Baby-faced comedian Cam Bertrand (‘America’s Got Talent’) wins over Heidi Klum with jokes about buying wine [WATCH]

Heidi Klum is notoriously the harshest critic when it comes to judging stand-up comedians on “America’s Got Talent.” However, she completely fell in love with 27-year-old Cam Bertrand and his jokes about the struggles of buying wine with a baby face. The Tampa, Florida resident has gone through life appearing as a teenager — “I look 17 at best,” he noted — which tends to cause him problems at the liquor store. All four panelists easily voted “yes” to send Cam through to the next round, which means we’ll see him again in the Judge Cuts round. Watch the “AGT” video above.

“I got Heidi? That’s a win in itself!” Cam shouted from the stage, as Heidi got up from her seat and danced around in a tight circle. Simon Cowell then asked Cam how much experience he has doing gigs, and the young man responded, “I get on stage almost every night of the week.”

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Backstage, Cam called his mother to tell her the good news, and he started opening crying in front of Terry Crews. Later, the host learned that Cam’s grandmother thought he was “a hot lookin’ man.” She remarked over speakerphone, “I can’t help it.”

Cam is hoping to become the first stand-up comedian to ever win “AGT,” which is now in its 16th season on NBC. Do you think he has what it takes to cross the finish line? He faces stiff competition this year from other comics like Josh Blue, Kabir Singh, Gina Brillon and father-son duo Gerald Kelly and Lil Hunter Kelly.

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Here’s a closer look at the judges’ comments for Cam Bertrand’s “America’s Got Talent” audition:

Sofia Vergara: “I felt [Heidi] laughing so that made me even more be like, oh, this must be really good. I was paying more and more attention to you and I loved it.”

Heidi Klum: “That was funny. I was actually laughing the entire time. Can you believe this? … Also his smile is very infectious.”

Howie Mandel: “I think you’re really funny. The thing for me is — and listen, you only had 90 seconds — it was very myopic in the sense that each story about that one thing was kind of the same. But I think you’re really good. I think you’ve got a real future in it. Congratulations.”

Simon Cowell: “The fact that you are out there doing gigs, you have to do that to get really, really good. I have a lot of respect for you for doing that. And I like you. I kind of liked you the minute you started … and I think the audience are gonna like you, more importantly.”

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