‘Hell’s Kitchen’ spoiler: The Punishment Pass returns this season … but with an ‘evil’ twist

Back in Season 18, “Hell’s Kitchen” introduced a new reward called the Punishment Pass, which allows the recipient to skip one future punishment should they lose a challenge. The fun prize returns in Season 19 during Thursday’s second episode, but with a surprising twist. Spoiler alert! Now, the person who uses the pass can choose one member from the winning team to take their place in the punishment. “Come on, as if that’s not the most evil thing ever?” wonders the Red Team’s Kori Sutton after hearing about the twist. Are you excited for the return of the Punishment Pass? Sound off down in the comments section.

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“If I was in your shoes right now, trust me, I would be desperate to get my hands on this pass,” Chef Gordon Ramsay tells the 18 new chef-testants at the start of their individual shrimp challenge. Find out who wins the Punishment Pass Thursday night on Fox. Last year, Bret Hauser won the coveted honor and chose to get out of a punishment of preparing calamari table-side.

“Hell’s Kitchen” debuted last week after taking a year-long hiatus. This 19th season was actually filmed before the Covid-19 pandemic began raging across the globe, so that’s why the contestants aren’t social distancing or wearing masks. For the first time ever, Fox’s reality TV show said goodbye to its longtime home in Hollywood, California and started filmed instead in Las Vegas, Nevada.

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Nobody was eliminated during the Season 19 premiere, as it basically just served as a welcome episode for the aspiring contestants. For their introductory challenge, one member from the Red Team faced off against one member from the Blue Team in head-to-head match-ups with the same three ingredients. Chef Ramsay gave them all points based on the look and taste of their dishes, with the men squeaking out a narrow victory thanks to Declan Horgan‘s New York strip and Marc Quinones‘s pork loin.

At the end of the season, one person will join the show’s coveted winner’s list. Their ultimate prize will be a head chef position at Chef Ramsay’s new “Hell’s Kitchen” restaurant in Lake Tahoe.

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