‘I’m so happy I can’t stand it’: Jeff Probst’s emotional video to ‘Survivor’ fans ahead of Season 41 premiere [WATCH]

“I’m so happy I can’t stand it,” Jeff Probst declared on social media with a dimpled smile. The longtime host of “Survivor” took a moment to address his fans ahead of the Wednesday, September 22 debut of Season 41. “It’s been so long! We’re just very happy to be back. We have a two-hour premiere, 8 o’clock, CBS, Paramount+. We hope you’ll join us for this.” Probst has hosted all 40 seasons of the reality TV show, winning four Emmys along the way for Best Reality Host. The series was delayed for 16 months due to the Covid-19 pandemic, which is why it’s been so long since we’ve seen any torches being snuffed on our television screens.

Watch Probst’s emotional video to “Survivor” fans:

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For the first time ever, viewers watching “Survivor 41” at home can get involved via a new “game within the game” feature. Addressing the fun new twist, Probst notes, “In the spirit of taking you inside the game a little more this season, here is another ‘What would you do?’ This is directly from the premiere, something that happens. Two members of your tribe are forced to be separated and they have to go do a physical task — something that’s going to help the tribe, but it will separate them from the other four. Who knows what they’ll be doing or talking about. So which role do you try to navigate your way in? Do you say, ‘Listen, I’ll step up and do the heavy work. I hope you guys will reward me with loyalty.’ Or do you say, ‘No way. I’m staying with the majority because I want to be involved in the alliance talk that I’m certain is going to happen. These are the kinds of questions you have to determine and answer every day on ‘Survivor.’ So what would you do?”

At the start of the game, the 18 castaways will be separated into three tribes: Luvu (blue), Ua (green) and Yase (yellow). Six members of each team will live, play and compete together each week, but the team that loses the all-important immunity challenge will be forced to trek to tribal council, where they will vote out one of their own.

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“Survivor” fans have been making their predictions in Gold Derby’s predictions center, and a front-runner has already emerged as the likely winner of Season 41: Deshawn Radden of the Luvu tribe. He would join a list of worthy “Survivor” champions who have taken home $1 million checks over the years — see the complete list of winners.

As for the other predictions questions, our odds-makers think Genie Chen of the Ua tribe will be voted out first, that Luvu will win both the reward and immunity challenges, that a hidden immunity idol will NOT be played, and that nobody will be medevaced/removed from the game. Do you agree or disagree with those “Survivor 41” odds?

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