Should Erika Casupanan (‘Survivor 41’) ‘change history’ and smash the hourglass? [POLL]

History was made during the sixth episode of “Survivor 41” when Jeff Probst traveled to Exile Island to meet with its inhabitant, Erika Casupanan, and tempt her with an offer. The host presented the castaway with an hourglass and a hammer and told her that if she wanted to “go back in time and change history” by reversing the results of the merge challenge, all she had to do was smash it. Erika’s decision was not yet revealed to viewers, as this was actually the first part of a two-part episode. But what do YOU think she should do? Vote in our poll and then defend your choice in the comments section.

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To recap, Erika was sent to her own island for two days when she drew one of two grey rocks at the merge challenge (Naseer Muttalif drew the other) and then lost a rock-paper-scissors decision for which of the two of them would be exiled. Upon arriving at her new “tropical vacation resort,” she discovered just minimal supplies — water, rice and a cooking pot.

“Of the things that I absolutely did not want to happen to me on ‘Survivor,’ number one on the list was be alone on a beach for one night,” she told the camera. “And it is happening times two. Being alone for that amount of time almost seems scarier than not being in the game for two days.”

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The next morning, Jeff offered Erika one of the most powerful decisions in “Survivor’s” 41 seasons. “In sending you out here, what they didn’t know is they gave you tremendous power,” he explained. “The black sand at the bottom of this hourglass represents the time that has already passed. This is the history of what has happened in the game. If you want, you can leave the game in its natural state and the events that have happened, happened. Or, if you want, you can go back in time and change history. You have the power to reverse the outcome of yesterday’s merge challenge, so those that have immunity would have it stripped from them. They would have to compete, one of the six of them would be voted out. You and the other five would be safe and guaranteed a spot in the Final 11.”

Since Erika is on the outs with her original Luvu tribe (remember, they were willing to throw a challenge to get her out), it seems likely she will smash the hourglass in order to secure her own safety. But crazier things have happened. “This could burn bridges with people that I do have some type of trust with,” she teased at the end of the episode. “People are gonna talk about this one for a long time.”

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