‘Dancing with the Stars’ Horror Night recap: Who was purged after contestants celebrated spooky season? [UPDATING LIVE BLOG]

We’re about midway through “Dancing with the Stars” season 30, and the competition has reached its scariest point — Halloween, of course. On Monday night, October 25, the 10 remaining celebrities performed routines inspired by the horror genre. So who survived the spooky season, and who fell victim to the purge at the end of the night? Scroll down for our “Horror Night” live blog with all the minute-by-minute updates and commentary throughout the night.

Speaking of “The Purge,” social media personality Olivia Jade narrowly avoided elimination last week when she ended up in the bottom two with singer Melanie C, whom the judges eliminated instead. For “Horror Night” she danced a paso doble inspired by “The Purge,” while wrestler Mike “The Miz” Mizanin performed that same dance style for an homage to “Hellraiser.”

Three female celebs performed frightful tangos: gymnast Suni Lee had a classic tango in honor of the supernatural TV romance “The Vampire Diaries,” while “The Talk” co-host Amanda Kloots and “Real Housewives” star Kenya Moore danced Argentine tangos inspired by “Saw” and “Arachnophobia,” respectively — it’s hard to imagine three more dissimilar pop culture properties to dance tangos to.

Actress Melora Hardin performed a “Cujo” jive — did she play the title character like when she was Baloo the bear on “Disney Heroes Night“? Pop singer and dancer JoJo Siwa did “It” justice with a jazz routine. Fitness trainer Cody Rigsby performed an “American Psycho” cha cha. And two celebs got contemporary routines, which usually gives contestants’ scores a boost: country artist Jimmie Allen (“A Quiet Place”) and basketball player Iman Shumpert (“Us”).

Who gave the best performances, and which routines were scary — but not in a good way? Follow along below starting at 8:00pm (times listed are Eastern).

Daniel Montgomery, 8:00pm — As weird as some of these dance style-to-movie tribute combos are, I’m hoping for epic weird, and judging from the makeup on some of the celebs in that intro, I will not be disappointed. Capped off by Tya Banks coming out as fashion mummy to Lil Nas X‘s “Montero (Call Me by Your Name).” Keep it weird tonight, folks!

The Miz and Witney Carson (Paso Doble, “Hellraiser”)

DM, 8:02pm — The paso doble is The Miz’s favorite dance to watch on “DWTS,” and he’s super into Halloween, so he seems especially enthusiastic tonight. I’m a little worried about him doing a paso doble given how many people have been eliminated this season on the paso, but he’ll sell the character of the dance if nothing else.

DM, 8:06pm — Super solid paso doble. Great intensity, steps looked good to me, definitely the best male celeb left in the competition.

Cordell Martin, 8:06pm — I agree. Definitely a step in the right direction from last week.

JUDGES — Len Goodman thought he “nailed it,” but he needs to work on his posture and his hands. Derek Hough wanted more stretch and shape, but if Pinhead were real he’d have danced it exactly like that. Bruno Tonioli thought he channeled the dance with “great control” and good footwork, but he needs to extend his movements through the wrists. Carrie Ann Inaba “loved it,” it looked a little stuff but it fit the character.

SCORES — Carrie Ann (9), Len (8), Derek (9), Bruno (8) = 34

CM, 8:10pm — Fair score.

DM, 8:11pm — I agree. I’m not mad at those scores. With him dancing first, though, them coming in hot with those 9s already makes me wonder how many 10s we’ll end up with before the end of the night.

Kenya Moore and Brandon Armstrong (Argentine Tango, “Arachnophobia”)

DM, 8:14pm — I really like the idea of Kenya doing an Argentine tango, but I’m a little worried that “Arachnophobia” won’t be the most memorable movie to theme a dance around. But we learn that Kenya grew up in Detroit in a Jehova’s Witness family, so they didn’t celebrate any holidays. Except apparently “Devil’s Night” where they would burn abandoned buildings that were neglected by the city. I kinda want to see a dance about that.

DM, 8:18pm — Solid dance. I think there was a little bobble in one of those lifts, and I could sense her thinking her way through it. Coulda used a little more attack, though Brandon jam-packed that choreography.

CM, 8:18pm — I agree with you Daniel. She was a bit hesitant in some spots but it was really good. I’m thinking all 8s.

