Derek Frazier (‘Big Brother 23’) finale spotlight: ‘I deserve to win that $750K more than anyone else in this house’

Derek Frazier, aka Big D, is the son of boxing legend Joe Frazier, but he wanted to carve out his own legacy in the “Big Brother” house. The 29-year old safety officer from Philadelphia didn’t win a single competition all summer, but he still believes he dominated the game. Whether fans agree with him or not, Big D has made it to the final three and will face off against Azah Awasum and Xavier Prather on Wednesday’s live Season 23 finale hosted by Julie Chen Moonves. Read on for our “Big Brother 23” finale spotlight on Derek.

Big D came into the house hoping to represent not just Black people, but also the LGBTQ+ community and overweight folks who may have felt like they couldn’t compete on the CBS reality TV show before. “I knew that I was not going to be a comp beast so I relied on my social game,” he revealed on Episode 36.

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“I definitely think my social game is one of the best in ‘BB’ history,” Big D bragged. “Why would you want to get rid of the person that’s having a good time?” More importantly, he knew he would have to rely on allies to keep him safe. Using his charm and personality, Big D began building strong connections on Day 1. His first move was a final two deal with Brandon “Frenchie” French, quickly followed by additional final two deals with both Kyland Young and Xavier.

Big D admits to having a bit of a crush on each of his sexy partners throughout the game, but he truly wanted to work with them because they were fierce competitors that could protect him. In addition to working with the strongest men in the house, Big D formed a deep connection with his fellow Joker, Azah. So even though Big D never won a single competition all summer, it didn’t really matter because he was always “in good” with the HOH.

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Most importantly, Big D came into the game with the goal of becoming the first Black winner. To make this goal happen, Big D helped form the Cookout and then worked to ensure nobody outside the alliance would figure out they were working together. The Cookout was able to dominate the summer with nobody catching on until they had already been sent packing, but it wasn’t always smooth sailing.

Throughout the summer, Big D had a contentious relationship with one member of his alliance in particular, Tiffany Mitchell. The two of them butted heads on multiple occasions and Big D admits they had a hard time working together. At one point, he even considered abandoning the Cookout because of his inability to tolerate her. Eventually, cooler heads prevailed and Big D knew they had to stick together to accomplish their unified goal of getting the Cookout to the final six.

“When we got to the final four, making the choice to evict Kyland was my biggest and hardest move,” Big D declared from the Diary Room. “Because of my personal relationships I am perfectly set up to be in those final two chairs on finale night. I spent over 80 days playing the perfect social game and I deserve to win that $750K more than anyone else in this house.”

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