‘Hell’s Kitchen’ Top 3 power rankings: Kori Sutton and Mary Lou Davis poised to cook up 6th all-female finale

It’s heating up in “Hell’s Kitchen” with only three chef-testants remaining in the Fox reality TV competition for a head chef position at Gordon Ramsay‘s Lake Tahoe restaurant. With just two episodes left, Declan Horgan, Kori Sutton and Mary Lou Davis have been described as three of the most competitive, talented chefs in “Hell’s Kitchen” history. The “HK19” finalists will compete in one last cooking challenge on April 15 before the final two face off for the title on April 22.

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Over 18 seasons, 12 winners have been women. Gordon’s appreciation for female leadership in the kitchen has been well documented and could lead to a face-off between Kori and Mary Lou. There have been five all-female finales in the history of the series: Heather West defeated Virginia Dalbeck in Season 2, Ja’Nell Witt defeated Mary Poehnelt in Season 11, Ariel Malone defeated Kristin Barone in Season 15, Kimberly-Ann Ryan defeated Heather Williams in Season 16 and Ariel Contreras-Fox defeated Mia Castro in Season 18.

So who has the momentum to cook their way to the Season 19 title? And who is most likely to get an expletive-filled sendoff from Gordon? Check out our “Hell’s Kitchen” Top 3 power rankings heading into Episode 15 below. The 15 eliminated chefs to date are Kenneth McDuffieEliott SanchezFabiola FuentesDrew TingleyBrittani RatcliffPeter MartinezJosh Oakley, Syann WilliamsLauren LawlessAdam PawlakMarc QuinonesJordan Savell, Nikki Hanna, Amber Lancaster and Cody Candelario.

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1. Kori Sutton
Kori kicked off Episode 14 by winning the latest challenge the chef-testants faced: Cooking up some post-party comfort food for rowdy club-goers. Her 40 delicious portions earned rave reviews from the crowd and won her a $4,000 shopping spree she shared with Cody. At dinner service she held her own running the pass, stopping Sous Chef Christina Wilson from sabotaging the meal with halibut nuggets instead of scallops and sea bass instead of halibut. Kori has remained calm and collected throughout the season and never faced elimination. Although nominated in Episode 7, Gordon scoffed at the Red Team for putting blame on Kori and put her back in line, replacing her with Jordan and ultimately eliminating Syann.

2. Mary Lou Davis
The fiery 28-year old from Texas didn’t have a great showing in the most recent episode, becoming the third and final chef to advance. She got last place in the cooking challenge when Las Vegas partiers were unreceptive to her comfort food. That being said, Mary Lou was the first to receive a black jacket and has won multiple individual challenges and is often the MVP of the Red Team. She’s also got a big personality that viewers and Gordon seem to appreciate. When the final four were asked who they should compete against in the finale, Mary Lou received the most votes by getting endorsements from both Kori and Cody. She has also never been nominated for elimination.

3. Declan Horgan
Declan has performed inconsistently in challenges and his temper has gotten him into hot water with fellow contestants. Although he was the first person to advance into the final three, that may have just been for dramatic effect. Declan is the only chef remaining who has been up for elimination, surviving Episode 13 at the expense of Amber. He has never won an individual cooking challenge and cost the Blue Team twice by underperforming in team challenges.

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