JUDGES — Derek thinks she has an “elegant demeanor” and great leg extension, but a few “wobbles.” Bruno thought she was “beautiful and deadly,” with “great poise,” but she needs to work on her transitions and stop doubting herself. Carrie Ann thinks she has so much power and digs into her dances, it’s “spectacular,” but sometimes she hits a pose and freezes instead of flowing through the dance. Len thought she captured the flavor of the Argentine tango.

SCORES — Carrie Ann (8), Len (8), Derek (8), Bruno (8) = 32

DM, 8:21pm — Sadly, I think she might be sunk with those scores, even though they were solid and deserved.

CM, 8:22pm — Yeah, we shall see.

JoJo Siwa and Jenna Johnson (Jazz, “It”)

DM, 8:26pm — Seeing JoJo in that Pennywise makeup and costume makes me excited for this routine. JoJo apparently gets a lot of girls dressing up as her for Halloween, so she decides to dress as Jenna for rehearsals. “We’ll take another daughter anytime,” says JoJo’s dad. Twinsies!

CM, 8:30pm — Already loving jojo’s dance LOL

DM, 8:30pm –Me too. And even the creepy Cold Porter arrangement is doing it for me.

CM, 8:31pm — She did that. Another perfect score IMO.

JUDGES — Bruno thought it was “terrifying and absolutely brilliant. You turned a nightmare into a work of art.” Carrie Ann thinks she’s obviously a “brilliant” dancer, but she keeps pushing herself to new limits. Len thought it was “scary” and captured the energy of the book. Derek loved the “juxtaposition” between the scary “It” theme and the “Anything Goes” theatricality.

SCORES — Carrie Ann (10), Len (10), Derek (10), Bruno (10) = 40

DM, 8:34pm — Yep, perfect score. I also love how JoJo says she feels the most like herself when dressed as a homicidal clown. I should try that sometime.

CM, 8:37pm — Haha, That dance to me cemented her as the front-runner. Although I can see Amanda earning a perfect score tonight as well.

DM, 8:37pm — I think Amanda coule be perfect too, especially since she’s the one playing Jigsaw, which I wasn’t expecting and I’m here for it.

Cody Rigsby and Cheryl Burke (Cha Cha, “American Psycho”)

DM, 8:38pm — I really like the idea of Cody skewering the toxic masculinity of “American Psycho,” especially since he kinda looks like Christian Bale circa 2000. His partner Andres’s advice to Cody for playing Patrick Bateman: “Be yourself.” He says, “I’m dancing for my man this week. Andres, this is for you!” Someone dedicating a serial killer dance to me is relationship goals to me, no lie.

DM, 8:43pm — A little clunky in places, but there were sections of that that Cody totally nailed.

CM, 8:43pm — Once again I agree. I’m surprised he’s not as fluid in his moves considering his dance background. All 8s.

JUDGES — Carrie Ann thought he was “amazing” and they finally “danced together as one.” Len says, “Hallelujah” because Cody finally showed his potential. Derek thought it was his best dance with detail and technique and a great “connection with Cheryl.” Bruno thought it was a “great” cha cha.

DM, 8:46pm — Maybe it’s the choreography. He’d probably own the dance floor at a club, but having to learn specific steps and in hold might be tougher? After those judges’ comments, I think he might get 9s.

SCORES — Carrie Ann (9), Len (9), Derek (9), Bruno (9) = 36

CM, 8:48pm — Hmmm. Ehh a bit overscored.

DM, 8:48pm — The men with the hardest dances scored ahead of Kenya, and the next two men have contemporaries. Kenya’s toast.

CM, 8:49pm — Yeah, poor Kenya.

Jimmie Allen and Emma Slater (Contemporary, “A Quiet Place”)

DM, 8:50pm — Unsurprisingly, Jimmie can relate to this film because it’s inherently about a father doing anything to protect his children. Emma also wants to bring American sign language into the dance as well given the film’s premise of being silent to survive. I like that idea for what must be a tough movie to plan a routine around.

DM, 8:54pm — Solid contemporary, really good choreography from Emma working with the theme of silence

CM, 8:54pm — Beautiful. Loved it. I can see him getting a 10.

DM, 8:55pm — Definitely. At least one or two.

JUDGES — Len “loved it,” it had control and emotional, and they managed to dance well to “tricky” music. Derek is emotional from the “beautiful routine,” “beautiful execution,” he’s authentic to the character. Bruno felt he captured the essence of the movie. Carrie Ann thought Jimmie showed dance’s capacity to make us better humans.

SCORES — Carrie Ann (10), Len (9), Derek (10), Bruno (9) = 38

CM, 8:57pm — Well deserved.

