Gordon Ramsay (‘Hell’s Kitchen 19’) finally eliminates Marc Quinones, calls him ‘a big talker and a decent cook’

Apparently the fifth time on the elimination block was the charm for Marc Quinones, as he was finally forced to give up his jacket at the end of the 10th episode of “Hell’s Kitchen.”

“Marc is a big talker and a decent cook, but I’m looking for someone who can lead a brigade,” Gordon Ramsay said after sending home the 37-year-old executive chef from Albuquerque, New Mexico. The host later added, “Marc couldn’t even win over his own team.” It’s true — Marc’s teammates put him up on the block five times during this 19th season, more than anyone else.

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Of course, Marc didn’t go down without a fight. He pleaded with Chef Ramsay to keep him, claiming, “I did bounce back tonight,” despite messing up on the appetizer station. “This was a complete whack job, an assassination attempt on me,” he said in reference to his oven being mysteriously turned off. “They are more concerned with protecting each other and playing politics than doing the right thing for the right reasons.”

Marc’s fellow Blue Team members couldn’t decide whom to nominate alongside Marc, so Cody Candelario, the team’s strongest contestant, volunteered to go up next to him. The plan worked perfectly, as Chef Ramsay had no choice then but to send Marc packing. “Now that your weakest link is gone, he is not your excuse anymore,” he warned the remaining Blue Team players.

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In his parting words, Marc’s frustration came to the surface as he reflected on his former allies. “I came in here with the mission to be authentic, and those individuals in that house just couldn’t stand my energy,” he sighed. “My spirit was too much for them. They were out to get me from the beginning. My team let me down a long time ago.”

Following Marc’s elimination, only seven aspiring chefs remain in the running to join the “HK” winners list: Jordan Savell, Kori Sutton, Mary Lou Davis and Nicole “Nikki” Hanna of the Red Team, and Cody, Declan Horgan and Amber Lancaster of the Blue Team. The ultimate champion will become the head chef at the Gordon Ramsay Hell’s Kitchen Lake Tahoe Restaurant.

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