Danny McCray (‘Survivor 41’) faces fiery Shan Smith at Ponderosa: ‘It may have been a little hotter than expected’ [WATCH]

After being voted out of “Survivor 41” in the season’s penultimate episode, Danny McCray knew he would face tough questions from his one-time ally Shan Smith at Ponderosa. However, even he admitted that their ultimate meeting “may have been a little hotter than expected” (watch above). Shan and fellow eliminee Liana Wallace were upset with Danny for breaking their so-called Black alliance, resulting in the three of them being voted out back-to-back-to-back (only Deshawn Radden still remains in the game).

Danny blatantly asked Shan if she told Ricard Foye that the group was planning on voting him out, and Shan fired back, “I gave Ricard a heads up. That was my common courtesy to my number one.” She then added, “I was still locked in with my number four,” referring to the four African-American players. When the boys found out that Shan had betrayed them, they decided it was time to go along with Ricard’s plan to get rid of her.

“You and Deshawn making the decision on that vote, that was the end of all four of us,” Liana informed him. “I mean, you see it’s been Shan, me, you. Deshawn might not be next, but what’s happened has happened because of that.” Danny agreed with her.

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Later in a confessional, Danny admitted that his meeting with the girls was “difficult to deal with.” As he explained, “The emotion was high and low and you just got voted out and you’re trying to figure out how to process all of that. I just tried my hardest to stay calm and try to understand where she was coming from. I think we were able to let cooler heads prevail. After a while, we were able to talk it out.”

The fiery dinner ended rather peaceably, with Danny, Shan and Liana giving each other hugs. Danny told the girls, “I’m willing to do whatever I need to do for all four of us to get together and show that no matter what happened on that TV show, we’re still sticking together and we were able to discuss it and move past it and then grow some type of relationship and maybe cause some change somewhere else.” Also in the Ponderosa video, the former NFL superstar learned he’d lost 20 pounds on the island, and he played rugby for the first time.

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