DM, 8:58pm — I thought the 10s were a bit much. The dance was great, and Jimmie was rock-solid for Emma, but I feel like they set a lower bar for contemporaries. “Don’t drop her and make the judges cry = 10” LOL.

CM, 8:58pm — Will Olivia join Kenya in the bottom?

DM, 8:58pm — Olivia might have to get all 10s to avoid the bottom two, and even then maybe not.

Derek Hough Performance: “Tango of the Dead”

CM, 9:01pm — I miss Derek as a pro.

DM, 9:02pm — I think he’s happy enough doing these exhibitions and coming for those Emmys LOL

CM, 9:02pm — True LOL.

DM, 9:02pm — And with no more “So You Think You Can Dance,” it’s easier for him to get those trophies.

Olivia Jade and Val Chmerkovskiy (Paso Doble, “The Purge”)

DM, 9:03pm — Poor Olivia has to follow a professional dance exhibition. She says it straight up in her clip package, about how it feels personal to be in the bottom two despite good scores because it makes her wonder if people just don’t like her. That’s a tough thing for someone to have to process on live television. I’m not a fan of the show doing redemption narratives what with the controversy around her parents try to fraudulently get her into college, but from a dance perspective she has proved herself in the ballroom.

CM, 9:06pm — I can see the judges over-score her.

DM, 9:10pm — I’m not sure the song really worked with the theme of the movie and the dance style, but Olivia killed it. Maybe her best dance, and she’s always been good.

CM, 9:11pm — She hit all the right moves, it lacked the attack and aggression at times. All 9s.

DM, 9:11pm — Yeah, I think her moves had the aggression, but maybe not in her emoting.

JUDGES — Derek commends her on doing so well in an especially difficult routine. Bruno agrees that she kept up with him in a difficult routine, but she still needs to work on her shoulders. Carrie Ann thinks she makes it look effortless, and she “stuck everything.” Len thought it was “terrific.”

SCORES — Carrie Ann (9), Len (9), Derek (9), Bruno (9) = 36

Melora Hardin and Artem Chigvintsev (Jive, “Cujo”)

DM, 9:13pm — Melora’s dad was actually in the movie “Cujo.” How could I forget that Melora’s dad was Deep Throat on “The X-Files”! Despite this dance being inspired by a killer dog, this routine is a tribute to her parents because she knows how lucky she is to still have both of her parents around when she’s in her 50s.

DM, 9:16pm — God, Melora was good. She’s always so much fun to watch.

Jeffrey Kare, 9:16pm — I never thought I’d see two zombies have a ton of fun in the ballroom.

CM, 9:17pm — So clean, slick and sharp. Great musicality.

JUDGES — Bruno thought it was “wit” and “sense of humor,” and they played off of each other incredibly well. Carrie Ann thought it was a great dance, but she thought it was a little safe and she wants to see more from Melora beyond her comfort zone of humor. Len thought it had great jive content and great execution. Derek agrees with Carrie Ann about wanting to see Melora push herself farther.

SCORES — Carrie Ann (8), Len (9), Derek (8), Bruno (9) = 34

DM, 9:20pm — See, that’s what makes me mad about the different standards. That was at least as good a jive as Jimmie performed a contemporary (and more difficult I think), but the contemporary was emotional and made the judges cry, so it got way better scores.

DM, 9:21pm — Guess all my votes are going to Melora tonight LOL

Iman Shumpert and Danieella Karagach (Contemporary, “Us”)

DM, 9:22pm — I really like Iman, but he’s performing a contemporary, and I’m still mad at those low scores for Melora, so if he gets better scores, he’d better earn it. The lifts should be no problem for him, as long as he doesn’t drop her from that height.

DM, 9:26pm — Okay, that contemporary was straight fire. Daniella choreographed the hell out of that, really using the movement from the film to inform the moves in the dance. Maybe the best dance of the night?

JK, 9:26pm — I thought that performance was weird…in a good way.

CM, 9:26pm — He did that. Another perfect score.

DM, 9:27pm — I was prepared to be mad at him getting over-scored, but it’s gonna deserve all those 10s. She used his height perfectly, and he executed some difficult as hell lifts and tricks.

CM, 9:27pm — I agree. I’m going to stick with my prediction that Iman is going to the finals.

JUDGES — Carrie Ann says, “Holy cow, that was genius … Sheer perfection.” Len thought Daniella came up with a “brilliant” concept that made Iman look “fantastic.” Derek jumps on the table out of excitement. Bruno was “totally transfixed.”

