‘Hell’s Kitchen 20’ Top 5 power rankings: Trenton Garvey or Steven Glenn could become first male winner since Season 12

For the landmark 20th season of “Hell’s Kitchen,” Gordon Ramsay brought together 18 aspiring chefs younger than the age of 24 to compete on his “Young Guns” cycle. His hope was to find a future leader he could mentor throughout their career, with the winner claiming a head chef position at Ramsay’s steakhouse at the Paris Hotel in Las Vegas. Five chef-testants have survived this grueling job interview so far, but only one can walk away with the grand prize. Check out our “Hell’s Kitchen” power rankings heading into Episodes 13 and 14 below.

The 13 eliminated chefs to date are Ava Harren, Matthew Francis Johnson, Jayuan Smith, Alex Lenik, Morgana Vesey, Payton Cooper, Kevin Argueta, Keanu Hogan, Victoria Sonora, Josie Clemens, Sam Garman, Emily Hersh and Antonio Ruiz. Below are our “Hell’s Kitchen 20” Top 5 power rankings for the chef-testants still in contention for the title.

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1. Trenton Garvey
There’s just something about Trenton that gives us a “winner vibe” this season. The 23-year old started off a little shaky and has lost about as much as he’s won throughout the challenges. What makes Trenton stand out is the growth we’ve seen from him throughout the weeks. In the last few episodes, Ramsay has pulled Trenton aside to compliment his great work during dining service and praise his cooking skills. Trenton also remains pretty calm under pressure, which we know Ramsay appreciates despite being a hothead himself. Look out for Trenton to quietly walk away as the first male winner since Season 12’s Scott Commings.

2. Steven Glenn
Steven started off as one of the early frontrunners and has won more cooking challenges than he’s lost. In Episode 2 he was called out as the best cook in the kitchen, but has since struggled to find his voice. The 21-year old’s quiet demeanor has landed him in hot water, with Ramsay screaming at him at one point, asking if the young chef even wants to be there. But Ramsay’s frustration comes from potential he sees in Steven, who recovers well from adversity and serves up quality food. He may have been the last chef to win his black jacket, but don’t count Steven out yet.

3. Kiya Willhelm
Kiya has a can-do attitude and refuses to give up when the going gets tough. Her small town Southern charm makes her a likable and memorable contestant. The 22-year old’s grit and passion make her a force in the kitchen. Kiya wins more than she loses in the challenges, but her best quality is her ability to take over the kitchen when things are getting heated. Of the five remaining chefs, Kiya probably has the strongest voice when it comes to leadership, but her direction is hit or miss.

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4. Megan Gill
Megan is a steady voice within the kitchen, but it’s a quiet voice. Of the five remaining chefs in this competition, Megan is likely the hardest to remember and the easiest to forget. The 23-year old generally performs well in challenges, winning slightly more often than losing. But does she have the presence to take command of a kitchen? Megan appears to fade into the background and whether she can step it up and impress Ramsay with some leadership skills remains to be seen.

5. Brynn Gibson
Brynn may not actually finish last due to her ability to pull out some delicious dishes when it counts, but her emotional instability is not suited for a leadership position. The 21-year old has done well in challenges, winning or scoring points about half the time she competes. Brynn has even been called out for having the best dish on the Red Team on occasion. The problem is that she’s a total basket case when it gets hot in the kitchen. Her constant flow of tears and dramatic meltdowns show a lack of leadership ability and it would be shocking to see Ramsay insert someone like Brynn into a head chef position at one of his high profile restaurants.

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