‘Game of Talents’ series premiere recap: Wayne Brady hosts Fox’s wacky new variety show [UPDATING LIVE BLOG]

At the start of Fox’s wacky new variety show “Game of Talents,” Wayne Brady listed the three reasons why he signed on as host: “spectacular talent, great games and a big pile of money.” There’s over $200,000 at stake for the week’s contestants, who must identify the secret talents of mystery performers before their opponents. This week’s teams were: critical care physicians Dr. John and Dr. Jamie and competitive in-laws Mikel and Monica. So who ended up winning the money, and what crazy talents were unearthed in the series premiere?

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Below, read our minute-by-minute “Game of Talents” recap of Season 1, Episode 1, to find out what happened Wednesday, March 10 at 9:00 p.m. ET/PT. Then be sure to sound off in the comments section about your favorite costumed characters on Fox’s reality TV show and who you think has what it takes to win the entire competition.

Wayne is a Primetime Emmy winner for “Whose Line Is It Anyway?” and a Daytime Emmy champ for “The Wayne Brady Show” and “Let’s Make a Deal.” However, his most popular claim to fame was starring as the Fox on Season 2 of “The Masked Singer.” Wayne ended up taking home the Golden Mask that season, beating out Chris Daughtry as the Rottweiler and Adrienne Bailon as Flamingo.

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9:00 p.m. — Tonight’s seven mystery talents are: fire thrower, bonebreaker, 3D dancer, stand-up comedian, world champion jump roper, levitator and gospel singer. Both teams will have to guess which of the seven guest performers belong to those specialties. Fun!

9:05 p.m. — We start things off getting to know the teams competing for the prize money. The doctors are both from California and are playing tonight to show young Black children that there are options for them to become physicians if they dream big enough and put in the work. On the other team, Mikel is playing with his wife’s sister, Monica. They consider themselves to be just alike and were both raised by single mothers. They’ll be playing in their honor tonight.

9:10 p.m. — It’s time to get to the first performer! Nick Woodard walks out on stage and the contestants immediately notice he has a strong physique, even though he’s dressed in a suit. Nick says he is from Kentucky and enjoys baking and fantasy football. Mikel and Monica note that Nick is very well put together and appears athletic. We then see a clue that includes “Cinderella Dressed in Yella Candy Store,” a pile of small globes that say “#1 Seller,” a jar of “jaw destroyers,” “testa-mints” and “red-hot jelly beans.” Based on the clues, Mikel and Monica think Nick is a bonebreaker. As Nick heads off to prepare for his performance, the doctors say they would have guessed him to be a world champion jump roper. The curtain lifts and Nick is, indeed, a champion jump roper and shows off an impressive performance with a crew of jumping friends. Since Mikel and Monica were wrong, the doctors receive $10,000 in their bank.

9:20 p.m. — Next to the stage is a woman named Sonia Harley from Sacramento who claims to love sewing and shopping. Doctors John and Jamie note that she is short, has good style, a fun hairstyle and nice boots. Sonia’s clue package includes hints about “funny money,” “perfect harmony,” “denim Daisy Dukes” and “‘A’ Men.” We also hear the names Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. It seems obvious Sonia is likely a gospel singer and the doctors are excited to play. They lock in “gospel singer” as their final guess as Sonia heads backstage to prepare for her performance. Sonia re-emerges singing a beautiful rendition of “Glory,” proving the doctors were right and banking them an additional $10,000.

9:30 p.m. — The next performer to take the stage is Ja’Don Christian. She is from the Virgin Islands and claims to be a huge “Star Wars” nerd. With Mikel and Monica back in control, they’ll decide if they want to take a guess at her hidden talent or pass it to the doctors. This round is worth $15,000 so they have to think strategically. Monica likes Ja’Don’s hair and jacket and the in-laws decide to play. In Ja’Don’s clue package, we hear an anonymous person describe a crime scenario involving “Donny Three Times,” mention of pirate movies and the film industry, audience members wearing 3D glasses, a man named “Chuckles” and mention of a club with Chuckles holding a bag of cash. Last is a guy named “Ray Presto” who is carrying the bones of a dinosaur on his hatchback. There are clues to almost all of the remaining talents on the board, so this will be tough. After careful discussion, Mikel and Monica lock in 3D Dancer as Ja’Don’s talent. But were they right? The doctors say they would have guessed Ja’Don is a bonebreaker. Ja’Don returns to the stage and delivers a body-stretching bonebreaking routine and once again the doctors will bank the money, giving them a $35,000-$0 advantage after three rounds!

9:40 p.m. — With Dr. John and Dr. Jamie back in control, the next performer walks out and he’s a casually dressed man named Fernando Velasco. He is from Mexico and loves to play soccer. The doctors notice that he’s an athlete and decide to take their chances and guess his hidden talent. The clues in Fernando’s restaurant-themed package mention Melissa McCarthy‘s spinach dip, Paula Abdul‘s flatbread pizza, Joseph Gordon Levitt‘s tasty tots and Mike Piazza‘s bundt cake flambe’. After analyzing the clues, the doctors decide Fernando is a fire thrower. Mikel and Monica think he’s a standup comedian. Fernando returns to the stage to reveal he’s actually a levitator. Fernando places Wayne on a board before making him float through the air and Mikel and Monica have finally banked $15,000.

9:50 p.m. — Next is the elimination round worth $60,000. Sam Tobey from Santa Barbara walks on stage and the contestants notice her tall stature as she saunters by them in a floral dress. In this round, both teams will go head-to-head playing against each other at the same time. This round is about speed and accuracy. Once the video clue begins to play, teams can lock in their answer. As soon as they lock in, the clue freezes and we won’t see any more. If the team guesses correctly, they get $60,000 and the other team is eliminated. However, if they guess wrong the other team will bank the money. After an ad for a very unusual law firm, Mikel and Monica are first to lock in with fire thrower. Were they correct? Yes! Sam emerges and teases the contestants into thinking she’s a 3D dancer before hurling into her fire routine and banking Mikel and Monica $60,000! Sadly, the doctors who started out so well in this competition will go home with nothing.

9:59 p.m. — With $75,000 in the bank, Mikel and Monica must now decide if they want to play on and double their money to $150,000. Two talents remain on the board with just one performer left: a 3D dancer or a stand-up comedian. Jason from St. Louis arrives on stage and reveals he lives with his wife and six children. His look and vibe screams stand-up comedian to Mikel, but could he be faking them out. There is one more clue package that mentions Kevin Hart, a ballerina, George Lopez, Jennifer Lopez, mention of going on a third date and a wink emoji. Will Mikel and Monica keep their $75,000 or risk it all to double their money? They decide they have come to play and lock in 3D dancer! For $150,000, Jason comes back to the stage and reveals he is a 3D dancer! Mikel and Monica have won $150,000 and Jason gives a jaw-dropping performance to close out the show.

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