CM, 9:31pm — Right now the bottom two will be Kenya and maybe Cody or Melora.

DM, 9:31pm — I still think Kenya and Olivia, but maybe Melora. And we’ll have to see what happens with Suni.

SCORES — Carrie Ann (10), Len (10), Derek (10), Bruno (10) = 40

Suni Lee and Sasha Farber (Tango, “The Vampire Diaries”)

DM, 9:33pm — Sasha is known for scaring people, but Suni scares him first. Now Sasha is gonna get revenge. Poor girl. Luckily, Suni is a big fan of “Vampire Diaries,” so it seems like she’ll connect well to the dance.

DM, 9:37pmn — Great choreography to that music, lost a little bit of fire in the middle there, but excellent performance. I think 9s

JK, 9:37pm — In my opinion, that was magnetic!

CM, 9:37pm — I thought she did great.

JUDGES — Len thought the footwork was a little off. Derek thought there was a little disconnect with the music, and it needed more power. Bruno says, “Tonight you have bite,” and she was reaching for the movement. Carrie Ann noticed a tiny lift, but she can see Suni is having more and more fun every week, and she needs to keep that up.

CM, 9:38pm — She might get an 8 or two.

SCORES — Carrie Ann (9), Len (9), Derek (9), Bruno (9) = 36

CM, 9:39pm — Never mind LOL.

Amanda Kloots and Alan Bersten (Argentine Tango, “Saw”)

DM, 9:42pm — I think there’s already a chance for another perfect score tonight with Amanda playing Jigsaw in a dance style that I think is going to be perfect for her with her technique and her leg extension. It looks like Amanda is worried about being able to execute the dance in the clip package during a moment of conflict with Alan, but I have a feeling she’s gonna be perfectly fine. Also, she’s murdering him in the dance anyway, so she can just use it for inspiration.

JK, 9:47pm — That was a (pun intended) killer!

DM, 9:47pm — If it weren’t for Iman, that would’ve been the best dance of the night. Alan threw a lot at her with that choreography because he knew she could handle it that well.

CM, 9:47pm — As predicted, Amanda killed it.

JUDGES — Derek thought that was exactly what he was waiting for when he withheld a 10 from her last week. Bruno appreciated the real Argentine tango content and the “great” execution. Carrie Ann thinks Amanda is pushing herself with a little too much tension. Len agrees that it was “too sharp.”

DM, 9:49pm — Oh come on, Carrie Ann and Len!

CM, 9:49pm — Really? That’s BS

SCORES — Carrie Ann (9), Len (9), Derek (10), Bruno (10) = 38

JK, 9:50pm — At least Derek and Bruno both came in to save the day there.

CM, 9:51pm — Bye, Kenya.


1. Iman Shumpert — 40
1. JoJo Siwa — 40
3. Jimmie Allen — 38
3. Amanda Kloots — 38
5. Olivia Jade — 36
5. Suni Lee — 36
5. Cody Rigsby — 36
8. Melora Hardin — 34
8. The Miz — 34
10. Kenya Moore — 32


DM, 9:55pm — Okay, let’s see what kind of hot mess we end up with tonight LOL. The safe celebs are … Iman Shumpert (no surprise there), Olivia Jade (kind of a surprise there), JoJo Siwa (duh), Cody Rigsby (starting to worry for Melora and Suni), The Miz (no surprise there either, but REALLY worried now), Amanda Kloots (whew), Jimmie Allen (not too surprising), and Melora Hardin (breathing a sigh of relief). The means the bottom two are Kenya Moore and Suni Lee, which is some nonsense where Suni is concerned.

DM, 9:57pm — Carrie Ann votes to save Suni. Derek also votes to save Suni. Bruno votes to save Suni, which makes it official that Suni is safe and Kenya Moore is eliminated. Len confirms that it would have been unanimous because Len would have voted for Suni too.

CM, 10:00pm — This doesn’t bode well for Suni to make it the finals.

DM, 10:00pm — Nope. I don’t think Suni makes it more than a couple more weeks. If Suni and Olivia are together in the bottom two next week, it’s hard to say who the judges would save at this point. It seems like all the men have more fans than all the women. Except maybe JoJo, I think she probably has the fan base too.

CM, 10:01pm — I agree. I’m surprised about Cody.

JK, 10:02pm — Me too.

DM, 10:02pm — I was pretty sure he’d be fine with those 9s. He’s been safe after doing much worse relative to the other celebs.

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