Cluck yeah! Cluedle-Doo (‘The Masked Singer’) finally reveals clues about himself

As part of the “game-changing” fifth season of “The Masked Singer,” a new character was introduced that spilled the tea on the remaining contestants still in the competition. Cluedle-Doo, a rooster who looks like he’s straight out of a Renaissance fair, confirmed during Wednesday’s sing-a-long episode that he’s an “undercover celebrity” with a connection to Season 4’s Gremlin, aka Mickey Rourke. Hmm, does that suggest Cluedle-Doo has worked with the Oscar-nominated actor before? Keep in mind that Rourke has appeared in nearly 100 projects — everything from “The Wrestler” to “Sin City” to “Iron Man 2” — so narrowing it down is going to take a lot of clucking luck.

Here are the latest Cluedle-Doo clues on “The Masked Singer,” in his own words: “You know I’m not just a roaster rooster who likes to cause chaos. I’m an undercover celebrity myself. I’ve helped with clues to the other masks, but [now] you want the very first clue to who I am, too? Drumstick — I mean, drumroll please. I have a connection to another mischievous masked singer from the past, the Gremlin. So chew on that! I’ll see you soon when my identity will be revealed right on that stage. Cluedle-Doo bids you adieu.”

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Last week when the feisty rooster made himself known to the panelists for the first time, Robin Thicke threw out the name of someone he thought could be hiding under the mask: Jason Biggs. To the best of our knowledge, Biggs and Rourke have never appeared together in the same film.

Some of Cluedle-Doo’s antics have thrown the panelists for a loop, including his shocking reveal that the rapper known as Chameleon had been nominated for a Golden Globe. That got them thinking about Wiz Khalifa, who earned a bid for the song “See You Again” from “Fast & Furious 7 (2015).

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During the Super 8 episode, each of the contestants brought out their favorite foods, which also served as clues to their true identities. For some reason, Cluedle-Doo stole Seashell’s food before it could be revealed to the panel. Tamera Mowry-Housley, the celeb masquerading as the Seashell, responded that he had better watch out because she knows how to make some good fried chicken. Zing!

As you may recall, Rourke sent shockwaves through the “Masked” fandom in 2020 when he became the first contestant ever to remove his mask voluntarily. He had just finished singing Willie Nelson‘s version of “Stand By Me” and the panelists were giving their first impression guesses. However, before Nicole Scherzinger had a chance to name the mystery celebrity, Rourke started removing his purple Gremlin mask because it was too “hot.”

Who do you think is hiding underneath the Cluedle-Doo mask? Does the Gremlin/Mickey Rourke clue mean anything to you? Sound off down in the comments section.

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