him. And I was trying to help out Tiff and [Hannah Chaddha] as well, and perhaps make people look at him instead of at them.”

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Before heading to the “BB23” jury house, Claire was able to give some final thoughts. “‘Big Brother’ has so many highs and so many lows, but I love this game,” she revealed. “It’s awful to go out in jury and not be sitting there on finale night. I don’t have any regrets playing, I just wish I had gone a little bit further.”

Claire’s Day 65 eviction was preceded by Sarah Beth Steagall on Day 58, Derek Xiao on Day 51, Britini D’Angelo on Day 44, Christian Birkenberger on Day 37, Whitney Williams on Day 30, Brent Champagne on Day 23, Brandon “Frenchie” French on Day 16 and Travis Long on Day 9. Following Claire’s live eviction, Alyssa Lopez was evicted under the HOH reign of Hannah. A new HOH will be crowned and nominate two more players for eviction on Sunday, September 12 on CBS.

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