‘Hell’s Kitchen’ Top 6 power rankings: Cody Candelario and Mary Lou Davis sizzle in and out of the kitchen

It’s getting hot in “Hell’s Kitchen” and not just because only six chef-testants remain in the Fox reality TV competition for a head chef position at Gordon Ramsay‘s Lake Tahoe restaurant. As tempers flare and the stress increases with each passing week, Cody Candelario and Mary Lou Davis have been developing a spicy relationship over nightly games of cards and flirtatious banter. And the distraction seems to be paying off as each of them is flourishing with just five episodes remaining.

So who has the momentum to cook their way to the Season 19 finale? And who is most likely to get an expletive-filled sendoff from Gordon? Check out our “Hell’s Kitchen” Top 6 power rankings heading into Episode 12 below. The 12 eliminated chefs to date are Kenneth McDuffieEliott SanchezFabiola FuentesDrew TingleyBrittani RatcliffPeter MartinezJosh Oakley, Syann WilliamsLauren LawlessAdam Pawlak, Marc Quinones and Jordan Savell.

1. Cody Candelario
In their most recent challenge, Cody took down Mary Lou in a battle for the best-cooked halibut. He won a pool party and BBQ for his team while his potential new girlfriend was left handcrafting 600 cookies. But what stands out most about Cody is his leadership role on the Blue Team. Cody seems to always get his way whenever an argument ensues. And the fact that he nominated himself for elimination a couple weeks ago to ensure Marc was chopped showed a ton of confidence.

2. Mary Lou Davis
Mary Lou just keeps getting better each week (not to mention she’s so much fun to watch). Sure, she lost a challenge to Cody, but at least it was close. What mattered more was that she saved Nikki’s dish in that same challenge and recovered with a respectable dinner service. Mary Lou is the life of the party and a major morale booster for her team. She’s definitely a chef people would like to work with, but can she up her game and prove she’s a leader?

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3. Declan Horgan
Declan tied last week’s eliminated chef, Jordan, in the most recent cooking challenge, which couldn’t have been a confidence booster. But he’s always vocal in the kitchen and rarely fails to communicate effectively. At the most recent dinner service he demanded that he completely own the scallops station, which led the Blue Team to serve up their appetizers well ahead of the Red Team. Declan is solidly performing near the top of the pack each week.

4. Kori Sutton
Kori was the chef to beat a couple weeks ago, but she’s fallen to the middle of the pack after a slew of middle-of-the-road performances. I can’t imagine her going home this week, but she hasn’t been hitting her dishes out of the park. She tied with Amber in last week’s challenge and then had a quiet, but successful night cooking up halibut at dinner service.

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5. Nikki Hanna
Nikki began to flourish a few weeks ago, but she’s stalled as of late and there may not be enough time for her to recover. In last week’s episode her halibut dish was dumped in favor of Mary Lou’s during the challenge. At the dinner service she wasn’t happy with her performance and had a few mishaps in both the prep and plating of her dishes. Nikki’s lack of experience may come back to bite her as we near the end of the competition.

6. Amber Lancaster
Amber can’t seem to get out of her own way, refusing to see herself as anything but a victim of everyone else’s miscarriage of justice. She hates owning her mistakes and at this point she has become nearly as toxic as her former teammate, Marc. Her miserable attitude will never land her at the top of this competition, so we wait patiently for Gordon to put her out of her misery.

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