Sorry, boys: ‘Hell’s Kitchen’ viewers want Mary Lou Davis or Kori Sutton to win it all [POLL RESULTS]

Season 19 of “Hell’s Kitchen” is closing in on its winner announcement, with only four contestants still in the running for the head chef position at Gordon Ramsay‘s Lake Tahoe Restaurant. Of this final four — Mary Lou Davis, Kori Sutton, Declan Horgan and Cody Candelario — the reality TV show’s viewers are adamant that a woman deserves to join the “HK” winners list. Both Mary Lou and Kori topped our recent poll asking fans to vote for who should win it all. Sorry, boys!

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Here are the complete poll results:

43% — Mary Lou Davis

25% — Kori Sutton

21% — Declan Horgan

11% — Cody Candelario

Just missing out on a chance to make it into the final four was Amber Lancaster. This 30-year-old executive chef from Chicago was eliminated in last week’s episode after failing to impress on the fish station. Amber started out the competition strong as a member of the Red Team, but when she switched to the Blue Team midway through, she started getting in her head.

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“Amber came here expecting to beat the competition, but her biggest obstacle ended up being herself,” Chef Ramsay said after taking her black jacket. In the host’s eyes, Amber was “inconsistent” from week to week, while the other four chef-testants are dependable no matter which station he puts them in. She had been nominated for elimination a total of four times, more than anyone else in the final five.

Kori and Mary Lou are the last remaining members of the original Red Team. They’ve each proven their worth over the past 13 episodes, with Mary Lou earning bragging rights for earning the first black jacket thanks to her success in the “taste it now make it” challenge. Likewise, Cody and Declan have been together since day one as members of the original Blue Team. They’ve had each other’s backs through thick and thin, including with all of the recent Amber drama in which she accused them of ganging up on her. Who do you think will win “Hell’s Kitchen: Las Vegas”?

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