Heidi Klum (‘AGT’) calls Jimmie Herrod a ‘million dollar act’ after live show performance of ‘Pure Imagination’ [WATCH]

Sofia Vergara made Jimmie Herrod a household name when she pushed her Golden Buzzer for him during the audition phase of “America’s Got Talent.” Now that the live shows have begun, the powerhouse singer seems to have a new cheerleader in the form of Heidi Klum. After Jimmie’s live performance of “Pure Imagination” from “Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory,” Heidi called him a “million dollar act.” Talk about a huge vote of confidence! All four judges — Heidi, Sofia, Howie Mandel and Simon Cowell — gave Jimmie a standing ovation, signalling their unanimous approval. Watch the “AGT” audition video above.

In his “AGT” live blog, our recapper John Benutty had this to say about the performance: “For the final performance of the night, Sofia’s Golden Buzzer choice Jimmie Herrod came to the stage for his version of ‘Pure Imagination’ by Gene Wilder. Like his audition of ‘Tomorrow,’ the song was pure Broadway styling, but here it created its own atmosphere entirely different from what we know from ‘Willy Wonka.’ As with ‘Tomorrow,’ all of the judges were on their feet to applaud Jimmie’s song and no one was more proud than Sofia, calling him a star. Simon said that he’s the kind of performer that you can never forget and Heidi called him ‘the million dollar act.'”

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As you may recall, Jimmie’s original audition ended in a bit of a shocker as Sofia pretended she “didn’t like” his performance of “Tomorrow” from “Annie.” As the audience understandably booed her, Sofia then shouted, “But I loved it!” and slammed her hand down on the Golden Buzzer. Prior to that golden confetti moment, Simon had actually urged Jimmie to change his song choice because he thought “Tomorrow” was the “worst song in the world.” Luckily, Jimmie stuck to his guns and the rest is now history.

During the August 10 live show, Jimmie Herrod competed against 11 other quarter-finalists who are all hoping to receive enough votes from America to advance to the next round. The others were: singer Peter Rosalita, singer Madilyn Bailey,  comedian Gina Brillon, comedian Kabir Singh, vocal group 1aChord, kids dance company Beyond Belief, animal tricks act Canine Stars, band Gangstagrass, escape artist Matt Johnson, physical comic Sethward and magician Dustin Tavella. Who are YOU rooting for?

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