‘Hell’s Kitchen’ Top 8 power rankings: Kori Sutton, Declan Horgan looking strong at halfway point

After multiple meltdowns, undercooked entrées and a flurry of F-bombs dropped by Gordon Ramsay, just eight chef-testants remain in the Fox reality cooking competition “Hell’s Kitchen.” The winner will receive a position as a head chef at Gordon’s Hell’s Kitchen restaurant in Lake Tahoe. So who has the momentum to cook their way to the finale? And who is most likely to get an expletive-filled sendoff from Gordon? Check out our “Hell’s Kitchen” power rankings heading into Episode 10 below.

The 10 eliminated chefs to date are Kenneth McDuffie, Eliott Sanchez, Fabiola Fuentes, Drew Tingley, Brittani Ratcliff, Peter Martinez, Josh Oakley, Syann Williams, Lauren Lawless and Adam Pawlak. Below are our Top 8 power rankings for the chef-testants still in contention for the Season 19 title.

1. Kori Sutton
Kori was complimented for her leadership in Episode 9 and emerged as the chef to beat on the Red Team. Her calm, cool and collected demeanor at dinner service kept the team in line as she served up one perfect dish after another. The Red Team has found steady footing as of late, much in part to Kori’s consistency and ability to handle stress.

2. Declan Horgan
The Blue Team seems to have constant drama with in-fighting between teammates, but this Irish giant continues to rise above it and refuses to get distracted. Good food remains the first priority for Declan and he’s quick to correct mistakes when they arise. He also proved to have one of the best palates in the kitchen, giving him all the ingredients it takes to make it to the finale.

3. Mary Lou Davis
With a personality as fun and quirky as Mary Lou’s, it was easy to think she was nothing but smart casting to pull in ratings when we first met her in Episode 1. But over the weeks Mary Lou has proven to be one of the most consistent chefs at dinner service, keeping things light while talking her stressed-out teammates off the ledge. This fan favorite is also one of the best cooks in the kitchen.

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4. Cody Candelario
Cody is one of the strongest chefs in most challenges, but struggles to stay focused when things get out of hand in the kitchen. He’s been on the cusp of a nomination to go up on the block, but has so far averted disaster by maintaining good relationships with most of his teammates. That being said, he may not have the focus to survive this pressure cooker of a competition to the end.

5. Amber Lancaster
Amber is one of the most talented chefs in this group and has already saved herself from elimination by outcooking many of her competitors. Unfortunately, her attitude has been abysmal and she frequently loses control of her emotions. For as talented as she is in the kitchen, Amber just doesn’t appear to have the mental strength it takes to survive Gordon’s constant wrath.

6. Nikki Hanna
Nikki has been a bit of a rollercoaster this season, nominated twice for elimination but surviving each time. She’s had incredible growth over the last few weeks, but doesn’t seem to have the experience or presence to lead a kitchen. It seems like Nikki is just floating through this competition.

7. Marc Quinones
This fiery chef simply can’t get along with his teammates. Marc seems to be in a constant struggle for power and respect, but can’t muster either because of his childish outbursts. Until recent weeks he was at least cooking well, but after four nominations for elimination you have to assume he’ll be heading home shortly.

8. Jordan Savell
Jordan has been up for elimination four times, barely scraping by each time. She has had some good moments in the kitchen, but when she fails she often blames others or dwells on it for hours (and sometimes days). Jordan just doesn’t have the right mindset to accept constructive criticism or the temperament to work with a spitfire like Gordon. Expect her to be turning in her jacket next.

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